Sample: Product Launch PackageClient: Nightingale Conant is product launch package includes catalog description, author bio, email li letter, and landing sales page topromote Matt Furey’s course “ Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy” for Nightingale Conant. I’vele the formatting in the landing page to show approximately how it was delivered online.One-Sentence Description Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy teaches you how to master your mental, spiritual, and physicalhabits and weave yourself a “cloak of abundance.” [ chars]or, without the title:Matt Furey explains simple but effective methods to master your mental, spiritual, and physical habits andweave yourself a “cloak of abundance.” [ chars]Short DescriptionSelf-made millionaire Matt Furey shares his experience and insights with simple and actionable methods forachieving success. Learn to master your mental, spiritual, and physical habits to attract abundance you would havethought impossible. [ chars]Full Description With Tagline Ways to Magnetize Money in Any EconomySimple methods to master your habits and attract the abundance you’ve always dreamed of.We all know that money won’t solve all our problems — but having money makes life much easier. “Being brokeis a state of mind,” says self-made millionaire Matt Furey, and with his advice, you will learn to change yourmental, spiritual, and physical habits in ways that will magnetize you to attract the money you desire.In this -CD course, Furey shares his experience with and insights into the process of creating an abundant life.Each of the installments is brief, simple, and direct — Furey minces no words and delivers blunt advice youcan use immediately. And therein lies the key message: Put the lessons into action.From the very first day you receive the course, you will learn dozens of practical habits: how to find out what youreally want, how to organize and encourage yourself, how to maintain a positive and productive attitude, and,finally, how to attract the rewards you want from life.P. O. Box 12741 · Tempe, Arizona 85284 · 480.282.6252 office · 480.229.8207 [email protected] ·

Sample: Product Launch PackagePage 2BioMatt Furey is a self-made success in the business world, as a direct result of his champion-level skills in wrestlingand martial arts. A runner-up state champion wrestler in high school, then a member of multiple collegiatechampion wrestling teams, Furey began a personal training business in and went on to train several highschool wrestlers who graduated to college teams.Intrigued by the physical, mental, and philosophical links between wrestling and martial arts, in Fureybegan an intense study of kung fu and later the ancient Chinese grappling art of Shuai-Chiao. His training paidoff with three national titles and, in , Furey became the first American ever to win a gold medal in a kung fucompetition held in mainland China.In , Furey published his first book and videos, entitled e Martial Art of Wrestling. His experiencemarketing this package on the Internet launched his successful online business ventures. His email marketing styleand strategies have become known as e Furey Method.In addition to Ways to Magnetize Money, Furey has authored several books, including Combat Conditioning,Combat Abs, e Unbeatable Man, e Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat, Combat Stretching, GamaFitness, and Magnetic Mind Power. Furey also has been featured on numerous magazine covers, includingGrappling, Inside Kung Fu, Karate Illustrated, Gladiator, and Martial Arts Illustrated.Currently Furey is president of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, dedicated to spreading the teachings of Dr.Maxwell Maltz, author of the -million-copy bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics. He lives with his wife and twochildren in Tampa, Florida, and Hainan Island, China.Lift EmailSubject LinesNEW course teaches ways to form habits for abundanceStuck in second gear? is new course shi s you into high performance!Could you list ways to attract money? Impossible? Try this new course!Just released! New course for abundance seekers only! (No whiners allowed.)Warning: New course causes huge problem: What to do with your new wealth?CopyDear Friend [or first name],Much of what you have read and seen about attracting abundance is probably partly true. ere’s no doubt youmust have a mental picture of success, and you must believe you can achieve it.

Sample: Product Launch PackagePage 3But found where most teachers and books stop short in selling the Law of Attraction is the crucial step in theprocess: You must act on what you know to make the dreams come true.And, unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know what to do, or even where to start.[Hint: Click here to begin creating a more abundant life!] at’s why I’m pleased to present to you a new course, full of practical advice for not only discovering yourdreams, but also making the decisions and taking the actions you need to launch yourself on a path to success.Author Matt Furey is a self-made success in business and in life. A martial arts master and wrestling expert, Mattturned his knowledge into a multimillion-dollar business, and he continues to expand his impact on individualsaround the world as he teaches the lessons he’s learned about achieving an abundant life.If you’re ready to take action and start attracting the life you want, you need to learn what Matt Furey teaches in Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy. In this just-released course, Matt delivers dozens of tips andtechniques for creating your ideal life in short, simple, easy-to-digest bites.Read all the details about Matt’s new course. I guarantee you’ll find it life-changing.[Click here to get started.]Sincerely,Vic ConantChairman, Nightingale-ConantLanding PageIf you’re struggling to escape the frustration of a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, this is thecourse for you.Making millions is hard work, involves incredible luck,and requires a hefty bank account to get started,right? Matt Furey says NO and shows you how simpleit really is for ANYONE to become a money magnet.Dear Friend,

Sample: Product Launch PackagePage 4Do you look at successful people and think, with a twinge of jealousy, they just got lucky in life?Maybe they were born rich, or they got a special break in their careers, or they were in the rightplace at the right time?Sure, luck can be one answer, but most successful people have developed an abundancemindset and wealth-producing habits that virtually guarantee a satisfying lifestyle.And believe it or not, the keys to success are easy to learn, simple to implement, and accessibleto everyone who is willing to listen to instructions and put them into practice.The only obstacle to your success is not acting on advice!You’ve probably heard (and maybe uttered) the saying, “Knowing the right thing to do is easy;it’s doing it that’s hard.” Wanting to lose weight is easy; eating right and exercising is hard.Deciding to publish a book is easy; sitting down and writing every day is hard.Aspiring to graduate from college is easy; attending classes and doing homework ishard.But what if you’re making your life harder than it has to be?What if a few simple tips were all you needed to find the path to success?What if changing your thinking could begin attracting the assets and tools you can use toachieve more than you ever dreamed?That’s the promise author Matt Furey makes in his new course, 101 Ways to MagnetizeMoney in Any Economy. And does he ever deliver!101 proven ways to attract money, starting todayEvery one of Matt’s methods is proven to work, because he’s seen each of them work forhimself and many others. As a self-made success, Matt knows the difference between hype andreality, the ideas that sound great and fail versus practical advice that pays off.In this course, Matt gives you sound, proven, and often blunt advice that you can begin to useimmediately, today — and the results will appear faster than you’d expect.Any of these 101 ways to magnetize money could be the trigger for your success. Most likely itwill be a combination of several ideas that matches your personality and attitude, giving you amagic formula you can use to create the lifestyle you desire.How to live abundantlyHere are just a few of the concepts you’ll learn about magnetizing money and living inabundance: How to activate the Law of ReciprocityWhy many creative people aren’t richly rewarded, and how to change it

Sample: Product Launch Package Page 5Where you should always invest your money firstWhy good advice might not be good for youWhen having a sword hanging over you is actually a good thing!Some of the simplest tips can yield the most benefits, such as: How nine deep breaths will change your lifeHow to use a 3x5 index card to upgrade your beliefsWhen to spend the few dollars in your wallet, or notWhere you should always keep a five-gallon jug in your homeWho you should pick as a dining partnerWhy you should put a mirror behind your stoveYou’ll also learn some basic truths about life, and discover some you didn’t realize were false: Why visualizing is half of your problem and half the solutionWhy you can’t try too hard to make things happenWhy the word “no” is as exciting as “yes”How to get more by letting goWhy you should keep making mistakesWhy paying your taxes should be a joyHow to talk to your friends, and when you probably shouldn’tYou’ll find all these tips, and many more, in Matt Furey’s 101 Ways to Magnetize Money inAny Economy. And even better, for a limited time, you can own the entire 7-CD course at aprice so affordable you can’t pass it up.Order today for a whopping 70% off!Normally, this life-changing course sells for 269.95, an investment easily recouped fromapplying any one of the methods Matt details within.But for a select group of readers, including you, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money in AnyEconomy is available for only 79.95, a fraction of the normal price! [Click here to get your copyright now.]As soon as you receive your package, you’ll start developing new habits that attract successand money. For example: Follow Matt’s advice about cable television, and you’ll immediately save more than youspent on the program. Do you have a hard time asking to be paid what you’re worth and what you’re owed?Matt will give you two valuable tips to solve that problem forever. And if you’ve ever doubted you were capable of becoming successful, remember Matt’ssincere promise to you: “Once you change the mental picture, the mental movie youhave of yourself, nothing in the Universe can stop you from living your dreams.”Make up your mind to attract money

Sample: Product Launch PackagePage 6Once you’ve read and applied the lessons in Matt’s course, you’ll wonder how you ever lived adifferent way. The power in Matt’s words can take you as far as you want to go — and further.But you must act quickly to receive this material at a huge discount. (Matt clearly explains whyyou have to act fast in every aspect of life!) The special price of 79.95 will not be offeredforever. Lock in the savings right now and [click here to order 101 Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy].Sincerely,Vic Conant (or other?)PS: This course could literally be free: In one amazing tip, Matt describes how you may besurprised to find money you’d forgotten you had! Don’t pass up this opportunity. [Order now.]101 Ways to Magnetize Money in AnyEconomy[product image][YES], I want to learn how I can become a money magnet andattract more money and success than I ever dreamed possible!Please send me Matt Furey’s 7-CD program 101 Ways toMagnetize Money in Any Economy, today, for just 79.95 —instantly saving 70% OFF the regular program price.GUARANTEE: If I am not thrilled with what I’ve learned fromMatt’s 101 lessons in the next 30 days, I will return the program for a full refund.No questions asked.Click below to order RISK-FREE with our 30-Day Guarantee[order button]