Fristam Pumps2DescriptionThis manual contains disassembly and assembly instructions, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting, and installation procedures for the FZX 2000 Series Liquid Ring Centrifugal Pumps designed andmanufactured by Fristam Pumps, Middleton, Wisconsin.Read this manual and understand the instructions before installing, using or servicing your pump.Failure to follow the manual may result in personal injury or equipment damage.DANGER:!BEGIN ALL PUMP MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS BY DISCONNECTING THE ENERGY SOURCE TO THE PUMP. OBSERVE ALL LOCK OUT/TAG OUT PROCEDURESAS OUTLINED BY ANSI Z244.1-1982 AND OSHA 1910.147 TO PREVENT ACCIDENTAL START-UP AND INJURY.

FZX Series Pump3Table of ContentsTechnical Information. 4Recommended Preventive Maintenance. 5-6Seal Replacement . . 6Pump head disassembly. 6-7Pump head assembly. 7-9Single seal assembly drawing (FZX 2100 - 2250 models). 10Single seal assembly drawing (FZX 2400 model). 11Double seal assembly drawing (FZX 2100 - 2250 models). 12Double seal assembly drawing (FZX 2400 model). 13Pump shaft and/or Motor Replacement . . 14Pump Disassembly. . 14Pump Assembly. 14Setting the Impeller Gap. . 15FZX Exploded View. . 16-17FZX 2100 Parts List. 18FZX 2150 Parts List. 18FZX 2200 Parts List. 19FZX 2250 Parts List. 19FZX 2400 Partd Lidt. 20Installation . . 21Piping Guidelines. 21Electrical Installation. 22Installation of Water Flush for Double Mechanical Seal. 22Start-up Instructions. . 22Troubleshooting. 23-25Notice of Terms, Warranty Provisions Including Disclaimers,Claims and Limitation of Liability. 27

Fristam Pumps4Technical InformationSpecificationsMaximum Inlet Pressure. 150 PSITemperature Range. 13 F - 250 FNoise Level.60 - 85 dB(A)Materials of ConstructionMajor Product Contact Components.AISI 316LCover Gasket.BUNA (standard)Also available in. Viton, EPDM, Silicone, Chemraz, KalrezSurface Finish for Product Contact Surfaces. 32 Ra (standard)Also available in. 25 Ra, 20 Ra, electropolishShaft SealsMechanical Seal Types. Single or DoubleMaximum Seal Water Pressure (double seal). 5 PSI of waterSeal Water Consumption (double seal).1-2 gphInner Stationary Seal Ring Material. Carbon (standard)Also available in. Silicon CarbideOuter Stationary Seal Ring Material. CarbonRotating Seal Ring Material.Chrome Oxide (standard)Also available in. Silicon CarbideProduct O-ring Material. Viton (standard)Also available in. others availabe upon requestNon-Product O-ring Material. Viton (standard)Impeller GapFZX 2100, 2150, 2200, 2250 . 0.2 mm (0.008”)FZX 2400. 0.5 mm (0.020”)Recommended torque values:Impeller nut 40 ft-lb. (54 Nm)Impeller bolt (FZX 2400 model only)20 ft.-lb. (27 Nm)Housing bolts 50 ft-lb. (68 Nm)Motor bolts (NEMA 180TC-250TC, IEC 100-132)50 ft-lb. (68 Nm)Shaft clamping boltNEMA 140TC-180TC 12 ft-lbsIEC 90-11215 NmNEMA 210TC-250TC 24 ft-lbsIEC 132-180 40 NmNEMA 280TC-360TC 43 ft-lbsIEC 200-225 76 NmMotor InformationUses standard NEMA TEFC C-face motors. Options include washdown, high efficiency, explosion proof,chemical duty and IEC. Motors may be modified with Belleville washers to limit motor shaft end play.The TIR of the motor shaft should be 0.002” or less.Voltage and Frequency3 phase, 60 Hz, 208-230/460 VAC. 1750 RPM3 phase, 60 Hz, 575 VAC. 1750 RPM3 phase, 50 Hz, 208-220/330-415 VAC. 1450 RPM

FZX Series Pump5Recommended Preventive MaintenanceRecommended seal maintenance:Visually inspect mechanical seal daily for leakage.Replace mechanical seal annually under normal duty.Replace mechanical seal as often as required under heavy duty.We recommend having a spare seal kit and cover gasket on hand.Elastomer InspectionInspect all elastomers when performing pump maintenance. We recommend replacing elastomers (orings and gaskets) during seal, pump shaft and/or motor replacements.Pump shaft InspectionInspect annually for wear.FZX 2400 Impeller Bolt CleaningIf the impeller bolt o-ring, impeller washer o-ring, or impeller o-ring fails, the threaded hole on theend of the shaft will need to be cleaned. We recommend removing the impeller and impeller bolt/washer while the pump is being CIP’d. This will ensure that the internal threads are cleaned beforeproduction resumes.Lubrication Recommendations:Use a food grade lubricant on o-rings and gaskets unless otherwise specified. If using EPDM o-rings orgaskets, an oil-based lubricant can’t be used.Motor lubrication recommendations:Use a high grade ball and roller bearing grease. Recommendations for standard service conditionsinclude Shell Dolium R or Chevron SRI.Motor lubrication intervals for standard service conditions:Frame Size Motor SpeedNEMA/(IEC)1800 RPMUp to 210 (132) inclusive12,000 hoursOver 210 to 280 (132 to 180) inclusive 9,500 hoursOver 280 to 360 (225) inclusive7,400 hoursFor severe service conditions, multiply interval hours by .5. For extreme service conditions, multiply interval hours by .1Service condition definitions:Service Maximum Ambient AtmosphericCondition Temperature ContaminationStandard 104 F (40 C) Clean, little corrosion.Severe 122 F (50 C) Moderate dirt, corrosion.Extreme 122 F ( 50 C) Severe, dirt, abrasive dust, corrosion.Volume of grease to be added:Frame SizeGrease VolumeNEMA/(IEC) IN.3TSPUp to 210 (132) inclusive0.62.0Over 210 to 280 (132 to 180) inclusive1.23.9Over 280 to 360 (225) inclusive4.113.4

Fristam Pumps6Seal Replacement!Begin all pump maintenance by disconnecting the energy source to the pump. Observeall lock out/tag out procedures as outlined by ANSI Z244.1-1982 and OSHA 1910.147 toprevent accidental start-up and injury.Tools required for seal replacement:Soft-faced hammer (5 lb. dead blow)15/16” socket wrench3/4” wrenchSmall flat screw driver3/8” diameter rodOne pair tack pullers (impeller pullers)Torque wrenchPump head disassemblyNote: the reference numbers listed in the text (#) refer to the assembly drawing on pages 16 & 17.Disconnect the suction and discharge piping.a) Loosen the cover nuts (1) with the soft-faced hammer and remove. Note: fluid in pump will drainout.b) Remove the pump cover (2) and cover gasket (4).c) Remove the flange guard (31).d) Place the 3/8” diameter rod in the hole on the shaft. Allow the rod to rest against the pump flangesupport (23) to keep the shaft from rotating while loosening the impeller nut (3) with the 15/16”socket wrench (lossen the impeller bolt with3/4” wrench on the 2400 model only) (Figure 4).e) Remove the impeller nut and impeller nut gasket (5). Discard the impeller nut gasket.f) Remove the impeller (6) by pulling the impeller toward you. Remove and discard the impeller o-ring(7). (If the impeller is difficult to pull off the shaft, wedge the tack pullers between the pump housing(9) and the impeller and pry the impeller off the shaft.)g) Remove the impeller key (20).h) Remove the three housing bolts (25) and washers (24)which attach the pump housing to the flange support (23)using the 3/4” wrench.Figure 4i) Slide the pump housing off the end of the pump shaft (21).il-077911/30/00

FZX Series Pump7j) Place the pump housing (9) face down on the housingstuds (8) (Figure 5).Figure 5k) Remove the stationary seal (16) by placing two fingersin the center of the seal and pulling up. Discard afterremoval.For Double Mechanical Seal - remove both the innerand outer stationary seals (16 & 17) by placing yourfingers in the center of the seals and pulling up. Theseals should come out of the seal cavity as one unit(Figure 5). Discard after removal.l) Remove and discard the wave spring (14).For Double Mechanical Seal - remove and discard boththe inner and outer wave springs (13 & 14).il-077711/29/00m) Remove the inner stationary seal o-ring (11) with a small flat screwdriver. Discard after removal.For Double Mechanical Seal - remove and discard both the inner and outer stationary seal o-rings(11 & 15) with a small flat screwdriver.n) Pull the rotating seal (18) off the shaft and discard. Also remove and discard the rotating seal o-ring (19).Pump head assembly (see seal assembly drawings figure 8, 8a, 9 & 9a, pages 11-14.)Note: when installing the new seal components make sure that you use all the components suppliedwith the replacement seal kit. Using some of the old components may reduce seal life.You are now ready to install the new mechanical seal into the pump.a) Start by lubricating the new rotating seal o-ring (19) with a food grade lubricant (unless the o-ring isEPDM) and placing it into the rotating seal (18).b) Snap the new rotating seal into place on the shaft. (The rotating seal will fit into the grooves onthe shaft and interlock with the shaft. If you can rotate the seal ring on the shaft, it is not properlyseated.)c) Lubricate the new inner stationary seal o-ring (11) with a food grade lubricant and place into sealcavity.For Double Mechanical Seal - lubricate both the new inner and outer stationary seal o-rings (11 &15) and place into the seal cavity.

Fristam Pumps8d) Place the inner wave spring (14) into the sealcavity. Align the notches in the wave springwith the pins in the seal cavity. Place thewave spring with the waves in a downwardposition around the pins (Figure 6).For Double Mechanical Seal - place both theinner and outer wave springs (14 & 13) intothe seal cavity. Align the notches in the innerwave spring with the pins in the seal cavityand place on the inside of the pins. Align thenotches in the outer wave spring with thepins in the seal cavity and place on the outside of the pins. Again, it fits best if the wavesaround the pins a