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To my wife, Sonja, and son, Aidan; I could not have written this book without yourimmense support and patience.—Michael S. CollierI dedicate this book to my friend Carol Schultz, who passed away earlier this year.She always believed in me.—Robin E. Shahan2

Table of ContentsForeword . 11Introduction . 12Who should read this ebook. 12Assumptions . 12This ebook might not be for you if . 13Organization of this ebook . 13Conventions and features in this ebook . 14System requirements. 14Acknowledgments . 15Errata, updates, & support . 16Free ebooks from Microsoft Press . 16We want to hear from you . 16Stay in touch . 16Chapter 1 Getting started with Azure . 17What is Azure? . 17Overview of cloud computing . 17Comparison of on-premises versus Azure . 18Cloud offering. 19SaaS: Software as a Service. 19PaaS: Platform as a Service . 19IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service . 19Azure services . 20Introduction to portals . 20Azure Preview Portal . 21Blades and journeys . 223

Customizing the Startboard . 27Azure Management Portal . 28Subscription management and billing. 32Available subscriptions . 32Share administrative privileges for your Azure subscription . 33Add administrative privileges in the Azure Preview Portal . 34Add a co-administrator in Azure Management Portal . 38Pricing calculator . 39Billing . 41Chapter 2 Azure Websites and Azure Cloud Services . 46Creating and configuring websites . 46What is Azure Websites? . 46Creating a new website. 47Using the portal . 47Websites gallery. 51Configure and scale a website . 53Configuration. 53Scaling . 59Deploying and monitoring websites . 61Options for creating websites . 61Notepad or an HTML editor . 61WebMatrix . 62Visual Studio . 62Publishing a website from Visual Studio . 63Monitoring a website . 65PaaS Cloud Services . 66Creating a cloud service . 664

Publishing a cloud service . 69Scaling and monitoring a cloud service . 72SCALE options . 72Monitoring . 74Miscellaneous points . 77Configuration in the portal . 77Production and staging slots in the portal . 77Worker roles . 77Chapter 3 Azure Virtual Machines . 78What is Azure Virtual Machines?. 78VM status . 79IP address . 80Billing. 80Create and configure virtual machines . 80Create a virtual machine with the Azure Preview Portal . 81Connect to a virtual machine . 84Configure disks . 84Caching. 85Attach a disk . 85Formatting disks . 87Disk performance . 89Endpoints . 89Virtual machine management . 91Availability set . 92Service level agreement . 93Scalability . 94Image capture. 975

Chapter 4 Azure Storage . 101Blob storage. 101Azure Files (preview) .