ExtendededitionAn independent exploration ofmarket trends, culture, and salariesin the Salesforce universe2019-2020

Mason Frank Salary Survey 2019-200102Foreword5Introduction6About Mason Frank7In numbers10Candidate Search11About this report0313Key discoveries14Survey demographics16Employment18Industries203Salesforce products23Skills and experience24Learning resources25Salesforce Trailhead26Salesforce Ohana28Certifications29Permanent employees32Employee retention36Earning potential38CONTRACTOR FOCUS40END USER FOCUSUser adoption42Salesforce Lightning44Einstein Analytics48Migrating to Salesforce50PARTNER FOCUS04The Mason Frank Salary Survey is anindependent publication and is neitheraffiliated with, nor authorized, sponsoredor approved by Salesforce. Mason FrankInternational is a third-party recruiting firmand not affiliated with, inc.Salesforce is a registered trademark, inc., as are other namesand marks. 2019 Frank Recruitment Group.All Rights Reserved. All other trademarksare the property of their respective owners.Salesforce projects52Movement54Relocation57Equality, inclusion and diversity58Salesforce events65Salary table methodology67Salary tables68Revolent80

4Mason Frank Salary Survey 2019-20Welcome to Mason Frank’s annualsalary survey report, an independentexploration of salaries, benefits andcompensation, market trends, anddevelopments across the worldwideSalesforce community.5FOREWORDOver the past eight years of my career, I’ve seen Salesforce growfrom a company of two products and single digit market share, to apowerhouse in cloud software with a CRM market share of 19.5% —over double its nearest competitor.In addition, the Salesforce ecosystem or “Ohana”, is one of the most uniquebusiness communities in the world. Brought together with a love of technology,solving complex business challenges, and an ethos of giving back, Ohana is at theheart of everything in the community. I’ve witnessed countless newcomers to theecosystem over the past eight years that are simply shocked at the strength of thecommunity. Every time this happens, it reminds me how lucky I am to work withsuch amazing people that have helped create it.Being such a forward-thinking industry in terms of not just technology, but culture,growth and equality, has created a job market where demand is stronger thanever. In fact, Salesforce Developer was recently listed in the world’s top ten jobs1,indicating the popularity and prestige of the technology for new starters.With a market that’s rapidly evolving, independent research such as Mason Frank’s isinvaluable to Salesforce professionals to ensure they are making the right choices intheir career, and being compensated fairly. With innovative technology always comeschange, and this is no different for your career. There are different roles, locations,and types of businesses that will become more or less attractive for professionals asthe technology changes. Keeping up to date with independent research is one surefire way to ensure you are making the best decisions for your career.Career and salary posts have always been some of the most-read content on myblog, and Mason Frank’s salary survey being the largest in the world, has alwaysbeen a great help. One of my favorite aspects of the survey is not just the salaryfigures, but information around perks and equality information. This gives me greatinsight, and I’m sure many others, into just what you should be expecting from anemployer in this industry.Working in this industry gives me constant excitement for the future. WithSalesforce on a never-ending path of innovation, I look forward to reading up onthe how the industry has changed over the past year.Ben McCarthyDirector at EMPAUA and blogger at Salesforce BenFor information and advice on our Salesforce vacancies, please contact your local Mason Frankoffice – office telephone numbers can be found on the back page or at Mason Frank. Retrieved from:

6Mason Frank Salary Survey 2019-20INTRODUCTIONABOUT MASON FRANKI am proud to introduce the sixthedition of the Mason Frank SalarySurvey. This report combines uniquesurvey results collected between4th July 2019 and 20th September2019, Salesforce placements made byMason Frank and salary informationfrom jobs registered by Mason Frankcustomers from August 2018 toSeptember 2019.Mason Frank International is a global leaderin Salesforce recruitment. We have placedmore Salesforce professionals than any otherrecruitment agency.I would personally like to thank all of youwho took the time to participate in oursurvey. It’s important that we continue toreport on the industry as it evolves, andyour feedback and responses are vital tothe creation and success of this report.Whether you are bringing new staffonboard this year, or you are looking tolaunch the next step in your career, wehope you find this report beneficial. Wealways welcome feedback so do pleaseemail us at [email protected] tolet us know your thoughts and commentsabout our research.7Since 2010, we’ve worked with over 6,000 organizations in 87 countries to deliverthe very best talent in the Salesforce ecosystem.We are undeniably the largest Salesforce-specific recruiter in the world andhave exclusive access to over 87,000 contract and permanent professionalsin our database. These are candidates that other recruiters simply won’t haverelationships with.We have extensive experience working with Salesforce customers, partners andISVs in staffing complex Salesforce implementations and projects with eitherexperienced, certified professionals or new Salesforce talent. And because we talkto these people day-in-day-out, our consultants can turn around great candidateson time and on budget.James Lloyd-TownshendChairman and CEOFrank Recruitment GroupNew York / Philadelphia / Denver / Irvine / Charlotte / Chicago / LondonBarcelona / Amsterdam / Berlin / Cologne / Singapore / Melbourne / Tokyo

8HOW WE WORKAfter taking steps to understand your business,culture, and technical requirements, we identifypermanent or contract applicants with a track recordof delivering Salesforce projects in your industry.We also help new or prospective Salesforce customers understand the total cost ofownership of implementation, and the staffing resource needed in relation to otherCRM vendors.Your dedicated account manager will typically deliver a shortlist of qualified resumesof Salesforce professionals within 12 hours for contractors, and between 48 and 72hours for permanent hires. Such is our careful screening and selection process, 85%of the permanent candidates we place stay in their new roles for over two years.Mason Frank Salary Survey 2019-209Skill sets we recruit forProducts we recruit for Administrators Sales Cloud Architects Lightning Developers Service Cloud Technical and Functional Consultants Einstein Analytics Technical Leads Marketing Cloud Project Managers MuleSoft Sales and Support Professionals Commerce Cloud Trainers PlatformIndustry experts Retail and consumer goods Financial services Healthcare and life sciences Manufacturing Technology Media and communicationsCompetitorCRM candidates Microsoft Dynamics CRM SAP CRM Sugar CRM Oracle Siebel CRM

10Mason Frank Salary Survey 2019-20Accessto more than445,000professionals87,000personally qualifiedexperts6,500professionalsworking exclusivelywith Mason Frank6,750 professionalsplacedIN NUMBERSSearch our onlinedatabase and findstaff who are bestsuited for yourcompany.Mason Frank is dedicated toSalesforce recruitment.We’ve invested over 5.2 million in theMason Frank International brand, which hasallowed us to access thousands of the world’shighest quality professionals proficient withSalesforce technology. Of these experts, over87,000 have been personally qualified byour team of specialist Salesforce recruitmentconsultants, and a further 6,500 work withus on an exclusive basis. This means we candeliver professionals whatever your technicalrequirements, and wherever you’re located.As Mason Frank focuses entirely on Salesforceroles, our expert recruiters have a strongunderstanding of Salesforce technology, aswell as an unrivaled understanding of their localmarketplaces—our customer satisfaction surveystell us that our market and technical knowledgeare second to none. We have a strong trackrecord across the entire Salesforce ecosystem,and exclusive access to an extensive selection ofSalesforce candidates in North America, Europe,Australasia, and Asia Pacific.For more information and advice on ourSalesforce vacancies, please contact your localMason Frank office – office telephone numberscan be found on the inside back page, or SEARCHWe offer the most comprehensive onlinedatabase of hand-picked Salesforceprofessionals for your business.Mason Frank International’s candidate search tool was specifically createdto help our clients access the widest range of high-quality job seekers. Ourdatabase contains the top Salesforce professionals, vetted and shortlisted byour experienced recruitment consultants. Enter a search into the online database and filter the results by skills, location,industry sector, job title, availability and many other parameters. View online profiles of Salesforce professionals qualified by ourrecruitment consultants. Save your searches or sign up for our email service that will alert you to anynew applicants that match your requirements. Request resumes of candidates that are of interest to you.Try the Candidate Search for

12Mason Frank Salary Survey 2019-20Our salary guide is based oninformation self-reported by 2,505Salesforce professionals, spanninga range of job titles, industries, andgeographic locations.13ABOUT THIS REPORTEach survey response has beenvalidated using robust statisticalanalysis and automated datavalidation rules in order to be includedin the final results. Any data profilesthat do not pass our validation rulesand statistical analysis, or that aredeemed questionable, incomplete, orduplicate, were removed to providemeaningful results.Individual and personal salaryinformation from survey responsesis used in an aggregated andanonymized sense and is used solelyfor benchmarking purposes. Noinformation given is in connection withany individual role or hiring decision.The following should be taken intoaccount when interpreting the datain this guide: Not all percentages will add upto 100%, as some questions aremultiple choice. Where questions are single choice,not all responses will total 100% dueto rounding. Findings based on small numbers(i.e., under 5%) should beinterpreted with caution, with resultstaken as indicative only. For questions that required aqualitative (open) response, theremay be some overlap in the quotesused to identify the themes, withquotes illustrating more than onetheme. Themes identified when groupingqualitative responses are displayedin no particular order of importance.

14Mason Frank Salary Survey 2019-20KEY DISCOVERIESA summary of the main takeaways from this year’ssalary survey report.Sales Cloud is the most usedSalesforce product by ourrespondents.See the breakdown of theSalesforce products, page 2394% of our survey respondents use SalesforceTrailhead and hold an average of 82 badges.See Salesforce Trailhead, page 2671% of respondents hold at least oneSalesforce certification.See Certifications, page 2844% of those certified experiencedan increase in their salary afterearning a certification.See the impact of certification onsalary, page 2915We’ve uncovered thelatest trends in employeework perks.See employee benefits,page 3073% of Salesforce professionals are happywith their working hours.See job satisfaction, page 3450% of professionalsconsider a TechnicalArchitect certification tobe most likely to increaseyour worth.See which certificationsare likely to increase yourworth, page 36Read on for theseinsights and more 66% of partneremployees have seen anincrease in their workloadin the last year.See Salesforce projects,page 46

16Mason Frank Salary Survey 2019-2017SURVEY DEMOGRAPHICSGeographical split of survey resultsBreakdown by ageEUROPEAMERICAS26%56%AFRICA AND ASIA14%18 to 24 yearsAUSTRALASIA5%5%25 to 34 years46%35 to 44 years28%45 to 54 years13%55 years and over6%2% preferred not to specify their ageBreakdown by countryAmericasEuropeUSAUK50%Africa and AsiaAustralasia9%India11%Australia4%Other3%New ain2%Other7%Education levelWhen looking at the education level of participants, 56% of respondents holdat least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Over a quarter (26%) hold a master’sdegree qualification or equivalent, while only 1% hold a doctorate or professionaldegree, and 15% haven’t studied at a college level or above.

18Mason Frank Salary Survey 2019-20EMPLOYMENTEmployer typeEmployment statusPartner / Solution Provider / Consultancy 38%Permanent, full-time88%Permanent, part-time2%Freelance / contract11%Unemployed1%End User (i.e., a Salesforce Customer)Length of time withcurrent employerOn average,respondents haveworked for theircurrent employer for 3years, and have spenton average 3.5 yearsin each role acrosstheir career.Top job rolesSalesforce Partners1 to 2 years55%3 to 4 years20%5 to 6 years8%7 to 8 years5%9 to 10 years2%More than 10 years6%ISV (Independent Software Vendor)4%Other4%Organizationalfunction ofrespondentsITSales42%11%1. Technical & Functional ConsultantFinance and Operations7%2. Developer / ProgrammerProject Management6%Administration6%Marketing6%Service and Support6%End usersDesign and Production4%1. AdministratorResearch and Development3%Other9%3. Functional Consultant4. Solution Architect5. Technical Architect2. Developer / Programmer3. Business Analyst4. CRM Manager5%54%‘Other’ responses included respondents being anemployee of the vendor.T