Making yourlife simpler,easier andsaferIn a world that brings people to be more and more mobile,we ensure that you don’t have to worry about access to healthcare,anywhere your busy life takes you. Whether you are movingabroad for business or to enhance your educational background,whether your family moves with you or remains at home, we arehere to support.We are AllianzWe have been in the international health insurancebusiness for more than 50 years. We are the experthealthcare partner chosen by expats who want to feelvalued and cared for.As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Allianz Group, we are able todraw on the resources and expertise of one of the world’s leadingfinancial services providers. The Allianz Group provides financialservices to more than 86 million customers around the globe.

International healthcare insurance or travel insurance?Which one do I need?Reasons to choose usNot sure which one is more appropriate for your case? We give you a quick explanationbelow so you can consider if international healthcare insurance is what you need.International health insurance is designed for people who are abroad for long periods oftime (on their own or with their families) and want to be sure that they are covered for anymedical needs. It is not the same as travel insurance, as it provides a more durable andcomprehensive cover:International healthinsuranceWe are flexibleWe are reliable Opportunity to choose amongdifferent levels of cover to adjust toyour real needs and budget – alsodifferent people under the same policycan select different plans! Discounts available to families insuringtwo or more children24/7 support channels – we arealways with you, day and night,through a range of support services,e.g. multilingual Helpline, ExpatAssistance Programme, Travel SecurityServices and more Rewarding loyalty – new benefits ( assessment) become availableafter your first policy renewalA medical network of more than900,000 medical providers around theworld – no matter where you are,we can helpTravel insuranceDurationLong – the insured person isabroad for a few months or years.Short – the insured person isabroad for a few days or weeks.Who?Expatriates living abroad ortravelling for long periods of time(e.g. for months) due to work orlifestyle.People going on holidays orshort trips.We are digitalWe are family-friendly With MyHealth digital services youcan manage cover and access servicesanytime, anywhere HealthSteps, our digital fitness app,encourages your healthy lifestyleA range of family-focussed benefits(e.g. first aid course for parents,well-child tests, child hearing tests,vaccinations and more) Enhanced maternity coverCoverPlanned, unplanned andday-to-day medical treatment(either in-patient or out-patient),e.g. surgery, dental treatment,routine health checks, etc.Lost luggage/travel documents,cancelled trip, delayed departure,emergency medical treatment. We reimburse you the cost for a healthapp of your choiceFocusThe new life abroad.The trip.PremiumPer year – renews each year.Per trip – one-off.International health insurance – we know what’s important to youMoving abroad can be an adventure but leaving the familiarbehind can be tough. Allianz Care is here to support you –our international healthcare plans have been designed specificallyto meet your needs. From everyday doctor visits to more specifictreatments, we’ve got you covered.

Who are our plans for?Young student going to studyat a foreign collegeWhat we offer: A range of options that allow you to createyour budget-friendly, yet comprehensivecover. You can select the geographicalarea of cover that you need, the level ofcover that you need, and you can add adeductible to further reduce your premium. Digital access to your cover and services(including online claiming via mobile appor member portal) through our innovativeMyHealth digital services. 24/7 multilingual Helpline, open day andnight to assist you with simple cover queriesor medical emergencies. Access to 24/7 Expat Assistance Programme(EAP), to support you with a wide range ofchallenges, e.g. cultural transition, work/study balance, etc. Medi24, a service available 24/7 in fourdifferent languages that allows you to talk toa nurse anytime, if you have a medical query.Our plans are so comprehensive and flexible that can be suitable for almost all types ofcustomers and situations. A few examples of customers we currently help:Single executive relocating abroadfor businessI need internationalhealth insurance, as I amabout to move abroad and I planto travel frequently back home to visitmy family. I am a busy executive and I haveno time for administration: my policy has tobe easy to manage. I am also looking forvalue for money.What we offer: The option to select yourgeographical area of cover toinclude the regions where you aregoing to live and travel (terms andconditions apply).I need budget-friendlycover in case I need medicalcare while abroad. I also want thatmy parents feel reassured knowingthat I am protected when I am away.Comprehensive modularsolutions, so you can choosewhat you want to be covered for,e.g. in-patient benefits only, or elseyou can add out-patient, dental orrepatriation – as per your needsand budget.The freedom to choose providersfrom our global medical providernetwork (good if you don’t knowyet any provider in your newcountry) or else use your favouriteprovider in your new country, backhome or anywhere.Established family relocatingabroad following one of theparents’ reassignmentLoyalty benefits (new benefitsbecome active on your policy fromyour first renewal).Innovative MyHealth DigitalServices (desktop and mobileapp version), allowing foronline claiming, online policyadministration and more.We need healthcarecover for both when we arein the new destination country andwhen we travel back home. We will benew in the country and are not familiarwith the healthcare system there.What we offer: A range of family-friendly benefits,e.g. well-child tests, child home nursing,child hearing exam, first aid course forparents and more. Family discounts if you insure two or morechildren. The opportunity to personalise each familymember’s cover (e.g. mum and dad canopt for a lesser level of cover than theirchildren or else, as per their needs). The freedom to choose providers from ourglobal medical provider network (good ifyou don’t know yet any provider in your newcountry) or else use your favourite provider inyour new country, back home or anywhere. 24/7 support channels –e.g. multilingualHelpline, Expat Assistance Programme,Travel Security Services, Medi24.

Young couple relocating abroadfor work and planning for a babyWe need a verycomprehensive healthcareplan to cover our day-to-daymedical needs and to support us in casewe have a baby in the new destinationcountry. We are very careful about maintaininga healthy lifestyle, so we would like ourplan to support our wellbeing too.What we offer: The opportunity to include infertilitytreatment cover. Generous range of maternity benefits,including breastfeeding consultations,pregnancy yoga classes, post-natalclasses and more. The option to buy delivery-only cover(if in your destination country you haveaccess to free or partially free pre-natalcare) or a full maternity package,including pre- and post-natal care. Female moving abroad with herchild to join her husband, who hasalready relocated following a jobreassignmentI need a verycomprehensiveinternationalhealthcare plan tocover myself and my child, withoutobligation to include my husband on thepolicy, as he is already covered underhis company’s healthcare scheme.A range of prevention and wellbeingbenefits – also access to HealthSteps,our digital fitness app, to encourageyour healthy lifestyle.Mature couple planning to spendtheir retirement in a warmerclimate abroadWe need an internationalhealthcare plan that can giveus peace of mind, should we needany medical attention while abroad. We willneed cover for the small day-to-day things,but our main focus is on the bigger events(e.g. should we require hospitalisation).What we offer: The ability to apply until the daybefore your 76th birthday. Generous in-patient cover,including things like hospitalaccommodation, surgery,organ transplant, etc. A range of benefits to cover theday-to-day medical care, includingGP visits, prescription drugs,specialist fees, glasses and eyeexamination, etc. The freedom to choose providersfrom our global medical providernetwork (good if you don’t knowyet any provider in your newcountry) or else use your favouriteprovider in your new country,back home or anywhere. A comprehensive RepatriationPlan that includes cover for thecosts of someone accompanyingthe repatriated person.The ability to add a baby to yourpolicy without underwriting from birth(terms and conditions apply).What we offer: No obligation to include both parentson the policy, so you don’t need toinsure your husband if he doesn’t needthis plan. A range of family-friendly benefits,e.g. well-child tests, child homenursing, child hearing exam, first aidcourse for parents and more. Generous range of maternity benefits,including breastfeeding consultations,pregnancy yoga classes, post-natalclasses and more. The option to buy delivery-only cover(if in your destination country you haveaccess to free or partially free pre-natalcare) or a full maternity package,including pre- and post-natal care. Family discounts if at any point youinsure two or more children.

How we can really helpThe true story of one of our youngest members: baby Sofia.Sofia is achieving all development milestones for a child at her age. She is a little fighter andwent through a lot in her two years. We believe she takes her strength from her parents,as Melanie says: “Before having them, we weren’t even sure if we were ready yet to beparents but when Sofia and Elena were born, we had to be strong for them. We had to leadby example.”Sofia’s parents, Andrea and Melanie, have been living in Singapore for business reasons forthe last 7 years. Andrea is originally from Italy and Melanie is French-Korean.In 2017, Melanie became pregnant with twins and gave birth to two beautiful girls(Sofia and Elena).Elena was in very good health, but unfortunately it was not the same for baby Sofia:after some examinations, the doctors identified that something was not right with heroxygen levels. She was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit, underwent somescans and was finally diagnosed with a very rare medical condition: her pulmonary valvewas missing and she also had a hole in her heart.Sofia’s situation was so severe that her parents were notsure if she was going to survive. It was very hard for themto see the little baby connected to all those tubes and notbeing able to hold her. But at least the couple felt relievedfor having Allianz Care cover and support: “The last thingyou want to do in this situation is worry about the costs ofthe treatment. We felt very supported by Allianz Care inthis difficult time.”The medical case was supervised in Allianz Care bydr. Sadhana, one of the doctors in our Medical Team.“Dr Sadhana followed up with us regularly to check howSofia was doing, which was really nice and showed herhuman approach.”Sofia had three surgeries in total. The main surgeryhappened when she was 8 kg, big enough to undergo anopen-heart surgery that took six hours. The surgery wassuccessful and Sofia recovered really well. The twins arealmost two years old now and have just started pre-school.We are wishingSofia, Elena, Melanieand Andrea all the bestfor their future.

How to create your planWe know that undertaking an expat journey is a big task: international health insuranceis just one item in a list of many. Our goal is to make choosing and purchasing cover assimple as possible.We offer you a modular plan design: you can adapt your cover to suit your needs andbudget requirements, choosing where you are covered, what is covered and (if you areinsuring your spouse and/or your children under your policy) who is covered for whatbenefits.Please ask your broker to guide you through choosing the most appropriate level of coverfor your situation. To help you get started we have outlined below three simple steps.Step 1 – Select a Core PlanThis will be your base cover, protecting you for any big health events, e.g. if you needhospitalisation. Our Core Plans include a wide range of in-patient and day-care treatments,as well as other benefits such as medical evacuation, nursing at home and rehabilitationtreatment.We offer three different Core Plans to choose from, each providing a different level of cover.If you wish, you can choose different Core Plans for each person under your policy:CareCare PlusCare ProPlease refer to our Table of Benefits for further details.Optional Core Plan deductibleIf you wish to reduce the cost of your Core Plan, you can select a Core Plan deductible andwe will apply a discount to your premium.

Step 2 – Choose your supplementary plans*These will allow you to personalise your cover, by adding the type of supplemental benefitsthat you may need. You can choose what supplemental plan applies to what person underyour policy, as well as what level of cover applies to each person*.Dental PlansEnsure that your smile is protected. Our Dental Plans cover things like dental care,orthodontic treatment and prostheses. We offer two levels of cover:Maternity PlansSmileAre you planning for a baby? Then you may need one of these. Our Maternity Planscover delivery, any complications of childbirth (e.g. C-section) and newborn care.We offer two levels of cover:BloomBloom PlusIf you are looking for a more extended maternity cover (i.e. if you want to be coveredthrough your pregnancy as well, rather than only at the point of delivery), you can selectour Active Family Out-Patient Plan which includes pre- and post-natal ben