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ContentsNEEWASERELNEWASERELENEWSEARELE2APM Body of Knowledge, 6th edition3APM Body of Knowledge, 5th edition3APM Competence Framework4Starting Out in Project Management, 2nd edition5Directing Change: A Guide to Governanceof Project Management6The Scheduling Maturity Model6Prioritising Project Risks6Interfacing Risk and Earned Value Management7Co-directing Change: A Guide to the Governanceof Multi-Owned Projects7Introduction to Project Planning7Introduction to Programme Management8Models to Improve the Management of Projects8Project Management Pathways8The Lens Collective: A Guide to Seeing DifferentPerspectives in Project Management9Earned Value Management: APM Guidelines9Introduction to Project Control9Project Risk Analysis and Management Guide, 2nd edition10Contract Strategy for SuccessfulProject Management10Order form11

APM publicationsNEEWASERELAPM Body of Knowledge, 6th editionA comprehensive guide for all project professionalsThe APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition provides the foundation for thesuccessful delivery of projects, programmes and portfolios across all sectorsand industries. Written by the profession for the profession it offers the keyto successful project management and is an essential part of the APM FiveDimensions of Professionalism. It is a scope statement for the profession and asourcebook for all aspiring, new and experienced project professionals offeringcommon definitions, references and a comprehensive glossary of terms.APM Body of Knowledge, 6th edition (paperback)Price:ISBN–13:Format: 49.95 (APM members 44.95)978–1–903494–40–0Paperback, 246x189mm, 258pp, 2012APM Body of Knowledge, 6th edition (hardback)Price:ISBN–13:Format: 79.95 (APM members 71.95)978–1–903494–41–7Hardback, 246x189mm, 258pp, 2012APM Body of Knowledge, 5th editionPrice:ISBN–13:Format: 29.50 (APM members 26.55)978–1–903494–13–4Paperback, 246x189mm, 179pp, 20063

Visit call 44 (0) 1767 604951 to receive your members’ discountAPM Competence FrameworkNEWedition!Outlines competence elements for effective project managementThis is the first edition of the APM Competence Framework. It is linked to theAPM Body of Knowledge, 5th edition and the ICB-IPMA Competence BaselineVersion 3.0.The APM Competence Framework provides a clear and simple guide to therange of individual competences in project management. It represents anessential part of the toolkit for all professional project managers, allowing themto assess and develop their training, development and qualification needs andthose of their teams.APM Competence FrameworkPrice:ISBN–13:Format:4 29.50 (APM members 26.55)978–1–903494–18–9Paperback, 246mm x189mm, 136pp, 2008

APM publicationsStarting Out in Project Management, 2nd editionRuth Murray-Webster and Peter SimonAn introduction to project management and study guide for the APMIntroductory Certificate examStarting Out in Project Management is a very detailed and meticulously craftedstudy guide that will support readers wishing to take APM’s IntroductoryCertificate in Project Management examination. It provides close and directsupport for the APM syllabus.This book is designed to be used in a modular fashion. Readers can refer to thesyllabus and follow each chapter in sequence, in the order the subjects appearwithin the syllabus. They can also read the text from start to finish and begin toexperience the dynamics of a real world project.Embedded in every chapter is a set of reflective questions to help the reader linkthe theory with their own experience. A detailed case study runs throughout thebook and is used to illustrate the key learning objectives in the APM IntroductoryCertificate in Project Management syllabus.Starting Out in Project Management, 2nd editionRuth Murray-Webster and Peter SimonPrice:ISBN–13:Format: 29.95 (APM members 26.95)978–1–903494–16–5Paperback, 246mm x189mm, 153pp, 20075

Visit call 44 (0) 1767 604951 to receive your members’ discountNEEWASERELNEEWASERELDirecting Change: A Guide to Governance ofProject Management 2nd editionThis second edition of ‘Directing Change’ has been updatedto reflect the terminology and structure of more recentlypublished APM guidance, such as ‘Co-Directing Change’,‘Sponsoring Change’, feedback from users and changesto regulations such as the new ‘UK Corporate GovernanceCode‘ which has replaced the previous ‘Combined Code’.Price:ISBN–13:Format: 7.50 (APM members 6.75)978–1–903494–06–6Paperback, 210x146mm, 24pp, 2011The Scheduling Maturity ModelThe Scheduling Maturity Model is intended to providea defined means of establishing and improving thescheduling capability as part of an organisation’s project,programme or enterprise control processes. Moreover,it is intended to support project and programme teamsand organisations by improving an important part of theiroverall project controls capability.Price:ISBN–13:Format: 10.00 (APM members 9.00)978-1-903494-47-9Paperback, 246x189mm, 43pp, 2012Prioritising Project RisksPrioritisation is an important part of any risk processbecause it focuses attention on what matters most. Thisguide addresses the shortfall in current practice and helpsreaders to make sense of the risk challenges they face andimprove risk prioritisation by offering a choice of techniquesranging from simple to complex.Price:ISBN–13:Format:6 10.00 (APM members 9.00)978–1–903494–27–1Paperback, 246x189mm, 59pp, 2008

APM publicationsInterfacing Risk and Earned Value ManagementThis publication examines in detail the interfaces that makethe discrete elements of project management a cohesivewhole, beginning with earned value and the managementof risk. Topics covered include: establishing the projectbaseline, integrated baseline change management, analysisand decision making and the importance of culture.Price:ISBN–13:Format: 10.00 (APM members 9.00)978–1–903494–24–0Paperback, 246x189mm, 54pp, 2008Co-directing Change: A Guide to the Governanceof Multi-Owned ProjectsFollowing a structured approach, this guide helps to realisehow a project should be governed when more than oneorganisation has the right to influence critical decisions.Use of this guide should help many organisations proceedwith confidence to maximise benefits from involvement inmulti-owned projects.Price: 7.50 (APM members erback, 246x189mm, 24pp, 2007Introduction to Project PlanningThis guide outlines the importance of project planning,regardless of the type of organisation. It outlines three keyareas of the planning phase: when, who and how as wellas describing the characteristics of good planning.Price:ISBN–13:Format: 7.50 (APM members 6.75)978–1–903494–28–8Paperback, 246x189mm, 38pp, 20087

Visit call 44 (0) 1767 604951 to receive your members’ discountIntroduction to Programme ManagementProviding clarification and routes to further knowledge,this text covers fundamental areas of the subject,including the programme life cycle, managementtechniques and the roles and responsibilities inprogramme management.Price:ISBN–13:Format: 10.00 (APM members 9.00)978–1–903494–63–9Paperback, 246x189mm, 46pp, 2007Models to Improve the Management of ProjectsA guide that provides independent and informedguidance on the main models designed to improvethe management of projects. Each model is presentedin the same structure, covering features, benefits, real-lifeinsights and guidance on assessing the appropriatenessof each.Price:ISBN–13:Format: 7.50 (APM members 6.75)978–1–903494–80–6Paperback, 246x189mm, 56pp, 2007Project Management PathwaysEach chapter examines in detail a different topic from the4th edition of the APM Body of Knowledge. Written bypractitioners, for practitioners.Price:ISBN–13:Format:8 70.00 (APM members 63.00)978–1–903494–01–1Paperback, 246x189mm, 958pp, 2002

APM publicationsThe Lens Collective: A Guide to Seeing DifferentPerspectives in Project ManagementThis guide is intended to help individuals reflect upontheir capabilities, increase their awareness of others andsuccessfully apply new perspectives to their projects.The term ‘lens’ has been specifically chosen for this guideto reflect the analogy between human vision and theinteraction of people.Price: 10.00 (APM members 9.00)978-1-903494-31-8ISBN–13:Format:Paperback, 246x189mm, 26pp, 2010The Earned Value Management CompassThis guide is intended to support projects or organisationsby improving their project control and earned valuemanagement processes. The model uses a commonframework and can be used for the assessment of a singleproject or to benchmark and compare the relative strengthsof various projects across an organisation.Price: 10.00 (APM members 9.00)978-1-903494-33-2ISBN–13:Format:Paperback, 246x189mm, 43pp, 2010Introduction to Project ControlThis guide integrates all the disciplines of projectmanagement, offering a wide perspective of project control.It covers everything from why, when and how to controlprojects and is suitable for those new to the profession as wellas experienced project managers. This publication proposesthat an equally important part of control is ”doing the rightprojects”, both individually and in programmes and portfolios.Price: 10.00 (APM members 9.00)978-1-903494-34-9ISBN–13:Format:Paperback, 246x189mm, 96pp, 20109

Visit call 44 (0) 1767 604951 to receive your members’ discountProject Risk Analysis and Management Guide2nd editionUseful for anyone with an interest in the subject of risk,this guide describes a systematic and disciplined approachto controlling risk that can be usedto help improve the success of projects.Price:ISBN–13:Format: 25.00 (APM members 22.50)978–1–903494–12–7Paperback, 246x189mm, 186pp, 2010Contract Strategy for Successful ProjectManagementThis guide is intended to help project managers andall concerned to plan and manage both large and smallcontracts for the successful procurement of goodsand services.Price:ISBN–13:Format:10 25.00 (APM members 22.50)978–0–953159–01–7Paperback, A4, 31pp, 1998

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