American Global Standards Confidential Audit ReportISO 9001:2015CORTEC BIOTECHNOLOGY CAMPUSA Division Cortec CorporationOrganization:Location:2420 Trailmate DriveSarasota, Florida 34243SType of Audit:QMSStandard:ISO 9001: 2015Audit Dates:February 11, 2020Management Rep. / E-mail:Debbie Hannan; Email: [email protected] Representative:Jeff Porter : QMS & EMS AuditorTechnical Expert / Trainee:N/AScope of Certification:Design & Manufacturing of Corrosion Protection Systems, Metal Cleaning & TreatingChemicals Packaging Products, Process & Polymer Additives & Concrete ProtectionProductsIndustry scope:EAC: --No. of add'i sites / branches:0No. of add'i sites audited:0Results of the evaluation of themanagement documents and audits:YYn/aNEnvironmental Aspect Complexity(only for ISO 14001)SIC:The requirements of the standard on which the audit has been based havebeen satisfied, certificate award recommendedContinuation of validity recommended.Certificate expansion recommended.Re-audit required (see Audit Nonconformities)NSubmit new / additional documents.NCertificate suspension / withdrawal recommended.LimitedModerateLowHighRe-Audit date: (corrective action)N/AAudit FrequencyAnnualAccreditation:AIAO-BARRev.: 2 - 12/06/20101

American Global Standards Confidential Audit ReportISO 9001:20151. Objective:The objective of this audit was to: Determine the extent of conformity of the management system with the standard(s); Evaluate the capability of the management system to ensure compliance with relevant statutory,regulatory and contractual requirements, as applicable; Evaluate the effectiveness of the management system in meeting its specified objectives; Evaluate the operational control of processes, including internal audits and management review; Evaluate the management's responsibility for the company's policies Evaluate the links between the standard requirements and the management system requirements. Identify areas for potential improvement of the management system.2. Company Information2.1 General:The audit team reviewed and accepted the following clause exclusions to the standard:* 8.1 Operational control & planning; 8.2 Requirements for products & services; 8.3 Design & development ofproducts & services; 8.4 Control of externally provided processes, products & services; 8.5.3 Propertybelonging to customers or external providers; 9.1.2 Customer Satisfaction; 9.1.3 Analysis & Evaluation;3. Audit executionThe practical implementation of the standard was evaluated and compared with the organization'smanagement system manual and supporting documents. The audit was conducted through discussions andinterviews with personnel in various functions within organization.The audit covered relevant documentation and processes / areas of the organization in order to obtain an overallunderstanding of the degree of management system implementation. Although performed to reasonable depth,not every detail of the complete management system could be checked.The processes and their associated areas of the organization were verified in accordance with the agreedaudit plan, if applicable. Particular questions were used in support of the audit plan and audit question list.Assessment of the audit results was made using the following categories:Nonconformities (N): Corrective action is required before the decision to issue/continuecertification.Opportunities for Improvement (I): These are improvement possibilities of the management system. Theoverall requirements of the Standard are met.Positive remarks (P): Comments made when a requirement was seen to be particularly well established and effective.Rev.: 2 - 12/06/20102

American Global Standards Confidential Audit ReportISO 9001:20154. The following processes / clauses were .3Internal AuditsXXXXXXXXXXXXXX----X*XXX*XXXXXManagement ReviewXXXXXXXXXXXXXX----X*XXX*XXXXXDocumented MainProcesses:XXXXXXXXXXXXXX----X*XXX*XXXXXSupport Proc.See Document ID listInternal AuditsXXXXXXXXXXXXXX----X*XXX*XXXXXCorrective Action---------------------------Preventive Action---------------------------Rev.: 2 - 12/06/20103

American Global Standards Confidential Audit ReportISO 9001:20154. Changes since the last audit:Since the last audit, the following significant changes were introduced: Quality Manual System reviewed & approved. All Polices & Procedures reviewed & approved. Changes/Improvements that could affect the QMS: Context of the organization, PFMEA Suppliers, PFMEAContractors & QMS Record Matrix. Internal Audit Reports: There were no CAs opened in 2019, reviewed 2018 CAPA Report. CustomerSatisfaction is monitored & measured by Cortec CHQ. Supplier Approval & Review are also done throughCortec CHQ. Outputs from the Management Review were positive & provided risks & opportunities for moreimprovement. There haven’t been any changes since last audit. This process conforms to the standard & CBCsrequirements. Quality Assurance: On time shipments 100% - Corporate goal is 100%. Total shipments 66 – No lateshipments. No Product Returns to report. All Corrective Actions for 2019 have been reviewed & closed. Training: Confined Space Awareness; Blood Borne Pathogens; AWAIR; HAZCOM; Fire Prevention & SafetyTraining; Emergency Action Plan; No Customer Complaints to report.* Organization must notify the AGS Lead Auditor of all future significant changes made to the approvedmanagement system.5. SummaryThe audit team was able to verify the effectiveness of the management system in the audited areas by reviewing selectedmanagement system documents and records. Management Meeting Minutes dated January 22, 2020 Internal Audit Reports dated December 09, 2019 thru January 07, 2020 Reviewed & Approved on February 11, 2020 ISO 9001:2015 Certificate Expires on February 26, 2020Departments audited are listed on the audit plan.Rev.: 2 - 12/06/20104

American Global Standards Confidential Audit ReportISO 9001:20156. Audit resultsyesnon/a1.Correction and Corrective Action for Nonconformities identified during this audit weresubmitted and found to be acceptable.2. The audit team evaluated the corrective action taken for all Nonconformities fromXXthe previous audit.3. The effectiveness of the management system was assessed by Internal Audits and theresults were supplied to Management Review.X4. The auditors determined that the management system is effective in ensuring that agreedrequirements for any product or service supplied are met.X5. Documentation contains a statement for Quality Policy, measurableXgoals and documented methods for their achievement.6.A central Management Review was carried out at least once annually.X7. The central Management Review addresses the internal audit results from allXlocations. (multiple-site only).8. The AGS auditors evaluated internal audit records for all locations under the scopeXof the certification. (multiple-site only).9. A single quality management system exists for all locations. The management system ismanaged centrally. (multiple-site only).10. The organization has a method of collecting customer feedback, including customerXXcomplaints. The data is evaluated and corrective / preventive measures aretaken.11. Minor nonconformities from the last audit were checked and the measures takenXwere seen to be effective.12. The auditors checked the use of the certification and AGS mark. (e.g., in marketingliterature / internet). All uses are acceptable.X13. The auditor(s) was/were convinced of the qualification and professional experienceXof those employees who were interviewed / whose records were supplied duringthe audit.Rev.: 2 - 12/06/20105

American Global Standards Confidential Audit ReportISO 9001:2015yes14. The authority and position of these employees were clearly defined.X15. The organization provides resources for the improvement and maintenance of theXnon/amanagement system as well as for increased customer satisfaction.16. The organization ensures continual improvement of the management system andXcustomer satisfaction by measuring, analyses and actions.17. The organization's internal audit program can be relied upon to ensure that theXmanagement system is effective and that requirements are being met.18. If a Repeat Audit, information over the past 3 years indicates positive trends andXimprovement in the management system's effectiveness.19. When responding to AGS nonconformities the organization considered correctionXand corrective action for all sites and not just the site where the nonconformitywas identified.(multiple-site only).Note: If any answer is "no", enter details below in Section 7 Action ListRev.: 2 - 12/06/20106

American Global Standards Confidential Audit ReportISO 9001:2015N/CTypeDescription of nonconformity MUST include:Requirement,Nonconformity Statement,and Objective EvidenceC/ADueDate(s)Cause Analysis of thecompany Correctionand Corrective Action(may referenceattached internalcorrective action)None RequiredMaj./Min.C/AImplementedProcessC/A PlanAcceptedClauseNumberN/C CorrectedAction ListRequirement:Description of N/C:Supporting Audit Evidence:Requirement:Description of N/C:Supporting Audit Evidence:Date: February 11, 2020AGS Representative: Jeff PorterClient Management Rep: Debbie HannanRev.: 2 - 12/06/20107