Eliminate FragmentAnalysis BottlenecksAgilent ZAG DNA Analyzer System


Eliminate Bottlenecks FromHigh-Throughput Fragment AnalysisDNA fragment analysis is a critical, though time-consuming, process in molecularbiology. In high-throughput labs, this step often creates bottlenecks which aremagnified by conventional analysis methods, such as agarose gel electrophoresis.The Agilent ZAG DNA Analyzer system is designed to alleviate fragment analysisbottlenecks by allowing labs to load up to 864 samples at once and separate morethan 4,608 samples per day.Using automated parallel capillary electrophoresis to separate 96-samplessimultaneously, the ZAG DNA Analyzer system offers high-throughput fragmentanalysis for a range of applications, including PCR amplicon analysis, genotyping,restriction digest analysis, and microsatellite/SSR analysis.ZAG DNA Analyzer System–– Designed for high-throughput fragment analysis–– Low sample cost for routine fragment analysis–– Separation resolution as good as 3 bp–– Multiple kits for varying size rangesand applications3

Take Advantage of the Benefits of AutomatedParallel Capillary ElectrophoresisA smooth workflow helps reduce user stress and increase efficiency. The ZAG DNA Analyzersystem offers many benefits to users of all types such as allowing researchers to avoid overrunning agarose gels and stacks of unorganized gel images.Easy set up and programming allows youto use your time efficiently.–– Unattended operation provides additionaltime for concentrating on other tasks–– Load up to nine, 96-well plates for analysis of864 samples without user intervention–– Single dilution of a sample simplifies runpreparation–– Complete electrophoretic separations in aslittle as 20 minutes for 96 samplesEasily adapt to changes in yourworkflow with flexible options.–– Maximize for speed or resolution by choosinga shorter or longer array–– Minimize wait times with the capability toprogram additional sample trays duringactive runs–– Separate more than 4,608 samples per day–– Intuitive software features allow for batchprocessing and automatic flagging of wellsmeeting defined criteria4

Fragment Analysis ApplicationsMany facilities now require high-throughput solutions for handling time sensitive analysis needsand large data sets. The ZAG DNA Analyzer system allows for identification of DNA fragmentsduring vector construction, clone selection, and synthetic biology applications.5

Choose Your Size RangeYou have the option to choose between four qualitative fragment assessment kits that havebeen optimized for various size ranges and applications. Separations that allow for fragmentresolution as good as 3 bp at or below 300 bp or for broad-range fragment analysis for sizingof fragments up to 20,000 bp are available. Additionally a kit is optimized for speed withelectrophoresis through 1,500 bp in only 20 minutes.LMUM202,20598,102315,319Figure 1. Separation of fragment mixes on the Agilent ZAG DNA Analyzer system with the Agilent ZAG 105 dsDNA kit (1-500 bp) usingthe short 33 cm array. Known sizes are 101/104 bp, 201/204 bp, and 306/310 bp with a 3, 3, and 4 bp difference, respectively. Overlayshows average sizes. LM lower marker; UM upper marker.1,000 bpLM298 bp301 bpUMLM996 bp9,609 bpUMFigure 2. Separation of 300, 1,000, and 10,000 bp DNA fragments withthe ZAG 130 dsDNA kit (75-20000 bp) using the short 33 cm array withthe observed sizes displayed. The ZAG 130 dsDNA kit (75-20000 bp).LM lower marker; UM upper marker.6Figure 3. Separation of 300 and 1,000 bp fragments with the ZAG135 dsDNA kit (1-1500 bp) on the short 33 cm array with observedfragment sizes shown. Increased running voltage allows for completeseparations in 20 minutes. LM lower marker; UM upper marker.

Features of the ZAG DNA Analyzer SystemThe ZAG DNA Analyzer system was designed to improve the efficiency of DNA fragmentanalysis while keeping researchers in mind. The key features of the instrument allow you toperform analysis unattended, helping you minimize time to results.96-Capillary arrayChoose between two lengths of96-capillary arrays optimized for fasterrun times or higher resolution.VersatilitySet up two different gels at the same timefor automated separation of different sizeranges.High sample capacityLoad up to nine, 96-well plates forunattended analysis of 864 samples.7

Key Features of the Capillary ArrayThe capillary array is the basis of the ZAG DNA Analyzer system. Once filled with gel, voltage isapplied to first inject, then move DNA samples through individual capillaries in a size-dependentmanner. Samples are detected by a sensitive Charged Couple Device (CCD) and translated to anelectropherogram for sizing and analysis by ProSize data analysis software.Suitable for high-salt PCR samplesEvery capillary is flushed with fresh separation gel between runs preventing salt buildup. This allows for PCR samplesto be separated without cleanup steps.Prioritize separation resolution or separation timeCapillary arrays are available in two different lengths to optimize speed or resolution. The shorter capillaries offerfaster separation times but reduce separation resolution, while the slower runs of the long capillaries offer improvedseparation resolution.Low maintenanceThe durable design and construction of the array allows the capillaries to be stored on the instrument. Automatedmaintenance tasks including cleaning and conditioning reduce the need for array handling.8

Simple Preparation, Intuitive OperationThe ZAG DNA Analyzer system saves time through simple preparation and intuitive operation.This allows researchers to complete fragment analysis in just five easy steps: prepare theinstrument, load your samples, select your method, start your run, and walk away until you areready to analyze the results.Step 2: Load SampleStep 3: Choose MethodLoad gel and conditioning solution,change inlet buffer, and empty wastedrawer/bottle.Load your runs with just a singledilution and 2 µL of sample per well.Select your method from thedropdown menu and enter any notesfor the run.Method summary X«Step 1: Prepare InstrumentStep 4: Start RunsStep 5: Analyze ResultsQueue up to 864 samples and walkaway.Process separation data withProSize data analysis software.9

Key Aspects of ProSize Data Analysis SoftwareProSize data analysis software is a robust, validated software package that simplifies theidentification of DNA fragments. Designed with researchers in mind, ProSize softwareautomatically displays the data in multiple formats and can identify wells meeting DNA fragmentflagging criteria. Researchers can also easily share data with coworkers with options to exportrun files in PDF and CSV formats.Digital gel imageData represented as an interactive digitalgel image with tools for basic adjustmentsElectropherogramData represented as an interactiveelectropherogram with tools forbasic adjustments10Individual parameterSet specific parameters to customizesample analysis, and flag wellsmeeting defined criteria

Support Services for the ZAG DNA Analyzer SystemGet peace of mind through comprehensive instrument and assay familiarizationAgilent offers an onsite startup service to familiarize you with the instrument and software, as well as an assay of your choice. Youcan also choose from additional service options to suit your lab's specific service-level needs.Additional Support ServicesA one-year standard warranty is includedwith all ZAG DNA Analyzer systems. Thismay be upgraded to CrossLab Silverlevel and extended to cover up to fiveyears total warranty time. This premiumservice includes travel, labor, parts, onsiterepair, and an annual system preventativemaintenance service.11

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