APPROVAL SHEETThis is to certify that the research paper by Ellen Efriana. NIM. 16010106029entitled “Analysis of Students’ Grammatical Errors Identified by Grammarlyas Online Source Tool” has been approved by the research paper advisor forfurther approval by the Boards of Examiners.Kendari, May 19th 2020Supervisor,Dr. Sitti Nurfaidah, M. Ed.NIP. 197704172009012004ii

KEMENTERIAN AGAMA REPUBLIK INDONESIAINSTITUT AGAMA ISLAM NEGERI KENDARITARBIYAH DAN ILMU KEGURUANJalan Sultan Qaimuddin No. 17 Kelurahan Baruga, Kendari Sulawesi TenggaraTelp/Fax. (0401) 3193710/ 3193710email : [email protected] website : SKRIPSISkripsi dengan Judul ”Analysis of Students’ Grammatical ErrorsIdentified By Grammarly As Online Source Tool” yang ditulis oleh EllenEfriana NIM. 1601010629 Mahasiswa Program Studi Tadris Bahasa InggrisFakultas Tarbiyah dan Ilmu Keguruan IAIN Kendari, telah diuji dandipresentasikan dalam Skripsi yang diselenggarakan pada hari Selasa tanggal 19Mei 2020 dan dinyatakan sebagai salah satu syarat untuk memperoleh gelar(S. Pd.).Dosen Penguji SkripsiKetua: Dr. Sitti Nurfidah S.Pd, M.Ed,( .)SekretarisAnggota 1:Suhartini Syukri S.Pd.I, S.Pd,M.Pd.(.): Abdul Halim S. Pd, M. TESOL,(.)Kendari, 26 Juni 2020Dekan Fakultas Tarbiyah dan IlmuKeguruan,Dr. Masdin, M.Pd.NIP. 196712311999031002Visi Program Studi Tadris Bahasa Inggris (TBI) :"-"iii

DECLARATION OF AUTHORSHIPI, Ellen Efriana SID. 16010106029, hereby certify that research result by entitled“Analysis of Students‟ Grammatical Errors Identified by Grammarly as OnlineSource Tool” under the supervision of Sitti Nurfaidah M. Ed. has been obtainedand presented in accordance with academic rules and ethical conduct of IAINKendari. It is written and published as requirement for the degree of EnglishEducation Program, Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty at IAIN Kendari. Forthis reason, I am responsible for the research paper, if there any objection od claimfrom others.Kendari, May 19th 2020Ellen EfrianaSID. 16010106029iv

HALAMAN PERNYATAAN PERSETUJUAN PUBLIKASI TUGAS AKHIRUNTUK KEPENTINGAN AKADEMISSebagai sivitas akademik Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kendari, saya yang bertandatangan dibawah ini:Nama: Ellen EfrianaNIM: 16010106029Program Study: Tadris Bahasa InggrisFakultas: Tarbiyah dan Ilmu KeguruanJenis Karya*: Skripsidemi pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan, menyetujui untuk memberikan kepadaInstitut Agama Islam Negeri Kendari Hak Bebas Royalti Noneklusif (Nonexclusive Royalty-Free Right) atas karya ilmiah saya yang berjudul:“Analysis of Students’ Grammatical Errors Identified by Grammarly asOnline Source Tool”beserta perangkat yang ada jika (jika diperlukan). Dengan Hak bebas RoyaltiNonekslusif ini Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kendari berhak menyimpan,mengalihmedia/formatkan, mengelola dalam bentuk pangkalan data (database),merawat, dan mempublikasikan tugas akhir saya selama tetap mencantumkannama saya sebagai penulis/pencipta dan sebagai pemilik Hak Cipta.Demikian pernyataan ini saya buat dengan sebenarnya.Dibuat: KendariPada tanggal : 19 Mei 2020Yang menyatakanEllen Efrianav

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAlhamdulillah, all praises to Allah SWT, The Lord of world, thanks for allHis blessing and everything given to me in completing my study and finishing thisresearch paper. Peace and solution always be given to our prophet MuhammadSAW who has guided us from the darkness to the lightness.In process of completing this research paper, I do realize that it would notbe done without the helps, supports, encouragement, contribution and suggestionfrom several sides. Thus, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all ofthose who had helped, supported, encouraged, contributed, and suggested meduring the process of accomplishing this research paper. This goes to:1. My parent, Suprianto and Farkatin, for being my support system and alwaysevoking my name in every prayer you have made for my success. A mountainof thanks will never be enough to give as well as you have given in my life.They always trust if I can finish the challenge.2. Prof. Dr Faziah Binti Awad, M.Pd., the Rector of Institut Agama Islam NegeriKendari.3. Dr Masdin, M.Pd., the Dean of Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training.4. Abdul Halim, MA. TESOL, the Head of English Education Department, thebest motivator and the best lecturer ever who not merely a lecturer of EnglishDepartment. Beyond than that, I can understand the way to be myself and lifewith critical thinking to accept the information. In my academic study, he is asuper friendly lecturer, advisor, and even supervisor. From the deepest of myvi

heart, thank you for the worthwhile knowledge and precious time in teachingthese stubborn students.5. Dr Sitti Nurfaidah, M.Ed., supervisor, many thanks for being helpful andpatient for spending the precious time for my research paper. You are a limitedlecturer in the world. You are so humble and friendly in every teachingprocess but you still fair when assessing and you are the lecturers mostunderstand the condition of your students. A lot of learning about research thatis not supposed to students knows, but with sincere you share it to make yourstudents better. Thank you for the invaluable learning that given to me.6. Suhartini Syukri, S.Pd.I., S.Pd., M.Pd., as the lecturer in English EducationProgram. You have a lot of technique in your teaching that makes students notboring to learn. Jokes and excitement always engross the nuances learning thatdo not want to end, you are could inspire. Thank you for your high nicety.7. Sarjaniah Zur, S.Pd., M.Pd, thank you for friendly and sincere help that youassist me in fulfilling the lecture administration.8. Isna Humaera, S.Ag., S.Pd., M.Pd., Susanti, M.Pd. and Ilfan Askul Pehala,S.Pd., M. Hum. For all the precious knowledge which have been taught.9. All of the lectures of IAIN Kendari for all the knowledge which have beenshared.10. All the staff of the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, for being nimblein assisting and actual in sharing any information about lectures.11. All my friends in TBI 16 for friendship and support.vii

12. To team Skuy, Wd. Zulhidjah Awalyah, Ella Ismi Anggriani and AndysRuslan Prabowo Kusuma who are always together and willing to everywhereto complete the research and their always care to remind and encourage oneanother when I want to stop doing the research. May Allah always cover uswith His blessing in making our activity happy and comfortable.Last but not least, I would like to say thanks to enyone whom cannot bementioned one by one. It doesn‟t mean that I forgot about you, my deepestappreciation is dedicated for all of you. I also realize that this reseach paper is stillfar from being perfect. I hope that this research paper is useful for the readers.Kendari, May 19th 2020The WriterEllen EfrianaNIM. 16010106029viii

ABSTRACTEllen Efriana SID 16010106029. Analysis of Students‟ Grammatical ErrorsIdentified by Grammarly as Online Source Tool. Supervised by: Dr. SittiNurfaidah, M.Ed.This study reports several aspects of the used free Grammarly as identifiedfrom English as Foreign Language (EFL) writing. This research used thequalitative approach with the student written documents. There were 16 studentsfrom English Education Study Program in IAIN Kendari who were selected basedon the level of the class. The students were done with the writing essay into twotopics that consist three drafts in each topic. The qualitative data were analyzed bystudents written documents. The results of the research confirm that the use of freeGrammarly have a significant reduction in identified the writing. The software isshown that the students need to be more analysed the errors in terms of languageused and consistency in writing. However, not all of them understand the weaknessof the used free Grammarly in identify their writing. This study implies thecommon error displayed by free Grammarly can provide information to the teachereducator in the guide students in the classroom.Keywords: Grammarly software, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) writingix

TABLE OF CONTENTSTITLE PAGE. iAPPROVAL SHEET . iiDECLARATION OF AUTORSHIP . ivACKNOWLEDGEMENT . viABSTRACT . ixTABLE OF CONTENTS . xiLIST OF CHARTS . xxiCHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION .11.1 Background of Study .11.2 Scope of Study .41.3 Research Questions .51.4 Purposes of Study .51.5 Significance of Study .51.6 Definition of Key Terms .6CHAPTER II: REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE .82.1 Theoretical Framework .82.1.1 How Does Grammatical Errors Appear in EFL Writing .82.1.2 Contribution of Online Source Tools in EFL Learning .112.1.3 Grammarly Benefits in EFL Writing .132.1.4 Grammar Aspects Covert in Grammarly . Free Grammarly and Premium Grammarly .212.2 Previous Study .22CHAPTER III: METHODOLOGY .243.1 Research Design .243.2 Settings and Context .243.3 Population and Participant Selection .263.4 Data Collection .273.5 Instrumentation .273.6 Data Analysis .27CHAPTER IV: FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION .344.1 Finding .344.1.1 Analysis the Student Documents .354.1.2 The Aspects of Free Grammarly Writing Suggestions.384.1.3 An Analysis of Student Documents Identified by Grammarly .47x

4.1.4 Specific Terms in the Students Writing as Identified by Free Grammarly.524.1.4.1 Grammarly Focus on Using British Accent .524.1.4.2 Grammarly Suggestion on Indonesian Culture Terms .534.1.4.3 Grammarly in Consistency in Detecting the Tittle .544.2 Discussion .55CHAPTER V: CONCLUTION AND PEDAGOGICAL IMPLICATION .585.1 Conclusion .585.2 Pedagogical Implication .595.3 Limitation .60REFERENCES .61APPENDICES .66Appendix 1: Example of Students‟ Written Documents Draft .66Appendix 2: Table Free Grammarly Writing Suggestions .70Appendix 3: Table Matrix Common Error identified by Grammarly .71Appendix 4: Table Common Error in Students‟ Writing (Topic Opinions andWhat If) .72Appendix 5: Graph 4.1 The Table from Documents Collected.73Appendix 6: Table list of T