Color LaserJet CP5225 Series PrinterUser

HP Color LaserJet CP5225 Series PrinterUser Guide

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Table of contents1 Product basics . 1Product comparison . 2Environmental features . 3Product features . 4Product views . 5Front and side view . 5Back view . 6Model and serial numbers . 62 Control panel . 7Control-panel layout . 8Control-panel menus . 9Use the menus . 9Reports menu . 9System Setup menu . 11Service menu . 14Network Configuration menu . 153 Software for Windows . 17Supported operating systems for Windows . 18Supported printer drivers for Windows . 18HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) . 18Priority for print settings . 19Change printer-driver settings for Windows . 19Install the Windows software . 20Software installation types for Windows . 20Remove software for Windows . 20Supported utilities . 21HP Web Jetadmin . 21Embedded Web server . 21HP ToolboxFX . 22ENWWiii

Other Windows components and utilities . 224 Use the product with Macintosh . 23Software for Macintosh . 24Supported operating systems for Macintosh . 24Supported printer drivers for Macintosh . 24Remove software from Macintosh operating systems . 24Priority for print settings for Macintosh . 24Change printer-driver settings for Macintosh . 25Supported utilities for Macintosh . 25View embedded Web server using a Macintosh . 25Use features in the Macintosh printer driver . 26Create and use printing presets in Macintosh . 26Resize documents or print on a custom paper size . 26Print a cover page . 26Use watermarks . 27Print multiple pages on one sheet of paper in Macintosh . 27Print on both sides of the page (duplex printing) . 27Set the color options . 28Use the Services menu . 285 Connectivity . 29Supported network operating systems . 30Printer sharing disclaimer . 30USB connection . 31Supported network protocols . 31Configure the product on the network . 33Set up the product on the network . 33View settings . 33Network summary report . 33Configuration page . 33TCP/IP . 34IP address . 34Configure IP parameters . 34Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) . 34BOOTP . 34Subnets . 34Subnet mask . 35Gateways . 35Default gateway . 35IP address . 35ivENWW

Manual configuration . 35Automatic configuration . 35Show or hide the IP address on the control panel . 36Set automatic crossover . 36Set network services . 36Set the link speed . 36Restore defaults (network settings) . 376 Paper and print media . 39Understand paper and print media use . 40Supported paper and print media sizes . 41Supported paper types and tray capacity . 43Supported paper sizes for duplex printing . 44Special paper or print media guidelines . 45Load trays . 467 Print tasks . 49Cancel a print job . 50Cancel the current print job at the product control panel . 50Cancel the current print job from the software program . 50Use features in the Windows printer driver . 51Open the printer driver . 51Use printing shortcuts . 51Set paper and quality options .