A Guide for Filling Out the I-765Applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Read USCIS Instructions This is a general guide to help you complete Form I-765. It is yourresponsibility to ensure that your I-765 is completed correctly, fully (withsufficient supporting documents and required evidence) and is filed ina timely manner. Please read the Instructions for the Form I-765 at Following this guide does not guarantee approval of your OPT by USCIS

Form I-765 – Page 1We recommendtyping thisdocument. Youcan write anyadditionalinformation inBLACK ink, butwrite clearly andlegibly.Selectif this is your firsttime applying for OPTSelectif your OPT wasauthorized, but your EADcard was lost, stolen,damaged or needs to becorrected and is NOT dueto USCIS error.Selectif you haveapplied before for OPT

Form I-765 – Page 1Type your name exactly as it appears. If you do not have amiddle name, type N/A in the box.Type any other namesthat have been usedon any official recordsor documents(maiden names,nicknames, etc.).If you do not haveadditional names thathave been used onofficial documents,

Form I-765: Page 2“Your U.S. Mailing Address” is where your I-797receipt notice, approval notice and EAD card willbe sent. We recommend that you(see address below) to avoid documentsbeing sent to incorrect or old addresses.OISS32 Sayre Drive – Coxe HallBethlehemPA18015, check ‘NO’ in #6 and fill outyour current address in the U.S. in #7., check ‘YES’in #6 and leave all of the spaces in #7 blank.

Form I-765: Page 2– You will only have an A-Number if you werepreviously in immigration status such as H1B, H4, etc. Ifyou do not have an A-Number, leave this blank.– If you do not have a USCIS Online Account Number(most F-1 students do not), leave this field blank.– Indicate your Gender and Marital Status.– Click ‘YES’ if you have applied of OPT or an EADcard in the past.Click ‘YES’ if you have a Social Security Card andNumber. Click ‘NO’ if you do not.

Form I-765: Page 2– If you have a social security number (SSN),enter it here. If you do not have a SSN, leave it blank.– If you have a SSN, click ‘NO.” If you do nothave a SSN and you want one, click ‘YES.’– If you answered ‘NO’ to 14, answer ‘NO’ for 15.If you answered ‘YES’ for 14, answer ‘YES’ for 15.

Form I-765: Page 2, fill out this section., write N/A in each box.– List all of the countries where you are acitizen or national. If you are a citizen/national ofonly one country, in 18.b. write None.Use part 6 of this application of you are a citizen ornational of more than 2 countries.

Form I-765: Page 3– When completing this section, if thecountry’s name has changed or no longerexists, type the name of the country as it wasnamed when you were born.Any boxes that are not applicable, write N/A.Remember touse U.S. dateformatting!

Form I-765: Page 3– List the I-94 Number found on your I-94 (from most recent entry into the United States).You can print your current I-94 at– Fill in the blanks with the information from the passport you last used toenter the country, even if it is expired.– Write ‘None’ in this box if you listed your passport in 21.b.– Use the date from your most current I-94– Type the name of the Port of Entry city from your most recent entry into the U.S. Includethe City and State – Example “New York, New York”– Type your immigration status at the time of your last entry (Ex: F-1 Student, H-4, etc.)– Type F-1 Student here. *If you are not currently an F-1 Student, please see an OISS advisor.– Type your current SEVIS ID number, which can be found on the top left corner of your I-20

Form I-765: Page 3– For Post-Completion OPT type (c) (3) (B)For STEM OPT Extension type (c) (3) (C)– These shouldonly be completed if youare applying for STEM OPTExtension. Leave all ofthese questions blank ifyou are not applying forSTEM OPT.

Form I-765: Page 4because youcompleted this form on your own.and if one does notapply to you, write N/A in the box.

Form I-765: Page 4– Sign your name with a BLACK Pen. Donot sign this electronically. Your signaturemust be within the boundaries of the box.Rememberto use U.S.dateformatting!In– write None ineach box because you’vecompleted this form on your own.

Form I-765: Page 5(like pictured here) becauseyou completed this form on your own.N/A

Form I-765: Page 6(like pictured here)because you completed this formon your own.N/A

Form I-765: Page 7– Only complete these if you will write information in #3or 4 on this page. The information you enter must match the informationtyped on Page 1– Only complete this if you will write information in #3 or 4 on this page. ifyou have an A-Number, type it here. If you do not have one, leave it blank.– Fill in this section if you’ve had previous CPT or OPT authorizations. {Page# 3, Part # 2, Item Number 27}. In 3.d. you’ll write what type of authorization(CPT/OPT), the dates it was authorized, whether it was fulltime or part timeand the degree level it was authorized at (bachelor, master, PhD)– Fill in this section if you have an I-20s with different SEVIS numbers {Page#3, Part #2, Item Number 26}. In 4.d. you’ll write your previous I-20 SEVISnumbers***If you have no information to fill in on this page, write N/A in black ink atthe bottom of Page 7 (like you’ve done on Page 5 and 6)

Meet With Your OISS Adivsor Upload your completed Form I-765 to your OPT application in iHome Bring a ONE-SIDED printed copy of your completed I-765 to yourappointment with an OISS advisor