TOP 5FOREX SECRETST O CO N S I S T E N T T R A D I N GA STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINTBy Chris Pulver, Senior Currency Strategist1

I HAVE THE UTMOST CONFIDENCEIN YOUR TRADING SUCCESS.First, I want to congratulate you for taking the stepstowards success in the Forex market.I’ve spent years learning secrets to success the hard way. Get yourhands on all the “blood, sweat and tears,” simplified into 5 keypoints over the next few pages. My hope is that this book is thefoundation for your future success.Thank you for letting me show you what I’ve learned in my years oftrading this highly lucrative market.To your success,Chris PulverMTI Senior Currency Strategist 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.2

TOP 5FOREX SECRETST O CO N S I S T E N T T R A D I N GAny trader should be looking to level up, with improved results.Some key insights are universal enough that they could benefitany trader. A quick read could be all that’s needed to improve yourbottom line. It’s pretty simple, really! This advice is designed tobuild on any level of trading experience. Here’s a quick checklist ofthe items that we will describe in detail:1. Trade Small and Trade All2. Trade Confirmation over Anticipation3. Trade Quality over Quantity4. Market Conditions Determine Strategy5. See It - Protect It - Collect It 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.

1Trade Small And Trade AllYou could play directional probability in your favor whilereducing your risk with this relatively simple technique,based on an easy thought When a currency has a big movement, the tendency is for thatcurrency’s entire basket to move.Traders use the term “basket” to lump together one currency’s pairsagainst all other currencies. For example, when the JPY becomesextremely weak or strong, all JPY pairs reflect such movement.Anyone could capitalize on a move based in one currency’s strength(and capture more pips), by placing several smaller trades in all ofthe symbol’s related pairs. It’s a tactic I’ve seen hundreds of traders,if not thousands, use successfully. With multiple trades running, wenow have the ability to benefit from that currency’s strength andcollect more profits without over leveraging one single pair. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.1

2Trade Confirmation Over AnticipationIn a nutshell: See it to believe it. Sure, it is tempting totry to anticipate or predict when price action should turnor bounce but it is far easier to focus on trading confirmation. Andthe right charting tool can make that easy to see.Sometimes, anticipating or predicting a change might be OK – it’srare, but maybe you’re buying low at support or selling high atresistance that could work because, in those cases, the reactionshould be fairly immediate.But a trendline that hasn’t yet shown its reversal or a price that’snot yet close to a significant support/resistance area safely tradingthose pairs means staying patient and waiting to see confirmation.This helps you avoid premature entries where you’d run into yourstop loss. This helps you extend to extremes that are far easier totrade than simply guessing the market will turn for you. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.2

3Trade Quality Over QuantityTo increase win percentage, it is best to focus on highquality trades over settling for mediocre setups.Profitable trading is simply a game of numbers. Your percentage oftrades won might be a confidence booster, but it isn’t as importantas winning more PIPS AND MONEY than you lose.Statistically speaking, any pips you win (beyond what you risk)dramatically increase your odds of profitability.At the end of the day, we simply want to be profitable. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.3

4Market Conditions Determine StrategyYou need to know what the market is doing in order toprofit.Even when we have great strategies (manual or automated), resultsare directly tied to market conditions. Those conditions dictate anystrategy’s ability to survive and profit. Trending strategies perform poorly in consolidation or rangebound conditions. Range strategies perform poorly in trending conditions.So observing the market and knowing the news that’s drivingit, could significantly aid results. A trader’s ability to recognizeconsolidation vs ranging markets is an important edge. It’ssometimes called “spatial awareness.” Having proper spatialawareness means you’re willing to adapt and follow the market forprofits, rather than fight it and suffer stubborn losses. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.4

5See It. Protect It. Collect It.The quickest way to start making money as a trader is tostoplosing it.A big first step to avoid a deficit is to move protective stop losses tothe break-even point. This is a tactic not aimed at profits, but it willprotect your capital.That might mean setting easy targets for the market to hit “seeit” setting your stop-loss at break-even “protect it” andaccumulating several of these quick winning trades “collect it.”Ideally, we any trader can always follow these steps: SEE IT: Recognize a high probability trade that isoffering profit PROTECT IT: Set your stop-loss at break-even toguard capital COLLECT IT: Limit or close, take profits quicklyand move onDon’t forget any surplus allowing more reward than risk willcontinue to help your bottom line. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.5

So, how does a traderput these 5 Secrets toConsistent Trading intopractice -- in order toprofit?The biggest thing is to know yourcharts.But for the rest of us well, weoften need an indicator.The ability to see directions, andthe changes in direction, is crucial.A trader needs to see trends alongdirections, and just as importantlytheir reversals.An indicator can drop right into achart to interpret what the pricesare showing us. And I’ve got onethat’s proven to help traders farand wide. It shows confirmation ofreliable times to trade.Some people have a sense forthis. They can look at a currencypair’s chart and read it the way aracing champion sees the best wayaround a track.Let me show one of my favorite(and most consistent) indicators,the Heikin-Ashi SmoothedIndicator.

Heikin-Ashi SmoothedCandlesticks are the sign language of the market, but when itcomes to spotting trends they can create indecision.Heikin-Ashi translates into “average bar” in Japanese. This techniquemakes it simpler to spot trends and sustain market direction foryour trades.The image shows a traditional candlestick chart compared toa Heikin-Ashi chart. Notice how the Heikin-Ashi chart makes“smooths” market movement — making it easier to read direction. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.7

CandlesticksHere you can see where I’ve added an upward trendline in black,showing that the market is making higher highs and higher lows– and you can see the “break” in the trendline, where a lengthyred, bullish candlestick shows the price dropping well below thattrendline. That first aggressive red, bullish candlestick begins a new,bearish trend, with lower highs and lower lows.But simply looking left-to-right you can see a continual mix ofred and green. And the structure of those candles isn’t always asobvious as this one. That sometimes makes it difficult to look forconsistent signals. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.8

Heikin-Ashi CandlesHere is that same chart with just one change: Instead of usingbasic candlesticks, we use Heikin-Ashi Candles. Because HeikinAshi literally means “average bar,” it simplifies your illustration.(Specifically, it charts the trend of the calculated average priceaction from the open, high, low and close.) It’s best when this isautomated, because it would be very time-consuming to do byhand. But it helps a lot. Your colors will be much more consistentwith the overall trend of movement in the pair you’re studying.Look at this chart compared to the previous one, and the peaksand valleys don’t change – but the colors within them stay moreconsistent moving up to a peak, or down to a valley This way, asmall, insignificant change in the middle of a bigger trend doesn’tbecome a distraction from what’s really happening. That enablessmarter trading. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.9

Heikin-Ashi Smoothed Overlaying CandlesNow we’re looking at my ultimate market amplifier -- a smoothedversion of the Heikin-Ashi theory that’s even easier to trade. Thistakes those calculated movements from the Heikin-Ashi “averagebar” candles and it’s now placing just a slight shift above or belowthe price. It makes these differences obvious, because this HeikinAshi Smoothed indicator is an overlay for your price charts.This indication provides the confirmation and clean trading thattop traders seek as an alternative to predictions. Live prices cansometimes cut against the overall trend and send false signals. Atbest, it’s a distraction from what’s really happening -- and at worst,it forces a bad trade based on emotion. Whether you’re buyingin blue or selling in red with this indicator, you’re protecting yourprofit. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.10

Using Heikin-Ashi Smoothed Custom IndicatorNow let’s talk about the way the Heikin-Ashi Smoothed CustomIndicator works in different time frames. An 8-hour chart willprovide longer alignment for your trend bars. And even though theblue and red take time to shift, you could add to the trade basedthe traditional candlesticks still visible in your charts.That’s why the Heikin-Ashi Smoothed is best when it’s just anoverlay to add overall trend information to actual prices. But it’svery useful to see the simple bullish trend for buying and simplebearish trend for selling – confirmation, not prediction – shown inthe overlay on this 8-hour chart. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.11

Using Heikin-Ashi Smoothed Custom IndicatorIf you look at the shorter time frame of the 4-hour chart, the sameoverall movement from the highs to the lows provides repeatableopportunities to sell within the same bearish trend as opposed tothe single buy and single sell in the 8-hour chart. As long as theoverall structure remains consistent, the trades are the same. Butmore entry points become available because the 4-hour chartprovides more signals. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.12

Using Heikin-Ashi Smoothed Custom IndicatorThe same theory applies on the buy trendline in this chart. Onthis 8-hour chart, with a single time frame providing a single, clearbullish trend, the signal indicates one buying opportunity and theconfidence to hold that trade to the top of the trendline. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.13

Using Heikin-Ashi Smoothed Custom IndicatorAgain, let’s compare the shorter 4-hour chart to the 8-hour version.And again, the Heikin-Ashi Smoothed Custom Indicator providesmore opportunities to add to the overall trend. Every time higherhighs form, you can take advantage of what the indicator is showingyou. 2019 Copyright Market Traders Institute, Inc.14

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