How the Wish List works1. C hoose your ornaments Note which ornaments you want in theDream Book. Find them on the Wish Listand mark how many of each you want. LIMITED-QUANTITY ornaments arelimited to one per customer. CLUB-EXCLUSIVE ornaments areavailable only to Keepsake OrnamentClub members and are limited to oneper member. For more about the club,see page 69 of the Dream Book Turn in your Wish List Visit or bringyour paper Wish List, with your contactinformation on back, to your localHallmark Gold Crown store. If you needto change your Wish List, simply contactyour local store.3. Pick up your ornaments Your Hallmark Gold Crown store willhave your ornaments bagged andready for you on each availability date.Most availability dates coincide withKeepsake Ornament release events:Buy more ornaments,get more rewards!KEEPSAKE ORNAMENT PREMIEREJULY 10–18510151,500 PTS4,500 PTS7,500 PTSORNAMENTS PURCHASED 5CROWN REWARDSMEMBERSKEEPSAKE ORNAMENTCLUB MEMBERS 1520 25JOIN THE CLUBTO GET MORE!FUTURE REWARDSFUTURE REWARDSFUTURE REWARDS3,000 PTS6,000 PTS9,000 PTS13,500 PTSFUTURE REWARDSFUTURE REWARDSFUTURE REWARDSFUTURE REWARDS 10 20 30 45KEEPSAKE ORNAMENT DEBUTOCTOBER 2–10BONUS POINT BOOSTS10/2/21 Ornament Debut12/1/21 Trim the Tree Event lthough it’s not a guarantee, the WishAList is your best chance at getting all theornaments you want. Not all ornaments areavailable in all stores.PAGES 6–7Get 100 Bonus Points for every Keepsake Ornament you buythroughout the event. Plus, get a Bonus Point Boost when youpurchase 5, 10, 15 or 20 ornaments!BONUS POINT BOOSTS7/10/21 Ornament PremiereGet 100 Bonus Points for every Keepsake Ornament you buythroughout the event. Plus, get a Bonus Point Boost when youpurchase 5, 10 or 15 ornaments!CROWN REWARDSMEMBERSKEEPSAKE ORNAMENTCLUB MEMBERS510151,500 PTS3,000 PTS4,500 PTSFUTURE REWARDSFUTURE REWARDSFUTURE REWARDS3,000 PTS4,500 PTSFUTURE REWARDSFUTURE REWARDS 5 10 10 15Details on last page.SKUAVAIL 24.99QK135210/2/21B. Sprightly Santa 49.99QK208510/2/21C. A Beautiful Year 19.99QGO2085 7/10/21D. CLUB EXCLUSIVESanta’s Sleigh 29.99QXC5562E. Cozy Birch Snowman 15.99QGO2092 10/2/21F. LIMITED QUANTITYAustriaSantas From Aroundthe World 17.99QXE32657/10/21G. Santa Claus 24.99QXT411512/1/21H. ChristmasCommemorative9th in the series 21.99QXR903510/2/21I. A ngelic Candlelight 24.99QGO215510/2/21J. Stunning Snowflake 29.99QK205210/2/21K. Vintage Snowman 34.99QK207210/2/21L. Snow Angel 12.99QGO167210/2/21M. H eirloom Angels6th in the series 16.99QXR90127/10/21N. 2021 SnowflakePAGES 8–9ORNAMENTS PURCHASEDPRICEA. Pull-String Moose 17.99PRICEQGO1662SKU10/2/217/10/21AVAILA. Deck theGingerbread House 149.99QFM336510/2/21B. All Aboard! 34.99QXT410512/1/21C. Tangled Up inChristmas 19.99QGO215210/2/216,000 PTSD. Holiday Lighthouse10th in the series 24.99QXR90527/10/21FUTURE REWARDSE. Soft Serve Surprise 24.99QGO21627/10/21F. N orth Pole Village 59.99QGO21857/10/21G. Playful Penguins 39.99QGO223210/2/21H. R ock Candy Express4th in the ChristmasCarnival series 49.99QXR9062 10/2/21 15 20QTYQTY1

PAGES 10–11PRICESKUAVAILA. Sweet Santa 15.99QGO2405 10/2/21B. Merry Chris-Moose 15.99QXT410212/1/21C. Nothing “Butter” 15.99QGO16557/10/21D. The Perfect Pairing 15.99QGO22257/10/21E. Spinning Santa 19.99QGO21327/10/21F. Elegant Zebra 29.99QK204210/2/21G. Holiday Happiness 29.99QXT411212/1/21H. E lf on IceThe Elf on the Shelf 17.99QXI722210/2/21I. I Want aHippopotamus forChristmas 19.99PAGES 12–13PRICEQGO2142SKU7/10/21AVAILA. Gnome for Christmas1st in the series 19.99QXR9065 10/2/21B. Here Comes DolphinClaus 19.99QGO2295 10/2/21C. Ooh Holey Night 15.99QGO2282D. Crappy Christmas! 19.99QGO2302 10/2/21E. Just Believe 19.99QGO23127/10/21F. D isco Inferno 19.99QGO21357/10/21G. Getting Too Old ForThis 19.99QGO2322H. T he Twelve Beers ofChristmas 17.99I. C ookie DoeJ. Sexy and I Know ItK. L IMITED QUANTITYRebel ReindeerPAGES 14–15A. Disney Sally The NightmareBefore ChristmasCollectionQTYQTY7/10/21PAGES 16–17PRICESKUAVAILA. Clark’s CrazyChristmasNational Lampoon’sChristmas Vacation 159.99QFM335210/2/21B. The Best-LookingHouse in TownNational Lampoon’sChristmas Vacation 19.99QXI70857/10/21C. A Gift fromAunt BethanyNational Lampoon’sChristmas Vacation 19.99D. Brotherly LoveA Christmas Story 19.99QXI7092E. The Leg LampA Christmas Story 29.99F. B uddy the Elf ElfQTYPAGES 20–21 (CONT)QGO16657/10/21 16.99QXR91527/10/21E. Cozy New Pajamas14th in the MakingMemories series 16.99QXR91757/10/21F. N orth Pole TreeTrimmers9th in the series 16.99QXR91857/10/21G. Frosty Friends42nd in the series 16.99QXR91427/10/217/10/21H. Handcar High Jinks 19.99QGO21257/10/21QK13257/10/21I. B oston Terrier31st in thePuppy Love series 13.99QXR9002 7/10/21 19.99QXI709510/2/21QXR92657/10/21 79.99QFM33757/10/21J. Mischievous Kittens23rd in the series 13.99G. Noble NutcrackerH. R ocking HorseMemories2nd in the seriesQXR92127/10/21QXR92027/10/21K. Stocking Stuffers1st in the series 19.99 17.99I. A Pony for Christmas24th in the series 16.99QXR91557/10/21L. C LUB EXCLUSIVEChristmas Window202119th in the series 19.99QXC56127/10/21M. K eepsake KornersCoffee Shop38th in the NostalgicHouses and Shopsseries 21.99QXR92157/10/21N. Jolly and JoyfulWendy26th in the MadameAlexander series 17.99QXR91457/10/21 17.99QXC553510/2/21 17.99QGO210210/2/21PRICEQXI7052SKU7/10/21AVAILQTY 19.99QXE32457/10/21QGO229210/2/21B. Black FatherChristmas 24.99QSM78527/10/21 15.99QGO22757/10/21 24.99QXR92257/10/21 19.99QGO2305 10/2/21C. White FatherChristmas18th in the seriesQXE3285D. Ring in the Season7th in the series 25.99QK13827/10/21O. C LUB EXCLUSIVEWaltz of the Flowers3rd in the NutcrackerSweet seriesE. Eleven Pipers Piping11th in the TwelveDays of Christmasseries 13.99QXR91257/10/21P. Nifty Fifties KeepsakeOrnaments 34.99B. Disney Oogie BoogieThe NightmareBefore ChristmasCollection 34.99C. Disney Santa ClausThe NightmareBefore ChristmasCollection 34.99SKUQXD6601AVAIL7/10/21QXD6405 10/2/21QXD6604 7/10/21QTYQTY 18.9910/2/21PRICEMOSD. Snow Buddies24th in the seriesPAGES 18–1910/2/21SKUC. Baking BuddiesA. L IMITED QUANTITYFather Christmas’sReindeer 15.99PRICEPAGES 22–23F. W hittaker Q.Snowden17th in the SnowtopLodge series 21.99G. Toymaker Santa22nd in the series 16.99H. D uke of WinterNoble NutcrackersSpecial EditionPRICESKUAVAIL7/10/21A. Decorative CardinalLight String 39.99QSB62157/10/21 16.99QXR91721/19/21QXR91057/10/21B. Evening Grosbeak17th in The Beautyof Birds series 24.99QXT412212/1/21C. L IMITED QUANTITYLady EveningGrosbeakThe Beauty of Birds 17.99QXE32257/10/21I. D uke of Winter3rd in the NobleNutcrackers series 24.99QXR9042 10/2/21D. Christmas Cardinals8th in the Marjolein’sGarden series 18.99QXR92057/10/21J. Season’s Treatings13th in the series 13.99QXR91157/10/21E. Cozy Critters5th in the series 13.99QXR91327/10/21K. SeasonalSmorgasbordSeason’s Treatings 39.99QGO18617/10/21F. Cordial Cardinal 29.99QK203510/2/21G. Fanciful Fairy 29.99QK203210/2/21H. F reesia Fairy17th in the FairyMessengers series 13.99QXR91121/19/21I. Fancy Flamingo 17.99QGO23927/10/21J. Brilliant Butterflies5th in the series 16.99QXR91921/19/21QXR9222D. DisneyJack SkellingtonThe NightmareBefore ChristmasCollection 34.99E. Disney Lock, Shock,and BarrelThe Nightmare BeforeChristmas Collection 34.99F. B edtime StoriesDisney Tim Burton’sThe Nightmare BeforeChristmas 24.99QXD656210/2/21L. LIMITED QUANTITYTen Sweet YearsCookie Cutter MouseSpecial Edition 17.99QXE32827/10/21G. Sledding FriendsRudolph the RedNosed Reindeer 24.99QXI717210/2/21M. C ookie CutterChristmas10th in the series 16.99QXR91827/10/21N. Star-TippedSweetness12th in the ChristmasCupcakes seriesK. Peace Dove 29.99QK205510/2/21 13.99QXR91227/10/21L. Beautiful Bird 34.99QK206510/2/21O. L IMITED QUANTITYSweet Reindeer TreatChristmas Cupcakes 17.99QXC55557/10/21 14.99QXE32227/10/21M. C LUB EXCLUSIVECaptivatingCockatooP. Sweet Decade2nd in the series 13.99QXR91357/10/21H. Y ou’re a Mean One,Mr. GrinchDr. Seuss’s Howthe Grinch StoleChristmas! 24.99I. A Holiday BouquetFrosty the Snowman 17.99J. Snow Miser andHeat MiserThe Year Without aSanta Claus 19.99K. Santa’s Sleigh BellThe Polar Express 17.99QXD65947/10/21QXD6402 AGES 20–21QXI70457/10/21A. Holiday Parade3rd in the seriesB. Jingle Bell Pals21st in the Snowballand Tuxedo seriesPAGES 24–25PRICE 16.99 KUAVAILA. New Home 17.99QHX40251/19/21B. We Choose Love 19.99QHX40721/19/21C. Love Is Love 17.99QHX40521/19/21D. We Do 19.99QHX40751/19/21E. LLove You Llots 15.99QGO211210/2/21QTYQTY2

PAGES 24–25 (CONT)PRICESTOCK #MOSPAGES 30–31 (CONT)PRICESTOCK #F. Carry My Love 17.99QHX40151/19/21G. Oh Happy Day 19.99QSM786210/2/21G. Our First Christmas 19.99QGO21157/10/21H. God’s Love Is There 15.99QHX40821/19/21H. O ur First ChristmasTogether 15.99QGO21057/10/21I. The Next Chapter 17.99QHX40421/19/21I. We’re Engaged! 17.99QHX40451/19/21J. Strength Is Beautiful*Susan G. Komen 19.99QXI71657/10/21K. Cancer Survivor’sBellMayo Clinic 19.99QHX41021/19/21L. RememberedWith Love 17.99QHX40221/19/21M. P lay-Doh PenguinHasbro 15.99QXI71857/10/21N. The Very HungryCaterpillar 16.99QXI720510/2/21O. Colorful Toy SoldierCrayola 17.99QXI7232P. Backpack ofMemories 15.99Q. Oh, the PlacesYou’ll Go!Dr. Seuss’s Oh, thePlaces You’ll Go! J. Our ChristmasTogetherK. Always & ForeverPAGES 26–27 19.99 17.99PRICEQGO2122QHX4032SKU7/10/211/19/21AVAILA. Dream Come True 19.99QHX40651/19/21B. Baby Girl’s FirstChristmas 15.99QGO22127/10/21C. Baby Boy’s FirstChristmas 15.99D. Baby’s FirstChristmas 24.99E. Baby’s FirstChristmas 15.99F. B aby’s FirstChristmasDisney Winniethe Pooh 19.99G. Wizard in TrainingHarry Potter 0/217/10/21 15.99QGO219510/2/21I. My First Christmas 15.99QGO22227/10/21K. Born to Stand OutBaby’s 1st ChristmasPAGES 28–29 19.99 17.99PRICEQTYQGO2205 7/10/21H. Baby Makes ThreeJ. Grandbaby’s FirstChristmasQTYQGO2202QGO2215SKU7/10/21AVAILA. Daughter 13.99QGO2012B. Mom 13.99QGO2002 7/10/21C. Dad 13.99QGO2005 7/10/21D. Son 13.99QGO2015E. Our Family - 2021 15.99QGO2055 7/10/21F. Love You, Mom 17.99QHX4035G. Mom & Daughter 15.99QGO2045 7/10/21QTY7/10/217/10/211/19/21H. Dad & Son 15.99QGO2052 7/10/21I. Sisters and Friends 15.99QGO2042 7/10/21QTYPAGES 32–33 (CONT)PRICESTOCK #T. M erry to the MaxAnimaniacs 17.99QXI702510/2/21U. T he Night BeforeChristmasTom and Jerry 17.99QXI70657/10/21V. Bugs Bunny andBaby Finster Baby Buggy Bugs –Looney Tunes 17.99QXI70327/10/21PAGES 34–35PRICESKUMOSAVAILA. Black & WhiteForever Barbie Ornament 49.99QK13757/10/21B. Beautiful BallerinaBarbie Ornament 15.99QXI738210/2/217/10/21C. Shoe-sational!Barbie OrnamentSpecial Edition 29.99QK13727/10/21QGO22657/10/21D. Malibu Barbie Ornament 17.99QXI73927/10/21 16.99QXI72127/10/21E. Mermaid Barbie Ornament 17.99QXI73857/10/21R. Congrats, Grad! 19.99QHX40621/19/21F. Black Holiday Barbie Ornament7th in the series 19.99QXR928210/2/21S. Soccer Star 13.99QGO22357/10/21T. Basketball Star 13.99QGO22457/10/21G. White HolidayBarbie Ornament7th in the series 19.99QXR927510/2/21U. Football Star 13.99QGO22527/10/21V. Baseball Star 13.99QGO22427/10/21H. D reams Go RoundCarouselDisney Princess 119.99QFM33557/10/21I. D isney Aurora2nd in the DisneyPrincess Celebrationseries 29.99QK13057/10/21J. Disney Book LoverBelleBeauty and the Beast 17.99QXD65127/10/21K. Fit For A PrincessOrnament SetDisney Princess 19.99QSB613210/2/21PAGES 32–3310/2/21MOSPRICESKUAVAILA. Fantastic Unicorn 17.99QGO226210/2/21B. Dream HorseBuckskin 17.99QGO225510/2/21C. Vintage Fire EngineFisher-Price 19.99QXI72627/10/21D. Bone ShakerHot Wheels 17.99QXI72457/10/21E. Battleship Hasbro 19.99QXI725210/2/21F. C rane and ClamTonka 75th Anniversary 17.99G. Super Soaker Hasbro 30th Anniversary 16.99QXI7202H. Twister 8th in the FamilyGame Night series 17.99QTYPAGES 36–37PRICESKUAVAILA. Disney Mickey MouseRadio 29.99QXD64327/10/21B. StorytellersDisney Mickey Mouse 17.99QXD64357/10/217/10/21C. A Futuristic Freewayto Fun!Disney Autopia 18.99QXD64227/10/21QXR92927/10/21D. Steamboat WillieDisney Mickey Mouse10th and Final inthe Mickey’s MovieMouseterpiecesseries 14.99QXR91027/10/21E. L IMITED QUANTITYIn the SwingDisney Mickey Mouse 15.99QXE327510/2/21QXI734210/2/21J. The SweetestGrandkids 15.99QGO2062 7/10/21K. Granddaughter 13.99QGO2022L. Grandson 13.99QGO2025 7/10/21I. PowderMy Little Pony 15.99QXI71927/10/21M. GreatGranddaughter 13.99QGO20327/10/21J. ShockwaveTransformers 17.99QXI73957/10/21N. Great-Grandson 13.99QGO20357/10/21 19.99QXI725510/2/21O. Godchild 17.99QGO2082 7/10/21K. Elmo’s Magic PianoSesame Street P. Santa’s Little Yelper 15.99QGO2072L. Cookie MonsterSesame Street 15.99QXI71957/10/21F. A Year of DisneyMagicDisney Mickey Mouse 15.99QXD64257/10/21Q. Santa’s Purr-fectHelper 15.99QGO2065 7/10/21M. A lways Very CuriousCurious George 16.99QXI721510/2/21G. Phoning A FriendDisney Minnie Mouse 15.99QXD64727/10/21N. Chase Is Onthe Case!PAW Patrol:The Movie 17.99QXI762210/2/21H. D isney PositivelyMinnie Mouse 29.99QK13027/10/21O. Snow BuddiesThomas the TankEngine I. D isney Mickey MouseOrnament Set 19.99QSB662110/2/21 17.99 19.99QXD655210/2/21P. Elf and TeddyLEGO Minifigure 16.99QXI72257/10/21J. High Flying FriendsDisney Mickey Mouseand Minnie MouseQ. Minion Elf 19.99QXI72427/10/21 19.99QXD65157/10/21R. P oppy and BranchDreamworks Animation TrollsA. Show YourselfDisney Frozen 2 19.99QXI72657/10/21B. Disney Queen AnnaFrozen 2 29.99QK13457/10/21S. Spruced Up ScoobScooby-Doo 17.99QXI70357/10/21R. Forever By My SidePAGES 30–31A. Saint Nicholas 19.99PRICE 10/21B. All Are Welcome 19.99QGO16927/10/21C. Angel of Innocence 19.99QSM78557/10/21D. Heirloom AngelsSurprise 17.99E. Harmony4th in the ChristmasAngels series 24.99F. Acac