HOW TO UPLOAD DOCUMENTS TO CEACThese instructions are for immigrant visa applicants who are submitting financial and civil documents to the National VisaCenter (NVC) by uploading them to our online Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) at Allapplicants use CEAC to pay fees and submit the visa application form. However, only applicants who are applying for animmigrant visa based on a family relationship and who are interviewing in specific countries can currently use CEAC tosubmit documents to NVC. To find out if you qualify to use this tool, please visit ONE: MAKE ELECTRONIC COPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTSGather all of the civil and financial documents that are required. You can either scan or take a photo of your documents.Save those files on your computer so you can upload them. CEAC will only accept files that are in a JPG, JPEG, or PDFformat. Each document must be its own file that is no larger than 2 MB. If the original document is in color, please saveyour scan or photo in color. Name your saved documents something obvious, such as your last name or case numberplus the document type. For example “Smith John birthcertificate.jpg.”STEP TWO: LOG ONTO CEACUse your NVC case number and invoice ID number to log into CEAC. Both numbers are on the letter you received fromNVC. After logging in, look at the chart at the bottom of the Summary Information page. If you haven’t uploaded anydocuments yet, it will say Start Now for each person on the far-right columns: Affidavit of Support Documents & FinancialEvidence (1) and Civil Documents (2). See the picture below:12You will not be able to upload any civil documents for a visa applicant until he/she has submitted the immigrant visaapplication. It will say N/A (not applicable) in the Civil Documents column until the Form DS-260 immigrant visaapplication is completed on CEAC. If you started uploading documents but did not finish, it will say Incomplete.WEB: 1-603-334-0700QUESTIONS:

STEP THREE: UPLOADING CIVIL DOCUMENTS FOR VISA APPLICANTSTo begin uploading the required civil documents for each person who is applying for an immigrant visa, click on Start Nowfor the person whose documents you want to upload. You will be taken to a screen with a list of required documents (3).CEAC creates this list for each person based on the information submitted on his or her Form DS-260 visa application.If the status of a document says Missing (4), you need to upload it. To begin, click on the name of the document you wantto upload — for example, Birth Certificate (5).345After you select the document name, you will see a list of actions you can take. Click on Attach Document (6).6You’ll be taken to an upload screen (see imageat right). Click on Browse (7). This will open upthe search screen for your computer. Navigate tothe PDF, JPG, or JPEG file that you saved toyour computer earlier (the scan or photo of youroriginal document).Click on the file name of the document you areuploading. The name will appear in the Select aFile box (8).87Click on the Upload button at the bottom of thepage (9) to upload this file. Remember, if the fileis larger than 2 MB, you will receive an errormessage.Follow the same procedure for all of thedocuments that are required. You must do this forevery person who is immigrating.9WEB: 1-603-334-0700QUESTIONS:

You can choose a different person from the drop-down box on this page (10). You can also go back to your case’ssummary page to choose a different person and begin uploading his or her documents. You do not need to uploadeverything at once. You can come back another day to finish.10You will know that the documents uploaded successfully if the Status column changes from Missing to Uploaded (11).11However, NVC will not be able to read your documents until you press the Submit Documents button. This button will notbe available until you have uploaded all of the required civil documents for every person on your case. Once you do that,the Submit Documents button will turn red. Press that button (12). The status on all of your civil documents will changefrom Uploaded to Submitted (13). Now NVC will be able to read your documents.1213Another way to tell that you have submitted everything that is required is to look on the case summary page. The CivilDocuments column for each visa applicant should read Submitted.WEB: 1-603-334-0700QUESTIONS:

STEP FOUR: OPTIONAL CIVIL DOCUMENTSBelow the section where you upload the required civil documents, there is a section called Optional Documents. If thereis anything else you would like to submit, feel free to follow the same process to upload those documents. If there are noother documents you would like the consular officer to consider, you may leave this section blank. You can always bringadditional documents or information to your visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.STEP FIVE: UPLOADING AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT DOCUMENTS FOR THE PETITIONERIn family-based immigration, the petitioner must prove that he/she is able to financially support the family members whoare applying to immigrate to the United States. This is called being a “financial sponsor.” The petitioner must completeand upload to CEAC an Affidavit of Support Form along with evidence of his/her income. If the petitioner doesn’t haveenough income, he or she can ask other family members in the United States to also act as financial sponsors. You canread more about this on our website at (English) or (Spanish). Anyadditional financial sponsors must upload an Affidavit of Support Form and proof of income. There are several types ofAffidavit of Support Forms, which is also called the Form I-864. You can learn about these forms and therequired evidence of income on our website.After you gather the documents that are required and save them to your computer as PDF, JPG, or JPEG files, go to thecase summary chart that appears when you log into CEAC. Click on Start Now for the financial sponsor whosedocuments you want to upload (14).14You will be taken to a screen with a list of required documents for the petitioner and any other financial sponsors youhave listed (15).15WEB: 1-603-334-0700QUESTIONS:

To upload documents, follow the same procedures as detailed above for your civil documents. However, there are a fewimportant differences in the Affidavit of Support section, which are listed under Step Six.STEP SIX: ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL DOCUMENTSFinancial sponsors should upload the Affidavit of Support form (from the Form I-864 series) under Required AOSDocuments. But they should upload documents that show their income under Additional AOS Supporting Documentation(16). This section is beneath the list of required documents.Click on Add a Document (17).1617You will then be taken to an uploadscreen similar to the one you saw in thesteps above (see picture at right).The only difference is that you need tochoose the type of proof you areuploading – such as federal tax returns orproof of assets – from the drop-down boxthat appears (18).You still need to find the document thatyou saved and press the Upload button.Do this for each financial document thatyou are submitting.18Don’t forget to press the red SubmitDocuments button when you are doneuploading everything that is required toprove your petitioner’s income. Just likewith your civil documents, the status onall of your financial sponsors’ documentswill change from Uploaded to Submitted.Now NVC will be able to read thesedocuments.WEB: 1-603-334-0700QUESTIONS:

STEP SEVEN: WAIT FOR FEEDBACK FROM NVCAfter you have uploaded all of the required civil documents for each visa applicant, and all of the required financialdocuments for your petitioner and other financial sponsors you have, NVC will review all of these documents. They willlet you know if anything is incorrect or missing. If everything that is needed to support your immigrant visaapplication is there, the next step is for NVC to schedule your visa interview appointment.NVC will provide you with feedback and instructions in the Messages section of your CEAC account (19). WheneverNVC updates your case’s status, they will post a message in CEAC and send an email alert to every email addresslisted on your case.19WHERE TO GET INFORMATION AND HELPPlease visit our website for detailed information on the requirements for an immigrant visa:How to use (English)Civil (English) (Spanish)Affidavit of (English) (Spanish)Contacting (English) (Spanish)Visa (English) (Spanish)WEB: 1-603-334-0700QUESTIONS: