Medical word

Medical word The words that form the language of medicine are referred to as theterminology of the medical field known as medical terminology. Mostmedical terms come from the Greek and Latin languages It is formed by the following elements:1. Word root2. Combining form3. Suffixes4. PrefixesE.g. pericarditis defined as the inflammation of the pericardium. Peri(prefix), cardi (word root) itis(suffix)

Word root It is the basic element of a word, and it is the foundation on whichthe meaning of a word is built. A root can be a whole word or a partof a word. All medical terms have at least one word rootE.g. Alveol . Alveolus(one), Alveoli(many)Bronch .Bronchus/bronchiCombining form word root vowel (o, I, e)E.g. cardi/o heartGastr/o stomach

Prefix is a word component placed in front of a root to change or modify itsmeaning. It can give a root direction or position. It can also give a roota specific type/ classification, quality, or quantity.e.g. anti against/ auto self/ bi 2/ tri 3/ quadri 4/ homo same,similar/ dys abnormal .Suffix: is a word component added to the end of a root/word thatchanges or modifies its usage, function, or meaning.e.g. centesis – to puncture/tap to draw fluid from

Common prefixesPrefixMeaninge.g.PrefixMeaninge.g.A, anWithout or negatesthe nAntebeforeAntepartumHypoBelow/ ohydramniosIntraIn/with besideParathyroid

Common suffixesSuffixMeaninge.g.SuffixMeaninge.g.ANo meaningleukodermaGraphyProcess of recordingElectrocardiographyAc, ar, aryealPertaining tionHepatitisologyStudy ument used sMyastheniacentesisSurgical punctureto aspirate fluidpleurocentesismetryProcess llingLipomaemiaIn the gHematemesispeniaAbnormal reductionThrombocytopeniaectomySurgical removalGastrectomyplasiaformation., nicRrhage/rrhagiaExcessive Discharge /flowRinorrheagraphInstrument usedto recordelectrocardiographsarcomaMalignant tumorMyosarcomastasisControl/stopHemostasis

SuffixMeaninge.g.scopeInstrument used for visualexaminationlaproscopescopyProcess of visual examinationGastroscopytomeInstrument used to cutMicrotometomyIncisionLaprotomyuriaUrine/ urinationNocturia

Common word roots Abdomin/o: AbdomenAden/o: GlandAnter/o: FrontArteri/o: ArteryAudi/o: HearingBio: LifeBrachi/o: ArmBronch/i,bronch/o: Bronchus Carcin/o: Cancer Cardi/o: HeartCol/o: ColonCyt/o: CellDerm/a, derm/o, dermat/o: SkinDors/i, dors/o: Back or posteriorEncephal/o: BrainTrachel/o: Neck or necklikeTrich/o: Hair or hairlikeVentr/i, ventr/o: Front of bodyViscer/o: Viscera (internal organs)

Adipo fat Andro male Angio vessel Chol/bili bile Erthro red Leuco white Galacto milk Gastro stomach Hepato liver Heamo/hemato bloodHist/o tissueMammo/masto breastMyo muscleOsteo boneChondro cartilageArthro jointNephro/reno kidneyNeuro nervous systemOnco tumorThromb clot