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ivCCNA Data Center DCICT 640-916 Official Cert GuideAbout the AuthorsNavaid Shamsee, CCIE No.12625, is a senior solutions architect in the Cisco Servicesorganization. He holds a master’s degree in telecommunication and a bachelor’s degreein electrical engineering. He also holds a triple CCIE in routing and switching, serviceprovider, and data center technologies. Navaid has extensive experience in designing andimplementing many large-scale enterprise and service provider data centers. In Cisco,Navaid is focused on security of data center, cloud, and software-defined networkingtechnologies. You can reach Navaid on Twitter: @NavaidShamsee.David Klebanov, CCIE No.13791 (Routing and Switching) is a technical solutionsarchitect with Cisco Systems. David has more than 15 years of diverse industryexperience architecting and deploying complex network environments. In his work,David influences strategic development of the industry-leading data center switchingplatforms, which lay the foundation for the next generation of data center fabrics. Davidalso takes great pride in speaking at industry events, releasing publications, and workingon patents. You can reach David on Twitter: @DavidKlebanov.Hesham Fayed, CCIE No.9303 (Routing and Switching/Data Center), is a consultingsystems engineer for data center and virtualization based in California. Hesham hasbeen with Cisco for more than 9 years and has 18 years of experience in the computerindustry, working with service providers and large enterprises. His main focus is workingwith customers in the western region of the United States to address their challenges bydoing end-to-end data center architectures.Ahmed Afrose is a solutions architect with the Cisco Cloud and IT Transformation(CITT) services organization. He is responsible for providing architectural designguidance and leading complex multitech service deliveries. Furthermore, he is involvedin demonstrating the Cisco value propositions in cloud software, application automation,software-defined data centers, and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). He isexperienced in server operating systems and virtualization technologies and holdsvarious certifications. Ahmed has a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. Hestarted his career with Sun Microsystem-based technologies and has 15 years of diverseexperience in the industry. He was also directly responsible for setting up Cisco UCSAdvanced Services delivery capabilities while evangelizing the product in the region.Ozden Karakok, CCIE No. 6331, is a technical leader from the data center productsand technologies team in the Technical Assistant Center (TAC). Ozden has been withCisco Systems for 15 years and specializes in storage area and data center networks.Prior to joining Cisco, Ozden spent five years working for a number of Cisco’s largecustomers in various telecommunication roles. Ozden is a Cisco Certified InternetworkExpert in routing and switching, SNA/IP, and storage. She holds VCP and ITILcertifications and is a frequent speaker at Cisco and data center events. She holds adegree in computer engineering from Istanbul Bogazici University. Currently, sheworks on Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and enjoys being a mother of twowonderful kids.9781587144226 Shamsee.indb iv1/28/15 6:25 PM

vAbout the Technical ReviewerFrank Dagenhardt, CCIE No. 42081, is a systems engineer for Cisco, focusingprimarily on data center architectures in commercial select accounts. Frank has morethan 19 years of experience in information technology and holds certifications fromHP, Microsoft, Citrix, and Cisco. A Cisco veteran of more than eight years, he workswith customers daily, designing, implementing, and supporting end-to-end architecturesand solutions, such as workload mobility, business continuity, and cloud/orchestrationservices. In recent months, he has been focusing on Tier 1 applications, including VDI,Oracle, and SAP. He presented on the topic of UCS/VDI at Cisco Live 2013. Whennot thinking about data center topics, Frank can be found backpacking, kayaking, or athome spending time with his wife Sansi and sons Frank and Everett.9781587144226 Shamsee.indb v1/28/15 6:25 PM

viCCNA Data Center DCICT 640-916 Official Cert GuideDedicationsNavaid Shamsee: To my parents, for their guidance and prayers. To my wife, Hareem, forher love and support, and to my children, Ahasn, Rida, and Maria.David Klebanov: This book is dedicated to my beautiful wife, Tanya, and our two wonderfuldaughters, Lia and Maya. You fill my life with great joy and make everything worth doing!In the words of a song: “Everything I do, I do it for you.” This book is also dedicated to allof you who relentlessly pursue the path of becoming Cisco-certified professionals. Throughyour dedication you build your own success. You are the industry leaders!Hesham Fayed: This book is dedicated to my lovely wife, Eman, and my beautiful children,Ali, Laila, Hamza, Fayrouz, and Farouk. Thank you for your understanding and support,especially when I was working on the book during our vacation to meet deadlines. Withoutyour support and encouragement I would never have been able to finish this book. I can’tforget to acknowledge my parents; your guidance, education, and making me always strive tobe better is what helped in my journey.Ahmed Afrose: I dedicate this book to my parents, Hilal and Faiziya. Without them, none ofthis would have been possible, and also to those people who are deeply curious and advocateself advancement.Ozden Karakok: To my loving husband, Tom, for his endless support, encouragement, andlove. Merci beaucoup, Askim.To Remi and Mira, for being the most incredible miracles of my life and being my numberone source of happiness.To my wonderful parents, who supported me in every chapter of my life and are aninspiration for life.To my awesome sisters, Gulden and Cigdem, for their unconditional support and loving mejust the way I am.To the memory of Steve Ritchie, for being the best mentor ever.9781587144226 Shamsee.indb vi1/28/15 6:25 PM

viiAcknowledgementsTo my co-authors, Afrose, David, Hesham, and Ozden: Thank you for your hard work anddedication. It was my pleasure and honor to work with such a great team of co-authors.Without your support, this book would not have been possible.To our technical reviewer, Frank Dagenhardt: Thank you for providing us with your valuablefeedback and suggestions. Your input helped us improve the quality and accuracy of thecontent.To Mary Beth Ray, Ellie Bru, Tonya Simpson, and the Cisco Press team: A big thank you tothe entire Cisco Press team for all their support in getting this book published. Special thanksto Mary Beth and Ellie for keeping us on track and guiding us in the journey of writing thisbook.—Navaid ShamseeMy deepest gratitude goes to all the people who have shared my journey over the years andwho have inspired me to always strive for more. I have been truly blessed to have workedwith the most talented group of individuals.—David KlebanovI’d like to thank my co-authors Navaid, Afrose, Ozden, and David for working as a teamto complete this project. A special thanks goes to Navaid for asking me to be a part of thisbook. Afrose, thank you for stepping in to help me complete Chapter 18 so we could meetthe deadline; really, thank you.Mary Beth and Ellie, thank you both for your patience and support through my firstpublication. It has been an honor working with you both, and I have learned a lot during thisprocess.I want to thank my family for their support and patience while I was working on this book.I know it was not nice, especially on holidays and weekends, when I had to stay to work onthe book rather than taking you out.—Hesham Fayed9781587144226 Shamsee.indb vii1/28/15 6:25 PM

viiiCCNA Data Center DCICT 640-916 Official Cert GuideThe creation of this book, my first publication, has certainly been a tremendous experience,a source of inspiration, and a whirlwind of activity. I do hope to impart more knowledgeand experience in the future on different pertinent topics in this ever-changing world of datacenter technologies and practices.Navaid Shamsee has been a good friend and colleague. I am so incredibly thankful to him forthis awesome opportunity. He has helped me achieve a milestone in my career by offeringme the opportunity to be associated with this publication and the world-renowned CiscoPress.I’m humbled by this experienced and talented team of co-authors: Navaid, David, Hesham,and Ozden. I enjoyed working with a team of like-minded professionals.I am also thankful to all our professional editors, especially Mary Beth Ray and Ellie Bru fortheir patience and guidance every step of the way. A big thank you to all the folks involvedin production, publishing, and bringing this book to the shelves.I would also like to thank our technical reviewer, Frank Dagenhardt, for his keenness andattention to detail; it helped gauge depth, consistency, and improved the quality of thematerial overall for the readers.And last, but not least, a special thanks to my girlfriend, Anna, for understanding all thehours I needed to spend over my keyboard almost ignoring her. You still cared, kept meenergized, and encouraged me with a smile. You were always in my mind; thanks for thesupport, honey.—Ahmed AfroseThis book would never have become a reality without the help, support, and advice of a greatnumber of people.I would like to thank my great co-authors Navaid, David, Afrose, and Hesham. Thank you foryour excellent collaboration, hard work, and priceless time. I truly enjoy working with eachone of you. I really appreciate Navaid taking the lead and being the glue of this diverse team.It was a great pleasure and honor working with such professional engineers. It would havebeen impossible to finish this book without your support.To our technical reviewer, Frank Dagenhardt: Thank you for providing us with your valuablefeedback, suggestions, hard work, and quick turnaround. Your excellent input helped usimprove the quality and accuracy of the content. It was a great pleasure for all of us to workwith you.To Mary Beth, Ellie, and the Cisco Press team: A big thank you to the entire Cisco Press teamfor al