Website Design QuestionnaireDigital Hill will develop a unique, custom and professional design for your website. We get extensiveinput from you on your goals and target demographic, and can make the design styles consistent withyour existing literature and company information. We will create both a main home page design andalso a inner page design for your review. We will also design and implement a favicon for your site.We work with you and do not move ahead on programming until we have your signed off approval.The client supplies logos and images. Other images we need to purchase for the design would be anadditional cost and would be approved by the client before purchase.No one knows your business like you do! Help us design a website that effectively reaches yourtarget audience and meets your goals by filling out this brief questionnaire.Message & Target AudienceWhat are your top goals for the website in priority order? (For example: A 50% increase in onlinesubscriptions.)Who is your target audience(s)? Please list any details you know about them.What is the primary message you wish to convey to your audience?

Business PerceptionHow does your business differentiate itself from competitors? Why do customers choose yourbusiness?Describe your desired business perception. (For example: Energetic or low-key? Humorous orserious? Professional or casual? High-tech or traditional?)WebsiteWhat is successful about your current website and why?What elements might need improvement and how?List the primary action(s) (in priority order) you wish your target user to take from the main page ofyour site. (For example, Download the brochure, subscribe, move along a specific path, email us, callus, order, explore, click a specific button, etc.)

Brand IdentityList any important words that you want people to associate with your organization’s image and brand.What is your tagline?Do you have a high resolution logo?YesNoNot SureIf yes, what format is it in? (For example: JPEG, EPS, PNG)Do you have a style guide or brand standards?YesNoWhat fonts do you typically use?Are there any colors that you want incorporated into the website? Please list pantone, cmyk, rgb orhex values if available.

Do you have high resolution photos that you want to incorporate into your website?YesNoIf not, who will be providing photos or would you need us to provide stock photography at anadditional cost?Design PreferencesPlease list the names of three other sites that you like. In the comment section, please articulate whythe sites are attractive to you.Website #1 URLWebsite #1 CommentsWebsite #2 URLWebsite #2 CommentsWebsite #3 URLWebsite #3 Comments

Supplied Marketing Media / Visual IdentityThese items are essential in helping us begin design work. We use Dropbox to obtain any materialsthat may be helpful to us. If you are able to upload those materials using this path, please let us know,and we will create and share a directory for you. Otherwise, we always accept materials on CD/DVD,USB drives or via email if the file sizes are not too large.Next Steps. Please email this completed document for review by clicking the “Email Form.” button below.We will contact you to set up a date and time to go over any materials and/or questions youhave if necessary. This can also be done via email if preferred.Once we have received the design questionnaire and any materials you have provided to uswe will prepare a design and share with you prior to any Web development.Additional Comments/NotesIf you have questions about our Website Design Questionnaire, please don’t hesitate to email our Creative Director,Todd Sirbek, at [email protected] or call us at (888) 537-0703.SEND TO DIGITAL HILL229 S. Main Street, Goshen, IN 46526toll free 888.537.0703 - fax 877.537.4544 - local - [email protected]