2021-2022 PATHWAYS COURSE GUIDE ALPHA LISTPATHWAYS CONCEPT KEY:PATHWAYS MINORS KEY:1f Foundational Discourse1a Advanced/Applied Discourse2 Critical Thinking in the Humanities3 Reasoning in the Social Sciences4 Reasoning in the Natural Sciences5f Foundational Quantitative and Computational Thinking5a Advanced/Applied Quantitative and ComputationalThinking6a Critique and Practice in the Arts6d Critique and Practice in Design7 Critical Analysis of Identity and Equity in theUnited StatesABB Adaptive Brain & BehaviorAPCE Appalachian Cultures &EnvironmentsBIOD Biodiversity ConservationBLPL Blue PlanetCAFS Civic Agriculture &Food SystemsCLSO Climate & SocietyDTDC Data & DecisionsDSST Disability StudiesECOC Ecological CitiesEHWB Ecosystems for HumanWell-BeingEEMG Event & ExperienceManagementGBP Global Business Practices toImprove the Human ConditionNOTE: If a course is approved for two concepts (e.g. 2 OR 3), it canonly count for one or the other. The EXCEPTION is for courses thatare approved for Concept 7 and any other Concept (e.g. 2 AND 7)in which case the course will 'double count' for both concepts.HCOM Health CommunicationHOSO Housing and SocietyGFSH Global Food Security & HealthINNO InnovationISDA Integrated SecurityLNGS Language SciencesMTSC Materials in SocietyBOLD Organizational LeadershipPSUS Pathways to SustainabilityPSSJ Peace Studies & Social JusticePPE Philosophy, Politics, & EconomicsSCOM Strategic CommunicationSTL Science, Technology & LawTHE Technology, Humans, & EnvironmentVAS Visual Arts & SocietyPathways Minors are thematic, cross-disciplinary programs that allow students to examine important topics from avariety of perspectives while completing general education requirements along the way. Descriptions of each minor canbe found on the Pathways website. Consult the minor checksheets for detailed requirements.SUBJECT COURSE COURSE TITLECONCEPT CROSSLISTAAECAAECAAECAAEC1005100612642104Econ Food Fiber SysEcon Food Fiber SystPeace EconomicsPersonal Financial Planning3335aAAEC3204Intl Agri Dvlp & Trad3AAEC3324Environment Sustain Dev Econ3 AND 7AAEC4464Water Resources Policy & Econ3 AND 7ACIS1004Accounting Foundations5fPREREQUISITESOTHER INFORMATIONPATHWAYS MINORSBLPL, CAFS, GFSH, PPEBLPL, CAFS, GFSH, PPEISDA, PPE, PSSJFREC 4464,WATR 4464AAEC-1005/UG/P OR ECON2005/UG/PAAEC-1005/UG/P OR AAEC1006/UG/P OR ECON2005/UG/PAAEC-1005/UG/P OR ECON2005/UG/PCAFS, GBP, GFSH, PPEBIOD, CAFS, EHWB, GBP,GFSH, HOSO, ISDA, PSUS,PSSJ, PPEBLPLINNO, BOLD, SCOMPage 1 of 36

SUBJECT COURSE COURSE TITLECONCEPT CROSSLISTADV2134Intro to Health Communication 3AFSTAFST17141814Intro African American StudiesIntro to African StudiesAFST2044Contmpry African Amer Theatre 2 AND 7AFST2204Race & Gender in Rel & Cult2 AND 7AFSTAFST22752276African-American HistoryAfrican-American History2 AND 72 AND 7ENGL 2044,TA 2044RLCL 2204,WGS 2204HIST 2275HIST 2276AFST2644Intro African-American Lit2 AND 7ENGL 2644AFST3864Development and Hum in Africa 2 OR 04Design and Art for ConsumersDesign for Consumers StudioConsumer RightsIntro American Indian StudiesIdentity & Inclusion in AgricNative American HistoryIdentity & Inclusion in AgricLeadership Effectiveness in AgComm Ag & Life Sci in WritingComm Ag & Life Sci in SpeakingAgriculture, the Arts and SocietyIntro Civic AgricultureIntro to Research PracticesPREREQUISITESCMST 2134APCEAnimal Breeding and Genetics5aALS3404Ecological Agriculture4HOSOENGL-1106/UG/P OR ENGL1204H/UG/P OR COMM1016/UG/PHIST 3864, IS38646a OR 6d6d331a AND 7 ALCE 24142 AND 7 HIST 31741a AND 7 AINS 241431a1a6a OR 6d1a1a3104PATHWAYS MINORSABB, HCOM3 AND 72 OR 3ALSOTHER INFORMATIONPSSJAHRM-1014/UG/PSCOMINNOAPCE, -1106/UG/PENGL-1106/UG/PCAFS, GFSHCAFSCAFSCAFSAPCE, CAFSBIOL-1105/UG/P AND(STAT-2004/UG/P OR STAT3005/UG/P OR STAT3615/UG/P) AND (APSC1454/UG/P OR DASC2474/UG/P OR DASC2484/UG/P)CAFSPage 2 of 36

SUBJECT COURSE COURSE TITLECONCEPT CROSSLISTPREREQUISITESALS4204Concepts Comm Food Systems3ALS4214Capstone: Civic Ag Food Sys6dALS4244Capstone Global Food Security1aALS-2204/UG/PALS-2204/UG/P AND ALS3404/UG/P AND ALS4204/UG/PCSES-2244/UG/P cial StudySpecial StudyIntro to Appalachian StudiesMusic Traditions in AppalachiaAPS2404Folk Cultures in AppalachiaAPS2434Cult Politics Music Appalachia6d6d2 AND 7 HUM 17046a OR 6d MUS 2124(6d AND7) OR (6a HUM 2404AND 7)2 AND 7APS4414Issues in Appalachian Studies1aAPSCARBCARBC400427743304Contemporary Issues in APSCArab Culture and CivilizationModern Arabic Lit in Trans1a2 OR 32ARBC3474Topics in Arab e in the Built EnvironmentSustainability by DesignHistories of ArchitectureHistories of ArchitectureThesis Inquiry3 AND 7 SPIA 10446dUAP 2114226a OR 6dARCH4524Thesis Documentation6a OR 6dART1004Studio Art for Non-Majors6aART1104Language of Visual Arts2 OR 6aOR 6dHUM 4414OTHER INFORMATIONPATHWAYS MINORSAPCE, CAFSCAFSGFSHAPCE, EHWB, PSUSAPCEAPCEAPCEHUM-1704/UG/P OR APS1704/UG/PAPSC-2004/UG/PAPCETaught in English.Taught in English.May be repeated 2 timeswith different content fora maximum of 6 ARCH-4514/UG/P ANDARCH-4515/UG/PMay be repeated withdifferent topics, for amaximum of 12 credithours.VASVASPage 3 of 36

SUBJECT COURSE COURSE TITLECONCEPT CROSSLISTART1114CT E Play to Make6aARTART12041214Principles of 2D Art & DesignPrinciples of 3D Art & Design6a OR 6d6a OR 6dART1234Topics in Design 38434843584367436843884Visual Arts and CulturePrinciples of DrawingContemporary Art and PracticePrinciples of 4D Art & DesignSurv Hist West ArtSurv Hist West ArtIntroduction to Creative CodeDrawing ConceptsIntro to Creative TechIslamic Art and ArchitectureArts of China and JapanEgyptian Art and ArchitectureEarly Mod Global Vis CultureCreative CodeIntroduction to ArchaeologyRoman Art and ArchitectureMedieval Art and ArchitectureRenaissance ArtBaroque Art and Arch19th Century ArtHistory of PhotographyAfrican-American ArtAmerican Art to 19142 OR 6a6a OR 6d6a6a OR 6d2 OR 6a2 OR 6a5f6a6a2 OR 6a2 OR 6a2 OR 6a2 OR 6a5a2 OR 32 OR 6a2 OR 6a2 OR 6a2 OR 6a2 OR 6a2 OR 6a76a AND 7ART4104Interpretation of Visual Arts1a OR 6aPREREQUISITESOTHER INFORMATIONPATHWAYS MINORSCAUS 1114,IDS 1114May be repeated for up toa maximum of 12 creditVAShours with varying ordifferent topics.BOLD, PSUS, VASBOLD, PSUS, /UG/PVASART-1104/UG/P AND sixcredits of social sciences Capstone seminar for thefrom Pathways Minor inPathways Minor in thethe Visual Arts and Society Visual Arts and Society.checksheet.Page 4 of 36VAS

SUBJECT COURSE COURSE TITLECONCEPT CROSSLISTARTBDS6a31984M2005Special StudyFundamentals of BDSBDS2006Fundamentals of BDS3BDS3134Choice and Behavior3BDS4194Predicting Social tion to BiologyCancer Causes Treatments CostsBiology of SexHuman Biol: Cncpts Curr IssuesPlants and CivilizationHow Animals ThinkPrinciples of BiologyPrinciples of BiologySpecial StudySpecial Study4444444444BIT2164Foundations Security Environ3 OR 5fBIT2404Multicultural Prob Analytics5fBIT2405Bus Stats Analytics & Model5fBIT2406Bus Stats Analytics & Model5aBIT4164Future of Security1aPREREQUISITESOTHER INFORMATIONPATHWAYS MINORSDTDCECON 3134PSYC 4194CS 2164,PSCI 2164MGT 2404CS 4164,PSCI 4164BDS-2005/UG/P ANDECON-2005/UG/P ANDPSYC-1004/UG/PECON-2005/UG/PDTDC(PSYC-1094/UG/P ORECON-3254/UG/P) AND(BIT-2405/UG/P OR STAT2004/UG/P OR STAT3604/UG/P OR STAT3005/UG/P OR STAT3615/UG/P)ISDASophomore standing.Please consult catalog asthere are many options.Please consult catalog asthere are many options.PSCI-2164/UG/P OR BIT2164/UG/P OR CS2164/UG/PPage 5 of 36GBP, PSSJISDA

SUBJECT COURSE COURSE TITLECONCEPT CROSSLISTBIT4604Data Gov, Privacy, Ethics2BIT4854Analytics in Action1aBMES2004Concussion Perspectives1a OR 4BMES4015BME Senior Design and Project4016BME Senior Design and Project1aBMES4984ASpecial Study1aBSE4554Creating the Ecological City3 OR 6aOR 6dCAUS1114CT E Play to Make6aCAUS4234Capstone Collaborations1a2804Introduction to CEEOTHER INFORMATIONBIT-2405/UG/P OR CMDA2014/UG/P OR CS1114/UG/P OR CS1054/UG/P OR CS1064/UG/PCMDA-2014/UG/P ANDBDS-2005/UG/PDTDC, ISDADTDCFREC 4554,HORT 4554,LAR 4554,SPIA 4554ART 1114,IDS 1114BMES-3034/UG/P ANDBMES-3184/UG/P andsenior standing.For Pathways AdvancedDiscourse credit, mustcomplete both BMES 4015and BMES 4016.BMES-4015/UG/PFor Pathways AdvancedDiscourse credit, mustcomplete both BMES 4015and BMES 4016.HORT-2134/UG/P OR FREC2134/UG/P AND seniorstanding.ECOCENGE-2094/UG/P ANDPHIL-3334/UG/PTHE1aFor Pathways AdvancedDiscourse credit, mustcomplete combination ofCEE 2804, CEE 3304, CEE4804For Pathways AdvancedDiscourse credit, mustESM-2104/UG/C- AND CEEcomplete combination of2804/UG/CCEE 2804, CEE 3304, CEE4804CEE3304Fluid Mech for CEE1aCEE3804Computer Applications for CEE5aPATHWAYS MINORSABB1aBMESCEEMGT 4854PREREQUISITESPage 6 of 36

SUBJECT COURSE COURSE TITLECEE4804Prof & Legal Issues Civil EngCONCEPT CROSSLIST1aCEM2104Intro to CEMCEM3074Global Design and Construction 6dCEMCEM30844445Construction EconomyCEM CapstonePREREQUISITESOTHER INFORMATIONCEE-2804/UG/C-For Pathways AdvancedDiscourse credit, mustcomplete combination of STLCEE 2804, CEE 3304, CEE4804For Pathways AdvancedDiscourse credit, mustcomplete combination ofCEM 2104, CEM 3084,CEM 4445, and CEM 4446.1aJunior standing.For Pathways AdvancedDiscourse credit, mustcomplete combination ofCEM 2104, CEM 3084,CEM 4445, and CEM 4446.1aCEM-2104/UG/P OR BC2024/UG/P1aFor Pathways AdvancedDiscourse credit, mustBC-3064/UG/P and seniorcomplete combination ofstanding.CEM 2104, CEM 3084,CEM 4445, and CEM 4446.For Pathways AdvancedCEM-3084/UG/P AND CEM- Discourse credit, must4445/UG/P and seniorcomplete combination ofstanding.CEM 2104, CEM 3084,CEM 4445, and CEM 4446.CEM4446CEM y in ContextChemistry in ContextChemistry in Context LabChemistry in Context Lab4444PATHWAYS MINORSMTSCMTSCPage 7 of 36

SUBJECT COURSE COURSE TITLECONCEPT CROSSLISTCHEM41035General ChemistryCHEM-1035/UG/P ORCHEM-1055/UG/P ORCHEM-1055H/UG/P1036General Chemistry4CHEMCHEMCHEMCHN1045104630542734General Chemistry LaboratoryGeneral Chemistry LaboratoryPostconsumer MaterialsChinese Culture and Civ4442CHN3474Topics in Chinese Cinema2CINE2054Introduction to Cinema2CINE4144Topics in Cinema Studies7CLA11342RLCL 1134CLA22242HIST 2224CLACLACLA223422442434Ancient Mediterranean WorldAncient Greek and RomanWomenClassics in the Modern WorldCities of RomeFairytale, Folklore, and Magic222HIST 2234HIST 2244CLA2444Greek and Roman Myth2CLA2464Myth, Philosophy, Video Games 22014Data Matter5aOTHER INFORMATIONPATHWAYS MINORSCo: MATH 1025 or MATH1225.CHEMCMDAPREREQUISITESCo: MATH 1025 or MATH1225.MTSCTaught in English.May be repeated oncewith different content fora maximum of 6 credithours.May be repeated 2 timeswith different content fora maximum of 9 credits.In English.ENGL 2444,RLCL 2444In English.MATH-1014/UG/PPage 8 of 36Some programming skillsrecommended, but notrequired. Some prior use DTDCof data recommended, butnot required.

SUBJECT COURSE COURSE TITLECONCEPT CROSSLISTPREREQUISITESCMDA-3605/UG/P ANDCMDA-3634/UG/P OR CS3634/UG/P AND CMDA3654/UG/P OR CS3654/UG/P OR STAT3654/UG/PCMDA4864Comp Mod Data AnalytCapstone5aCMDACMST2984E2064Special StudyThe Rhetorical Tradition5a2CMST2134Intro to Health Communication 3CMST3214Professional 084Introduction toCommunicationCommunication SkillsCommunication SkillsPublic SpeakingMedia and SocietyCOMM2094COMMOTHER INFORMATIONADV 2134PATHWAYS MINORSABB, HCOMCOMM-1016/UG/P ORCOMM-2004/UG/PSCOM1f1f1a3COMM-1015/UG/PSophomore standing.SCOMHCOM, SCOMBOLD, HCOM, INNOBOLD, HCOMComm & Issues of Diversity7COMM-1016/UG/P ORENGL-1106/UG/P2754HTopics in Tech Innovation1f AND 7COMM-1016/UG/P ORENGL-1105/UG/PCOMM2764HTopics in Tech 4Consumer and Family FinancesCrime & Punishment Amer HistMurder in American History5f2 AND 72 AND 7CRIM4474Cyber Criminology3CSCS10141054Intro Computational ThinkingIntro to Programming in Java5f5fCS1064Intro to Programming in Python 5f1a3May be repeated 2 timeswith different content fora maximum of 3 credits.May be repeated 2 timeswith different content fora maximum of 3 credits.HOSOHIST 2504HIST 3124CRIM-3414/UG/P OR SOC3414/UG/P AND Juniorstanding.ISDA, PSSJDTDC, ISDAISDAISDAPage 9 of 36

SUBJECT COURSE COURSE TITLECONCEPT CROSSLISTPREREQUISITESCSCS20642114Intermediate Prog in PythonSoftw Des & Data tions Security Environ3 OR 5fCS3114BIT 2164,PSCI 21644164Future of Security1aCSCSESDANCDANC2984E224420042014Special StudyAg Global Food Sec and HealthAnatomy for PerformersIntroduction to Dance History5a46a AND 76a AND 7DANC2024Intro to Dance Techniques6aDANC2104Moving Body, Moving Mind6aISDABIT 4164,PSCI 4164PSCI-2164/UG/P OR BIT2164/UG/P OR CS2164/UG/PMay be repeated oncewith different content fora maximum of 6 credits.HNFE 21043024Int/Adv Dance Techniques6aDANC-2024/UG/PECE4805Senior Design Project1aECE-2804/UG/C4806Senior Design Project1aECEECON4984A1104Special StudyEconomics of Gender1a3 AND 7ECON1204Economics of Race3 AND 7ECONECON12142005Econ Hist: Diversity&InclusionPrinciples of Economics3 AND 73ISDACLSO, EHWB, GFSHDANCECEPATHWAYS MINORSCS-2114/UG/C AND CS2505/UG/C AND (MATH2534/UG/P OR MATH3034/UG/P)Data Structures and Algorithms 5aCSOTHER INFORMATIONECE-4805/UG/C-May be repeated 3 timeswith different content fora maximum of