Specifications for Electric InstallationsConsolidated Edison Co. IncConsolidated Edison Company of New York (Con Edison)Electric Service RequirementsCustomersArchitects and EngineersElectrical ContractorsCity and County Building InspectorsRevised April 20212021 Edition(Supersedes All Previous Editions and Revisions of Electric Blue Book)The Customer Guide to Electric Service Installation is a Guide to Con Edison requirements and specificationsfor establishing electric service to new or remodeled applicant installations. In addition to the utilityrequirements, local or state officials may stipulate additional provisions for the installation of equipmentand materials that are in their authorized areas of responsibility and jurisdiction. Should you have anyquestions regarding this guide, please contact your local Con Edison Customer Service Representative (seepg. 3). Consult your assigned Con Edison representative to ensure you are using the most current standardsand specifications. Applicant electric service and meter installation arrangements are subject to ConEdison’s review and approval. Applicants should submit a Work Request as soon in the planning process aspossible.This document and the information contained within is referenced and compliant with CI-700-1 and New York Public Service Law§65(15). Any changes or revisions to this document should be made with this in consideration.DISCLAIMER: This is a guidance document for the convenience of the public. It does not substitute forany applicable laws, rules, codes or regulations, and information in it regarding procedures is subjectto change without notice. It is the Licensed Electrical Contractor’s responsibility to be aware of thecode requirements for the area of the installation. Con Edison does not assume the obligation ofenforcing State, City and Local Municipal code requirements.2

Specifications for Electric InstallationsConsolidated Edison Co. IncA Customer Guide to Electric Service InstallationAccidents involving dig-ins to underground facilities occur every year. They can damage equipment, and moreimportantly, sometimes lead to serious injuries, even death. We want to reduce the number of accidents so wejoined a One-Call-System designed to make it safer for you to dig and work near underground facilities. The customershall immediately notify Con Edison of any suspected leakage or escape of gas by calling the company’s toll-freehotline 1-800-75CONED or 1-800-752-6633.It's the Law! Call before you dig!Much of the Con Edison equipment that transmits and delivers energy is under the ground, including more than4,300 miles of natural gas pipelines. We work diligently to keep our systems safe and our excellent safety recorddemonstrates that commitment. New York State law requires anyoneplanning to dig or excavate to call a one-call center 2 to 10 days inadvance. The one-call center will contact Con Edison on your behalf toobtain the necessary clearances, including the locations ofall in-ground electrical and natural gas lines near your job site.UNDERGROUND UTILITIES CALL CENTERSNYC and WESTCHESTER: 811NY Code 753 requires 2-10 working day’s notice.ELECTRIC AND GAS EMERGENCIES CALL1-800-75-CONED (800-752-6633)HEARING IMPAIREDToll-free, teletype line(1-877-423-4372)Billing and Service inquiriesWe think you should know .At Consolidated Edison Co., when we say: "We're here to help," we mean it! Our responsibility is to provide our electriccustomers with safe, reliable and cost-effective service. Con Edison operates one of the most complex electric powersystems in the world. It is also the world’s most reliable. Before you start planning your project, please sinesses/building-project-center to create a Work Request usingCon Edison’s Project Center application. Approximately one week after Con Edison receives a work request from yourlicensed contractor, you will receive correspondence indicating the name and contact number of the representativehandling your case. Please check this site before calling a representative. Our representatives are responsible forspecific geographic territories, or districts. A list of area representatives can be found on-line esses/building-project-center/contact-us. We will be happy toprovide you with information and assistance, as well as ways to save you energy and money.3

Specifications for Electric InstallationsConsolidated Edison Co. IncThe Con Edison SystemFor more than 180 years, Consolidated Edison, Inc. has served the world’s most dynamic and demanding marketplace– metropolitan New York while maintaining a safe and reliable electric supply to more than 3 million customers. Wehave employees on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure the safety and reliability of our system.This guide is intended to protect the mutual interest of our electric customer and Con Edison. Close attention andadherence to our Electric Specifications will ensure timely and efficient installation of an electric service that meetsyour requirements.This guide will be revised and/or amended as required in keeping with developments and progress in theelectric industry. The latest revision of this handbook may be obtained s4

Specifications for Electric InstallationsConsolidated Edison Co. IncTable of ContentsQuick StartA.B.C.D.7Frequently Asked QuestionsCustomer Request for Electric Service – “Our Service to You”Electric Work Request Flow ProcessStandard Service LayoutsSection IGeneral .U.V.W.X.Y.Z.Section II26PurposeScopeApplication for ServiceContact InformationRates & Terms of ServiceIdentification of Con Edison’s EmployeesAccess to Customer’s PremisesCustomer CooperationInformation InquiriesElectric Service LayoutsCompany SpecificationsResponsibilitiesWiring Adequacy and Load BalancingCodesApprovalsInspectionCharacteristics of Electric ServiceHigh Tension ServiceTemporary ServiceExcess Distribution FacilitiesUn-metered Connection (Flat)Service TapsUnauthorized Attachments to PolesSubmeteringDistributed GenerationSpecial Services at CostElectric Service ConnectionsA.B.C.D.E.F.G.33GeneralExtensions of Electric Distribution LinesSpace for Transformer ApparatusInterior Distribution InstallationReplacement for Reinforcement of Rear Yard ServicesReplacement for Reinforcement of Loop ServiceMinimum Insulation Standards5

Specifications for Electric InstallationsConsolidated Edison Co. IncSection IIICustomer’s Installation and EquipmentA.B.C.D.E.F.G.Section IVSection VCustomer Wiring and EquipmentAdequacy of InstallationCustomer’s RepairsCarrier Current EquipmentMotors and Miscellaneous ApparatusService EquipmentGroundingMetering Company Furnishes and InstallsCompany Furnishes, Customer InstallsCustomer Furnishes, Customer InstallsMeter MountingsCurrent Transformer MetersOutdoor MeteringIndoor MeteringFire Alarm System MeteringLocationIdentification of CircuitsSealsSpacing Requirement between Gas and Electric MetersSmart Meter (AMI) Communication RequirementsCustomer Use of Generating d GenerationEmergency Generating Facilities Used for Self-SupplyEmergency Generating Facilities Used on an Emergency Basis for ExportStandby ServiceSection VIHigh Tension Service62Section VIIApproved Service Equipment63DefinitionsElectric Reference Specifications and DrawingsExhibit A – Submetering RequirementsExhibit B – Minimum Insulation Standard Waiver RequestExhibit C – Underground Electric Inspection ChecklistExhibit D – Overhead Electric Inspection ChecklistExhibit E – Ways to Pay Your BillRevisions Log8385919394959697ReferenceMaterial6

Specifications for Electric InstallationsConsolidated Edison Co. IncQuick StartA.Frequently Asked Questions1.Q – How can this guide help me?A – This guide, entitled “Electric Service Customer Installation Guide” as a means ofexchanging pertinent information between Consolidated Edison Co. (hereafterreferred to as “Con Edison”) and its customers, architects, electricians, engineers,builder, contractors and municipal inspectors.2.Q – When should I apply for electric service?A – An application for new, additional or an alteration to an existing service should bemade as far in advance as possible to ensure adequate time for engineering andconstruction details to be arranged.3.Q – How do I initiate having electric service installed?A – Visit Con Edison’s Project Center portal at es/building-project-center to submit a service request form4.Q – When should I contact Dig Safe?A – By law excavators and contractors working in the five boroughs of New York City mustcontact New York 811, at least 48 hours prior to beginning any mechanized digging orexcavation work to ensure underground utility lines are marked. For safety reasons,homeowners are required to call as well. Markings are as follows:5.Q – How do I know if I am within safe working distance from overhead power lines?A – You cannot start work until Con Edison lets you know that it is safe to work in thearea. The law requires a 10 foot minimum, known as the “danger zone.” For moreinformation, please visit es/building-project-center and click on “Safety around our facilities”6.Q – Where will my electric meter be located?A – Outdoor electric metering is a requirement on 1, 2 and 3 family homes7

Specifications for Electric InstallationsConsolidated Edison Co. IncB.Customer Request for Electric Service – “Our Service to You”Customer requests for all new or additional electric service, as well as certain non-service work, will bethrough our web-site ses/building-project-centerProject Center. See Work Request Flow Process located on page 10.Step 1Opening a Work Request/CaseWhen you are ready to begin the process for a new electric service or for an electric service informationruling, please have a licensed professional installer as the referred contact agent for the workrequest/case.1. Initiate Project Center by visiting es/building-project-center and e-file the work request (pg. 26)2. Input the request by completing the load letter with further details about your new or additionalelectric loads3. Energy Services will follow-up by sending an Acknowledgement Letter confirming your request forthe referenced location and the assigned Case Number to track the progress of the request4. Energy Services will arrange scheduled meetings with the customer/customer’s agent to discussthe preliminary electric service layout while working with the customer to ensure the mosteconomic means are addressed and that the project is satisfactory and installed with no delays tothe service completion date (pg. 28)5. The company will determine the Point of Entry (POE) to the building. A preferred POE will be anadditional cost to the customer. The property line/building line and other easement concerns willbe discussed in Step 36. Tracking the job progress can be done by a registered user (customer/contractor). The registereduser can also quickly review the status of current cases, receive e-mail alerts when milestones arereached, or inquire the current status of the project.Step 2Electric Service RulingCon Edison Representative will initiate a Case Triage assessment to your job as follows:1. Further review and analysis of the customer/contractor work requests2. In the scenario that further analysis deems the existing electric service is not adequate, EnergyServices will issue the necessary work orders to the construction department to excavate andinstall electric service lines according to approved engineering layouts3. Customer and contractor will be issued with approved service layouts with all current companyspecifications, meter drawings, outlining the company and customer responsibility4. Electric Service Rulings, Layouts and Cost Estimates are valid for ninety (90) days from the date ofissuance (pg. 26)8

Specifications for Electric InstallationsConsolidated Edison Co. IncStep 3Inspections & Electric Service LayoutCon Edison Representative, depending on the Case request type, may:1. Conduct verification that the wall sleeve has been installed in the building point of entry2. Discuss with the customer/contractor in obtaining the necessary city certificates related to theinstallation to avoid a delay in service completion (pg. 27)3. Monitor the progress of work by customer/contractor through field visits and e-mailcorrespondences4. Encourage customer to use Project Center to track their case and obtain status updates bycontacting the assigned representative in order to avoid any company delays such that thecustomer service date can be met5. Conduct site visits to verify the status of customer’s project and discuss case details and/orspecifications with the customer’s contractor6. Discuss the details of the Electric Service Layout, the drawing which includes a sketch anddescription of company construction work to be performedStep 4Construction of Electric Service InstallationCon Edison Representative reviewing the customer’s project progress will determine when to release therequests to the appropriate groups for the construction of the facilities, who may include:1. Construction Management – oversees third party contractors working for Con Edison on theinstallation of company-owned facilities2. Electric Construction – installs company facilities such as mains and services3. Customer Operations – establishes customer account and associated rates, collects paymentagreement for deposits4. Customer must contact Energy Services Representative to schedule a fina