WelcomeEstablished in 1959 to protect Gunpowder River and the Big and Little Gunpowder valleys,Gunpowder Falls State Park is now Maryland’s largest state park. Comprised of over 18,000 acres inHarford and Baltimore Counties, Gunpowder’s narrow corridors host a varied topography rangingfrom tidal wetlands to steep and rugged slopes. Gunpowder features more than 120 miles of trails,protected State Wildlands, historic sites, fishing and canoeing/kayaking streams, a swimming beach,and a marina.The park is divided into six areas: Hereford, Sweet Air, Central, Hammerman, Dundee Creek and theTorrey C. Brown Rail Trail. The park also operates North Point and Hart-Miller Island State Parks.PARK HEADQUARTERSGunpowder Falls State Park’s headquarters is located in the restored gristmill at Jerusalem MillHistoric Village. The office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (closedweekends and state holidays). Call 410-592-2897 if you have any questions.IndexBiking . 4-6, 12, 17Boating . 15Camping. 16Canoeing/Kayaking . 3, 6, 13, 15Central Area . 6Dundee Creek Marina . 15Fishing . 3-4, 6, 12, 15, 17Hammerman Area . 12Hereford Area .3Hiking .3-6, 12, 16-17Horseback Riding/Equestrian . 3-6Jerusalem Mill . 11Leave No Trace Ethics . 19MapsPark-wide. 20Central Area . 7-10Hammerman . 14Dundee Creek Trails . 16North Point State Park . 18Mill Pond Cottage . 4North Point State Park . 17Pavilions. 12, 17Picnicking . 12, 17Sweet Air Area . 4Volunteering . 19Torrey C. Brown Trail (Northern Central Rail Trail) .52GUNPOWDER GUIDE 2013Gunpowder Falls State Park2813 Jerusalem RoadP.O Box 480Kingsville, MD 21087410-592-2897410-592-8760 (fax)North Point State Park8400 North Point RoadEdgemere, MD 21219410-477-0757410-477-0361 (fax)Park ManagerMike BrowningAssistant ManagerAndrew HangenArea ManagerSarah WitcherAdministrative SpecialistBrenda LeeGuide EditorsRobert BaileyJack SchutterSarah WitcherCover Photo: James Stimpert“Autumn on the Gunpowder”

Hereford AreaDISCOVER ONE OF MARYLAND’S FINEST TROUT STREAMSLocated in northern Baltimore County, the Hereford Area’s3,620 acres feature a scenic wilderness setting preserved underState Wildlands Status for nature appreciation and outdooradventures. Anglers can enjoy a nationally renowned specialtrout management area located downstream from PrettyboyReservoir and hikers and horseback riders can explore more than20 miles of wooded trails. The Big Gunpowder Falls also attractscanoeing, kayaking and tubing enthusiasts throughout the year.Learn more about the Hereford Area by unpowderhereford.aspHOURSSunrise to sunsetPlease be respectful to othersand take your trash with you.Alcohol is not permitted.TRAILSHikers and horseback ridersare welcome on the HerefordArea’s 20-miles of trails. This isa state designated WildlandsArea. Bicycles are strictlyprohibited. Be sure to purchasea park map by either visitingpark headquarters, or at theDNR online store( Pleasestay on designated trails. Thetrails in this area are steep,rocky and potentially slippery.Please take precautions byplanning ahead and wearingappropriate footwear.FISHINGA nationally renowned blueribbon trout stream, the BigGunpowder Falls is managed byMaryland DNR from PrettyboyDam to Blue Mount Road as aspecial trout management areafor catch and release withartificial lures only. A MarylandNon-Tidal Fishing License and atrout stamp is required foranyone 16 years-of-age orolder.RIVER RECREATIONThe Big Gunpowder River inthis section offersopportunities for both noviceand advanced paddlers. Thedifficulty ranges from Class I toClass III. The more difficultsection lies between Falls Roadand York Road. The sectiondownriver from York Road isconsidered easier. The riverflows into private propertydownriver of Big Falls Road.Please respect the rights ofprivate property owners.Personal flotation devices arerequired for all personscanoeing or kayaking on theriver. Helmets are required forcanoeists and kayakers usingPhoto by James Stimpertthe river between PrettyboyDam and York Road. Watertemperature ranges from 45 to50 degrees year-round.DIRECTIONS TO THEHEREFORD AREA - From I-83 N,take exit 27 and turn right onMt. Carmel Road. At trafficlight, turn left onto York Road.Pass Hereford High School andturn left onto Bunker HillRoad. Continue on Bunker HillRoad to parking lot, locatedabove the river.What’s a Wildands Area?Wildlands are statedesignated areas that retaintheir wilderness character.They have uniqueecological, geological orscenic resources, and mayprovide a home for rareplant and animal species.Gunpowder is home totwo Wildland Areas, andNorth Point has one too!GUNPOWDER GUIDE 20133

Mill Pond CottageTIRED OF HIGH GAS PRICES, TRAFFIC JAMS, ANDAIRPORT DELAYS? SIMPLIFY!Choose the Mill Pond Cottage for your next getaway, and leaveyour troubles behind. Located in the scenic Hereford Area ofGunpowder Falls State Park, the Cottage offers true peace and quietin a private, streamside retreat.The Mill Pond Cottage sleeps eight people, has a full kitchen, central air-conditioning and heat, woodburning fireplace, screened-in porch and much more! Anglers will love the two-minute walk to one ofthe best trout fishing areas in the country. A mere thirty-minute drive from Baltimore can make you feellike you’re a thousand miles away—without the travel hassles.We’d love to help you plan your visit. Call 410-592-2897 for information, or request a full-colorbrochure.Check us out on the web at: t Air AreaAN IDEAL SPOT FOR HORSEBACKRIDING AND MOUNTAIN BIKINGWith 1,250 acres, the Sweet Air Area is one ofGunpowder’s largest exclaves. Straddling theLittle Gunpowder Falls, which makes up theborder between Harford and BaltimoreCounties, this area includes 18-miles of trails.Learn more about the Sweet Air Area byvisiting: weetair.aspHOURSSunrise tosunset.Photo by Matthew ChismPlease berespectful toothers and takeyour trash withyou.Alcohol is notpermitted.4GUNPOWDER GUIDE 2013TRAILSHikers and pets on leashes are welcome on allof Sweet Air’s 18 miles of trails. Mountain bikersand horseback riders are also welcome, excepton the Cody Jean and Red Dot Trails. Be sure topurchase a park map by either visiting parkheadquarters, or at the DNR online store( NOTICE: Map is currentlyout of print. Most major trailheads in SweetAir feature area maps.FISHINGThe Little Gunpowder Falls contains manyspecies of fish, including small mouth bass andbluegill. Anglers 16 years-of-age and older mustpossess a Maryland Non-Tidal Fishing License.DIRECTIONS TO THE SWEET AIR AREA - From I95, take exit 74 for Route 152 west (MountainRoad). Follow Route 152 for ten miles. Make aleft onto Baldwin Mill Road (Route 165 South).Take first right onto Greene Road, right ontoMoores Road, and left onto Dalton BevardRoad. (2840 Dalton Bevard Road, Baldwin, MD21013)

Torrey C. Brown TrailEXPLORE ONE OF AMERICA’S FIRSTRAILS-TO-TRAILSNamed for the third Secretary of the MarylandDepartment of Natural Resources, the Torrey C.Brown (TCB) Rail Trail follows 20 miles of theformer the Northern Central Railway (NCR) innorthern Baltimore County.Learn more about the TCB Trail by cb.aspHOURSSunrise to sunset.USING THE TCB TRAILThe Torrey C. Brown Trail (formerly theNorthern Central Railroad Trail) extends fromAshland, Maryland north to the MarylandPennsylvania line, and passes through thehistoric communities of Ashland, Phoenix,Monkton, White Hall, Bentley Springs andFreeland. Hikers, joggers, bicyclists, horsebackriders and pets on leashes are welcome. Trailusers are welcome to continue their journeynorth into Pennsylvania on the York CountyHeritage Trail. Visitors wishing to leave a vehiclein parking areas overnight for out of state travel,should contact the park a minimum of twoweeks in advance to obtain approval.MONKTON STATIONThe 1898 station serves as a museum, giftshop and Ranger Station. It’s a great place tolearn about the history of the Northern CentralRailway. The Station is open Memorial Dayweekend through Labor Day, WednesdaySunday, 9am - 4pm, and May and September,Weekends, 9am - 4pm.While visiting the TCB Trail, please note thefollowing:Follow the rules of the road. Bikers yieldto pedestrians and horseback riders. Allusers should stay on the right of the trail,and avoid traveling side-by-side.All pets must be leashed.Trail mile markers (miles 1-19) are paintedin the colors of the state flag.Children under 16 are required to wear ahelmet when riding a bike. Helmet use isstrongly recommended for all bikers.Maryland State Parks are trash free. Packout what you pack in.Visitors are encouraged to bring a map. Besure to purchase a park map by eithervisiting park headquarters, MonktonStation or at the DNR online store( trail has become popular with a widevariety of users. Please be respectful toothers and take your trash with you.Alcohol is prohibited.DIRECTIONS TO MONKTON STATION - From I-83, take exit 27 and go east on Mt. Carmel Road(Route 137). Turn right on York Road and make a quick left onto Monkton Road. Follow until itcrosses the TCB (NCR) Trail. Monkton Station will be on your left. Limited parking. (1820 MonktonRoad, Monkton, MD 21111)GUNPOWDER GUIDE 20135

Gunpowder’sCentral AreaEXPLORE THE BIG AND LITTLEGUNPOWDER FALLSBordering both the Big and Little GunpowderFalls to their confluence at the Days Cove, theCentral Area features many miles of trails andopportunities to fish. The Central Area includesthe historic Jerusalem Mill and village (see page11), which also serves as Gunpowder Falls StatePark headquarters.Learn more about the Central Area by unpowdercentral.aspHOURSSunrise to sunset.Please be respectful to others and take yourtrash with you.Alcohol is not permitted.TRAILSHikers, pets on leashes, and horseback ridersare welcome on all of the Central Area’s trails.Mountain bikers are welcome on many trails, butbicycles are prohibited in the SweathouseBranch Wildlands Area on the Big Gunpowderbetween Harford Road and Belair Road (U.S. 1).The Sweathouse Branch Wildlands Area featuresseveral loop trails through hardwood forestalong the banks of the Big Gunpowder. Birdersand wildflower enthusiasts will enjoy these trails.DIRECTIONS TO THE CENTRAL AREA (BELAIRROAD) – From the Baltimore Beltway (I-695),take U. S. 1 (Belair Road) north seven miles untilyou cross over the Big Gunpowder Falls. Theparking lot will be on your right immediatelyfollowing the bridge across the falls.6GUNPOWDER GUIDE 2013FISHINGThe Big and Little Gunpowders are bothstocked with trout in put-and-take fishing areas.Anglers 16 years-of-age and older must possess aMaryland Non-Tidal Fishing License.RIVER RECREATIONThe Big Gunpowder River in this section offersopportunities for both novice and advancedpaddlers. Access to the Big Gunpowder isavailable at Belair Road and Jones Road (seepage 8). The more difficult section of the riverlies between Belair Road and Jones Road. Thesection downriver from Jones Road isconsidered easier, providing canoeists andkayakers the opportunity to paddle into thecoastal plain beyond the confluence of the Bigand Little Gunpowders. Personal flotationdevices are required for all persons canoeing,kayaking and tubing on the river. Helmets arerequired for kayakers using the river betweenBelair Road and Jones Road.MAPSGunpowder Falls State Park is Maryland’slargest state parks. Presently, some sections ofthe park have been thoroughly surveyed anddetailed maps are available for purchase eitherat Park Headquarters, or on the DNR OnlineStore ( The following mapsare of the Central Area.