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IntroductionPurposeThis Teaching Materials Collection is intended for use in conjunction with the ALT Handbook, a JET Programmepublication produced by CLAIR. With these publications, CLAIR hopes to provide information for JETparticipants on teaching in Japan and how to adapt to their workplaces.Resource SourcesThis Teaching Materials Collection and the complementary ALT Handbook are compilations of informationcollected from participants of the former British English Teachers Scheme (BETS) and the Monbusho EnglishFellows (MEF) Programme, as well as past and current JET participants.This Teaching Materials Collection, in conjunction with the ALT Handbook, were previously collectively known asthe Resource and Teaching Materials Handbook. These materials were split in two and the Teaching Materials Collectionis now provided in an online format. A PDF version of the ALT Handbook is also available on the JETProgramme website at: AIR would like to express special thanks to all of the JET participants and JET alumni who submitted newmaterial for the 2013 edition of the Teaching Materials Collection. This edition contains extensive new content, andwe hope that ALTs will find it useful.Please also utilise our Teaching Materials Exchange Forum where JET participants are able to share theirteaching materials with the JET community: hope that you find this Teaching Materials Collection and the ALT Handbook useful. If you have any suggestionsfor improvement, including content you would like to add or lesson ideas to submit, please visit our forums( or contact us directly at jet[@] editors

Commonly used expressions, abbreviationsand Japanese wordsTitles and ESLESSESJHSSHSJTETEFLTESLTT- Japan Exchange and Teaching- Assistant Language Teacher- Coordinator for International Relations- Sports Exchange Advisor- Council of Local Authorities forInternational Relations- Ministry of Internal Affairs andCommunications- Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Ministry of Education, Culture,Sports, Science and Technology- British English Teacher Scheme(British forerunner to JET Programme)- Monbusho English Fellow (Americanforerunner to the JET Programme)- English as a Foreign Language- English as a Second Language- English Speaking Society- Elementary School- Junior High School- Senior High School- Japanese Teacher of English- Teaching English as a Foreign Language- Teaching English as a Second Language- Team teachingsomusho- Ministry of Internal Affairs andCommunications (MIC)gaimusho - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)monbukagakusho - Ministry of Education, Culture,Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)kencho- Prefectural Government Officekyoiku-iinkai - Board of Educationshiyakusho - City Hallyakuba- Town yueigoEikaiwaichinenseikocho senseikokokyoto senseikyushoku-extra curricular/after school activities- sick leave (paid)- junior high school- university- compensatory holiday- English- English conversation- first year- headmaster / principal- senior high school- deputy head / vice-principal- school eishogakkoyasumiyochienzangyo- annual paid holiday- Japanese language- second year- third year- students- elder, senior, mentor- teacher; form of address for teachers- primary / elementary school- holiday, rest, break, day off- kindergarten- geikainijikaiomiyageshinnenkaisobetsukaitatemae- end of year party- party- patience, tolerance, perseverance- obligation- real intention, true feelings- welcome party- second party following the enkai- souvenir gifts- New Year party- farewell party- saying and doing what is expectedOther Commonly Used Wordsbento- packed (boxed) lunchgenki- well-being, energeticgambatte - do your best (command)daijobu- okay, no problemdame- no good, not acceptabledozo- help yourself, go aheadgaikokujin - foreignerhiragana- Japanese syllabaryinaka- rural areaskokusaika - internationalisationkanji- Chinese characterskatakana - Japanese syllabary used for foreign wordskatakana eigo - Japanised pronunciation of Englishmeishi- business cardsromaji- Romanisation of Japanese

TABLE OF CONTENTSENGLISH IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLIntroduction . 7Creating a Syllabus. 8The Group Game . 9The Lines Quiz . 10Body Building Game. 10What Time is it Mr. Wolf? . 11Criss-Cross Game!. 11Cross-cultural Teaching GamesGames with a lot of Movement . 12Tag Games. 13Foreign Holiday Crafts . 15Other Ideas . 16English in KindergartenAdvice on Preparation . 18Games . 19Classroom Activity IdeasAnime Noise Game . 21Forecast Game . 22Gokiburi (cockroach) Game . 23Play-Along Story . 24Weekday Hopscotch . 25Scene! . 26Fun Faces . 271.2.10! . 28Number and Colour Review. 29Number Chanting . 30Soccer Game . 31“How Are You” Gesture Game. 32English Onomatopoeia . 90Mother May I? . 90The Passport Game . 90How Many Chopper Men?. 92I like . 93Gesture Feeling Race . 94Anime Costumes. 95My Special Lunch . 96Find the Object . 97Learn About the Body . 97English Job Names Interview . 98Trump Janken. 99Watermelon Smash!. 98Meishi Exchange . 99A Day in the Life of a Celebrity . 101Teaching English with Japanese Stories . 102Travel Agent Game . 101My Special Lunch . 96Hide and Seek Vocabulary . 97Find Your Partner. 97Describing Attributes . 102Three Hints Animal Quiz . 98What Time Do You Janken . 58CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES - JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLLive Action Wheelchair Quest.60Blind Snap (Special Needs) . 61Word Puzzle . 62Guess Who? . 63Mario Kart Board Game . 64Jeopardy Review . 66Easter Egg Preposition Hunt . 67Trash Can Game. 68What are You Doing Circle . 69Broken Telephone . 70Memorisation Game.71Spelling Race . 72Whisper Relay.73Slow Game . 74Janken Talk.75Where is Pikachu? . 77What did You Hear?.78Shark Chase . 79Mickey Mouse Looks Happy . 8059-112Halloween Party . 81Draw a Monster . 82What Country are You from? . 84Interview Game . 85Alphabet People . 87“But” Practice. 90Sports Rules . 92What do You See? . 94Monkey Gesture Game.95Find Your Match . 96“Japanese is Taboo” . 101Grammar Auction . 102Lost and Found . 103Time Zone Race. 107Sales Team . 109The Boy Who Lived .110Where is It? . 111CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES - SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLJanglish . 114Name that Adjective . 115The Price is Right . 117Understanding Population Growth . 118Something Has Been Stolen . 119Do-it-Yourself Quiz. 120Infinitive Battleship . 121Synonym Snap. 1226-58113-178Syllable Haiku . 123Who/What am I?. 125Pets are People Too!” . 126Natural Disasters . 128Paper Debate . 129First Lesson: Introduction and Greetings . 131The Price is Right . 132Ordering Food . 133

Circumlocution . 137Who, What, When Bingo . 139Articulate . 140Conjunction Builders . 141Your Weekly Plan. 142Sentence Auction. 144Shopping . 146Find Someone! . 147Restaurant Lesson . 149SOME COMMON ACTIVITIESIntroduction . 176Spelling Vocabulary ActivitiesShiritori . 178How Many Words in a Minute . 178How Many Words C