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Table of ContentsWelcome!Our All-Purpose and DyeMore shades are only the03 —07 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —00 —Dye TipsYellowYellow Orange PeachOrangeWarm RedCool RedPurpleRed VioletPinkBlue VioletBlueBlue GreenGreenYellow GreenBrownNeutralFall FashionFall Home DecorTa b le o f C ontents — 2beginning. This guide features 500 formulas that wehave developed so that you can mix our dyes to createso many more colors.The first few pages of this guide highlight how to useand scale our formulas. Each page after that features acomplete palette of shades in each color group.COLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

Tips for DyeingDye TypeDye MethodUse Rit All-Purpose Dye if you are working with cotton, linen,silk, wool, rayon, ramie or nylon. Use the sink or bucket method for general projects. Use the stovetop method if you are trying to achieve asbold of a color as possible or working with Rit DyeMoreSynthetic Fiber Dye. Use the washing machine method if you are dyeinglarge items.Use Rit DyeMore Synthetic Fiber Dye if you are working withfabric that contains more than 35% polyester, acrylic or acetate.ColorThe colors shown in this guide are based on the followingstandards: Rit All-Purpose Dye: White 100% cotton dyed at 140 F for30 minutes Rit DyeMore Synthetic Fiber Dye: White 100% polyesterdyed at 200 F for 30 minutesThe final color of your project may be lighter or darkerdepending on the fabric content, temperature and time indyebath. (See Test Color below). If the fabric you are workingwith (a) has an existing color and (b) is cotton, linen, wool,ramie, rayon, some silks or blends containing these fabrics, youcan remove or reduce its color prior to dyeing with Rit ColorRemover. Unfortunately, Rit Color Remover will most likely notwork on synthetic fabrics.T ips f or D yeing — 3Tip: The sink or bucket and stovetop methods are thebest for mixing colors, letting you easily tweak dyeamounts to get just the right color.Powder or Liquid DyeAll of our formulas are listed with liquid dye measurements.If you are using powder dye, refer to our conversion chart onpage 5.Amount of Dye and WaterAll of our formulas are based on dyeing one pound of fabricwith three gallons of water. Our guidance on how to scale ourformulas is on page 6.COLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

Tips for DyeingTest ColorWe strongly recommend testing the color of your dyebathbefore dyeing. If you are using Rit All-Purpose Dye, the most realistic testwould be to use a scrap piece of fabric from the garmentyou are dyeing. However, you can also test color by dippinga paper towel into the dyebath.If you are using Rit DyeMore Synthetic Fiber Dye, werecommend first heating up the dyebath on your stoveto almost boiling. The most realistic test would be to usea scrap piece of fabric from the garment you are dyeingand leave it in the dyebath for 5 minutes. If a scrap pieceof fabric isn’t available, then use a fabric swatch thathas a similar fiber makeup as the garment (if available).Unfortunately, using a paper towel to test color will not giveyou a close representation of how the color will appearon your synthetic fabric. It is worth a try if you do not havea swatch available, but please keep in mind that it won’tprovide you with an exact match for color.fabric being dyed. If the color is too dark, add hot water in 1 to2 cup increments, depending upon the size of the dyebath andthe amount of fabric being dyed.Enhance Color and Reduce BleedingWe strongly recommend using Rit ColorStay Dye Fixativeimmediately after dyeing to reduce bleeding and enhance thecolor of your dye project. Works on cotton, linen, rayon, ramieand blends containing these fabrics.If the color is too light, add more dye; if the color is too dark,add more water. If more dye is needed, add dye in incrementsof 1/4 to 1 teaspoon, depending upon the recipe or amount ofT ips f or D yeing — 4COLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

Powder to Liquid ConversionAll of our formulas are listed with liquid dye measurements.If you are using powder dye, use this conversion chartto convert the liquid measurements in our formulas topowder ones.LiquidPowder4 Bottles8 packages3 Bottles6 packages2 Bottles4 packages1 Bottle2 packages1/2 cup1 package6 tablespoons1 1/2 Tablespoons1/4 cup (4 tablespoons)1 Tablespoons2 tablespoon (6 teaspoons)1 1/2 teaspoons5 teaspoons1 1/4 teaspoon4 teaspoons1 teaspoon1 Tablespoon (3 teaspoons)3/4 teaspoon2 teaspoons1/2 teaspoon1 teaspoon1/4 teaspoon1/2 teaspoon1/8 teaspoon1/4 teaspoon1/16 teaspoon1/8 teaspoon1/32 teaspoon1/16 teaspoon1/64 teaspoon1/32 teaspoon1/128 teaspoon1/64 teaspoon1/256 teaspoonP o w der to L i q uid C onversion — 5COLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

Scaling a FormulaChoose Your DyebathUse the below chart to determine which dyebath sizeyou need for your project.Small:Medium:Large:SocksShoesScarf2-4 JeansThrowTightsNapkinsPillow Cover2-4 Pants2-4 TowelsButtons & RibbonsJeansSweater3-6 TopsCurtainsSkein of YarnPantsTowel3-6 ShirtsSheetGlovesTopUndergarments3-6 Shorts1-2 Cushion CoversHeadbandsSkirtCushion Cover2-3 DressesTable ClothJewelryShortsRopeJacketDressTable Runner2-3 SweatersConversion ChartsThe formulas on this guide are for a 3 gallon dyebath.Use this chart to scale a formula up or down.General ConversionsFor Fractions Less Than 1/4 TeaspoonAmount of Water in DyebathMake a solution containing 2 cups hot water with 1 teaspoonsdye. From that solution add the amount on the right to thedyebath. Sometimes converting a recipe can result in small4 Cups or Quart3 Gallon6 Gallon or Washer8t2 bottles4 bottles4t1 bottle2 bottlesMeasurement NeededSolutions Amount2t1/2 cup1 bottle1/8 t1/4 Cup1t1/4 cup1/2 cup1/16 t2 Tablespoons1/2 t2T1/4 cup1/32 t1 Tablespoon1/4 t1T2T1/64 t1 1/2 teaspoon1/8 t1 1/2 t1T1/128 t3/4 teaspoon1/16 t3/4 t1 1/2 t1/256 t1/2 teaspoon1/32 t1/2 t3/4 t1/512 t1/4 teaspoon1/64 t1/4 t1/4 tt teaspoonS caling a Formula — 6fractions. Follow the chart below when needing to measure anamount below ¼ teaspoon.T TablespoonCOLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

All-Purpose DyesBlue FormulasDella Robbia Blue2 tbs Royal BlueBaleine Blue1/2 Cup Royal Blue6 tbs Aquamarine1/4 Cup Evening BlueMaui1 tbs Evening Blue1 1/2 tsp TealStratosphere1 1/2 tsp Evening Blue3/4 tsp TealVivid Blue3/4 Cup Aquamarine1 tbs Evening Blue1 1/2 tsp HyacinthInfinity1/4 Cup Denim Blue1 tbs HyacinthTrue Navy1/2 Cup Denim Blue1 tbs HyacinthNebulas Blue1/2 Cup Aquamarine6 tbs Royal Blue1 tbs HyacinthSargasso Sea3/4 Cup Denim Blue3 tbs Navy Blue2 tbs BlackLittle Boy Blue3 tbs Aquamarine1 tbs Royal BlueSailor Blue3/4 Cup Denim Blue1/4 Cup Emerald GreenIsland Paradise1/4 Cup Aquamarine1/4 tsp Lemon YellowNiagara1/4 Cup Evening Blue2 tbs TealLapis Blue14 tbs Royal Blue10 tbs AquamarineMarina1/2 Cup Aquamarine1 tbs Hyacinth1 tbs Royal BluePeriwinkle1/4 Cup Royal Blue2 tbs Hyacinth1 tbs Charcoal GreyCountry Blue6 tbs Teal1/4 Cup Pearl Gret3 tbs Royal BlueSlate1 Bottle Teal1/2 cup Navy BlueSerenity1 1/2 tsp Royal Blue3/4 tsp HyacinthRiver-side1/4 Cup Denim Blue1/4 Cup Evening BlueAiry Blue1 tbs Evening Blue1 1/2 tsp AquamarineAquamarine1 tbs Aquamarine1 1/2 tsp Evening Blue1 1/2 tsp Pearl GreyDusk Blue2 tbs Evening Blue1 tbs Pearl Grey1 1/2 tsp AquamarineClassic Blue1 1/4 Cup Royal Blue1/4 Cup AquamarineReflecting Pond1 3/4 Cup Teal1 3/4 Cup Evening Blue10 tbs BlackPlacid Blue1 tbs Royal BlueRoyal Blue14 tbs Hyacinth6 tbs Royal BlueBright Cobalt3/4 Cup Royal Blue3/4 Cup Aquamarine1/4 Cup Evening BlueMonaco Blue3/4 Cup Royal Blue6 tbs Aquamarine2 tbs Navy BlueMykonos Blue1 1/2 cups Evening Blue3/4 Cup Aquamarine6 tbs TealBlue — 7COLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

All-Purpose DyesBlue FormulasSodalite Blue1 1/2 Cups Royal Blue3/4 Cup Hyacinth1/4 Cup AquamarineOlympian Blue1 Bottle Royal Blue1/2 Cup Aquamarine2 tbs HyacinthRegatta1/2 Cup Aquamarine5 tbs Royal BlueBlue Curacao1 1/2 cups Aquamarine1 tbs TealMarine Blue2 tbs Royal Blue1 tbs Evening BlueBlue Turquoise6 tbs Aquamarine1 tbs Royal BluePeacock Blue2 tbs Evening Blue2 tbs Royal BlueTeal Blue1/2 Cup Aquamarine2 tbs Royal BlueDark Denim1/2 Cup Denim Blue2 tbs Hyacinth2 tbs Royal BlueMisty Lavender1/4 Cup Hyacinth2 tbs Pearl GreyBright Navy1 1/4 Cups Royal Blue1/4 Cup Aquamarine2 tbs HyacinthDenim3/4 Cup Evening Blue2 tbs Navy BlueLight Blue1 tbs Royal Blue1/2 tsp Petal PinkBlack Blue1 Bottle Denim Blue1/4 Cup BlackPurple Blue1 Bottle Denim Blue1/4 Cup Navy BluePurple Impression1 1/2 tsp Denim Blue1 1/2 tsp PurpleBlue Bell1 tbs Aquamarine1 tbs Royal BlueNiagara1/2 Cup Evening Blue1/4 Cup TealMilky Blue1 tbs Evening Blue1 1/2 tsp TealHeritage Blue2 tbs Evening Blue1 tbs Aquamarine1 1/2 tsp Pearl GreyBlue Yonder6 tbs Royal Blue2 tbs Aquamarine1 tbs HyacinthFaded Denim1 tbs Charcoal Gray1 tbs Royal BlueSpectrum Blue3/4 Cup Hyacinth1/2 Cup Royal BlueEstate Blue1 Bottle Evening Blue1 Bottle Navy BlueDeep Cobalt1 Bottle Hyacinth1/2 Cup Aquamarine1/2 Cup Navy BlueArtic Ice2 tbs Pearl Grey1 tbs HyacinthForever Blue1 tbs Denim Blue1 tbs Pearl GreyInsignia Blue1 1/2 cups Evening Blue1 Bottle Navy Blue1 Bottle Denim BlueBlue Steel1/2 Cup Denim Blue1/4 Cup Emerald GreenStar Sapphire3/4 Cup Royal Blue3/4 Cup AquamarineBlue — 8COLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

All-Purpose DyesBlue FormulasVallarta Blue1 Bottle Evening Blue1 Bottle AquamarineSeaport2 Bottles Evening Blue1 Bottle Aquamarine1/2 Cup TealProvence1/2 Cup Aquamarine2 tbs Hyacinth1 tbs Evening BlueSky Blue1 tbs Aquamarine1 1/2 tsp Evening BluePowder Blue1 tbs Evening Blue1 1/2 tsp Aquamarine1 1/2 tsp Denim BlueCool Blue1 1/2 tsp Aquamarine1 1/2 tespoons EveningBlue3/4 tsp Pearl GreyNavy Peony1 Bottle Evening Blue1/2 cup Navy BlueDeep Ocean Blue1 Bottle Evening Blue1/2 cup Navy BluePagoda Blue3 tbs Teal2 tbs Evening BlueScuba Blue3/4 cup Aquamarine1 tbs TealBiscay Bay1 1/4 Cup Teal1/2 Cup Evening BlueSaxony Blue1 Bottle Evening Blue10 tbs Teal1/2 Cup AquamarineBlue Topaz1 Bottle Aquamarine3/4 tsp Royal BlueAdriatic Blue1/2 Cup Evening Blue1/4 Cup Kelly GreenDeep Water1 1/2 Cups Evening Blue1 Bottle Aquamarine6 tbs TealIndian Teal1 1/2 Cups Evening Blue1 1/2 Cups Teal1/2 Cup BlackBlue Heaven1/2 Cup Evening Blue1/4 Cup Teal1 1/2 tsp BlackBlue Sapphire2 Bottles Evening Blue1 Bottle Aquamarine1 Bottle TealBlue — 9COLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

All-Purpose DyesBrown FormulasTofu1/2 tsp Camel1/4 tsp Dark GreenAlmond Buff2 Tbs Tan1 Tbs Taupe1 Tbs Lemon YellowMeerkat3/4 Cup Camel2 Tbs Cocoa Brown1 Tbs TangerineEmperador1 Bottle Dark Brown2 Tbs BlackWarm Sand3 Tbs Taupe1/4 tsp Sunshine OrangeCoconut Milk1/2 tsp TanHazelnut3 Tbs Tan1 1/2 tsp Golden Yellow1/4 tsp Petal PinkTawny Port1 1/4 cup Dark Brown3/4 cup WineButter Rum1/2 cup Camel1 Tbs TangerineCaramel3/4 Cup Golden Yellow5 Tbs Cocoa BrownWarm Taupe1/2 cup Taupe1/2 tsp Cocoa BrownToasted Almond1/2 cup Tan1 1/2 tsp Petal PinkSandstone1/2 cup Camel2 Tbs TangerineRustic Brown3/4 cup Dark Brown3/4 cup Cocoa Brown1 Tbs BlackTortoise Shell1 Bottle Cocoa Brown3/4 Cup Dark Brown1/4 Cup BlackAmber Brown6 Tbs Tangerine6 Tbs Dark BrownCappuccino1 1/4 cups Dark Brown2 Tbs BlackCoconut Shell3/4 cup Dark Brown1/2 cup Cocoa Brown1 Tbs BlackSand1/2 Cup Tan1 Tbs Lemon YellowCognac3/4 Cup Dark Brown1 Tbs BlackCarafe3/4 Cup Kelly Green1/2 Cup Black1/2 Cup Dark BrownStarfish1/2 Cup Taupe2 Tbs Tan1 1/2 tsp Lemon YellowFrench Roast3/4 cup Dark Brown3/4 cup BlackRusset3/4 Cup Dark Brown3/4 Cup Cocoa BrownNougat10 Tbs Taupe1 Tbs Lemon YellowBeige3 Tbs Tan1 Tbs Golden YellowChestnut Brown1/4 Cup Dark Brown2 Tbs Apple GreenSpice Brown3/4 Cup Dark Brown1/2 Cup Cocoa Brown1/4 Cup BlackPorcini1/4 Cup Camel1 Tbs TanFenugreek1/2 Cup Camel1 1/2 tsp SunshineOrangeBrown — 10COLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

All-Purpose DyesBrown FormulasMink1 1/4 Cup Dark Brown1 Tbs BlackRoot Beer1 Bottle Dark Brown1 Tbs BlackMustang3/4 Cup Dark Brown2 Tbs BlackMocha Bisque3/4 Cup Dark Brown1/4 Cup Cocoa BrownTuscany1/2 Cup Camel2 Tbs Petal PinkAmberlight1/4 Cup Camel1 Tbs TangerineRoebuck1/2 Cup Taupe3/4 tsp Cocoa BrownSheepskin2 Tbs Camel1 Tbs Sunshine OrangeFriar Brown3/4 Cup Dark Brown1/2 Cup Camel1/2 Cup TanCarob Brown1/2 Cup Dark Brown1/2 Cup Camel1/2 Cup TanBittersweet Brown1/2 Cup Camel1 1/2 tsp SunshineOrange1 1/2 tsp Golden YellowPortabella3/4 Cup Taupe6 Tbs Pearl GreyTaos Taupe1/2 Cup Taupe1/4 Cup Lemon YellowSesame1/2 Cup Taupe1 Tbs Tan1 1/2 tsp Lemon YellowCaribou1/2 Cup Dark Brown1/2 Cup Dark GreenOak Buff1/4 Cup Camel1/4 Cup Tan1 Tbs Sunshine OrangeHoney Gold6 Tbs Golden Yellow2 Tbs Camel1 Tbs Sunshine OrangeBombay Brown1 Bottle Tangerine1/2 Cup Dark BrownDoe1/2 Cup Camel1 Tbs Sunshine OrangeBrandied Melon1/2 Cup Tan1/2 Cup Petal Pink2 Tbs Lemon YellowClay1/2 Cup Golden Yellow1 Tbs Cocoa BrownMarsala1/2 cup Cherry Red1/2 cup Dark BrownRust1/2 Cup Cocoa Brown1/4 Cup Scarlet1/4 Cup Pearl GreyCafé Cream1/4 Cup Tan1 Tbs Cocoa BrownApple Butter3/4 Cup Dark Brown1/2 Cup Cherry RedRusset Brown1 Bottle Dark Brown1/4 Cup Cherry RedHot Sauce1 Bottle Cocoa Brown1/2 Cup ScarletBrick Dust1/4 Cup Cocoa Brown1/4 Cup Scarlet1/4 Cup CamelRumba Red1 1/8 Cup Dark Brown3/4 Cup WineCaberret1 1/2 Cups Dark Brown1 Bottle WineBrown — 11COLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

All-Purpose DyesBrown FormulasCopper Brown3/4 Cup Cocoa Brown1/2 Cup Dark BrownBrown — 12COLORIT FORMULA GUIDE

All-Purpose DyesGreen FormulasMorning Mist1 Tbs Pearl Grey1 1/2 tsp Kelly GreenIcy Morn1 1/2 tsp Pearl Grey3/4 tsp TealOil Green1/4 Cup Lemon Yellow1 Tbs Navy Blue1 Tbs Charcoal GreyBlue Haze1 Tbs Dark Green1 Tbs Charcoal Grey1 Tbs TealWasabi2 Tbs Teal1 Tbs Charcoal GreyJade Cream1/2 Cup Kelly Green1 Tbs TanPosy Green1 Bottle Dark Green1/4 Cup TaupeLeprechaun1 Bottle Dark Green1/2 Cup Emerald Green1/4 Cup Apple GreenShamrock1 Bottle Neon Green1/2 Cup TealIrish Green2 bottles Aquamarine3/4 Cup Lemon YellowFoliage Green1 Bottle Dark Green1/4 Cup Emerald Green1/4 Cup Apple GreenGreenbriar1 Bottle Kelly Green1 Bottle Aquamarine6 Tbs Lemon YellowQuetzal Green2 bottles Teal1/2 Cup Aquamarine1/2 Cup