Planning Template1IntroductionDigital marketing strategyDay 1:PLANDay 2:REACHContentsIntroduction. 4Day 3:ACTWelcome.4Some general advice to keep in mind when planning.5Creating a structure for your plan.5ONE. PLAN: Create a digital marketing strategy. 7Day 4:CONVERTOpportunity: Review marketplace and set objectives.7Strategy: Create digital strategy.7Action: Implement and manage digital marketing communications.7Using SOSTAC planning.7TWO. REACH: Grow your audience online. 9Day 5:ENGAGEOpportunity: Define your online audience potential.9Strategy: Select the best communications options.9Action: Optimise your digital communications.9THREE. ACT: Encourage brand interactions and leads. 10FOUR. CONVERT: Increase sales through optimisation. 11Opportunity: Review focus to increase conversion to sale . 11Action: Manage continuous improvement of conversion. 112Digital marketing planning template Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Limited. Please go to to feedback or access our other guides.!RecommendedResourcesOpportunity: Identify best options to increase lead conversion.10Strategy: Prioritise content marketing and customer journeys.10Action: Manage content marketing and lead generation.10

FIVE. ENGAGE: Build customer loyalty and advocacy. 12Opportunity: Review potential to increase customer activity levels. 12Strategy: Define plan to improve customer retention and engagement. 12Action: Implement customer communications.12Benchmark your capabilities compared to your competitors. 13All the best for your journey to make the most of digital marketing. 13About our 7 Steps digital marketing guides. 17IntroductionRESOURCES: Tools to help you create and implement your plans.13Day 1:PLANDay 2:REACHDay 3:ACTDay 4:CONVERTDay 5:ENGAGERecommendedResources3Digital marketing planning template Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Limited. Please go to to feedback or access our other guides.!

IntroductionHow to use this RACE Planning TemplateThanks for downloading this Smart Insights template. We hope you find it useful whencreating plans to make more better use of the fantastic opportunities available from digitalmarketing. It’s a sample of a wider selection of our advice for marketers including 7 StepsEbooks; online training courses; how-to-videos and marketing templates. See the full rangeof content used by our Expert members.Day 1:PLANOur recent research showed1 that shockingly, many organisations are doing digitalmarketing, but they don’t have a strategy. The reality is that digital channels are still relativelynew, so many businesses haven’t responded. We found that a majority of organisationsresponding now use a planned approach to digital marketing, but many still don’t.1IntroductionWelcomeDay 2:REACHDay 3:ACTDay 4:CONVERTMake sure your digital plan is well integrated with all marketing communications and alignswith your business objectives.1 Smart Insights Managing Digital Marketing 2014 research report (available to all members)4Digital marketing planning template Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Limited. Please go to to feedback or access our other guides.!RecommendedResourcesStrategy Recommendation 1 Create a specific digital marketing plan!Create a detailed digital marketing plan defining the digital channel strategy for each majormarket / proposition to provide focus and direction for the future.Day 5:ENGAGECongratulations on taking steps to improve your digital strategy! We believe that you need tofirst define a separate digital plan to make the case for more investment in digital marketingand change your approach to managing digital marketing. Then move to a better integratedapproach where it’s part of your marketing strategy.

Some general advice to keep in mind when planningþþ Start with the customer. Build your plan around customer insights and needs –not around your products and tactics.1IntroductionDigital marketing planning is no different to any other marketing plan, in fact it’sincreasingly strange to have separate plans for ‘digital’ and ‘offline’ since that’s not howyour customers perceive your business. However, we’re often required to separateplans for “digital” only based on the way teams and reporting is structured and to makethe business case for transformation to digital business so that it can become part of“business as usual”.þþ Keep it flexible. Situations and plans change, especially online, so ensure plansare usable by a clear vision for the year and keeping detail to a shorter term 90-dayfocus.Day 1:PLANþþ Set realistic goals. Include specific SMART objectives in your plans but keep themrealistic by basing them on insights from your analytics, so they’re easy for others tobuy into.þþ Keep it Simple! “Jargon light” is best. Again it helps others buy into what you’resaying.Creating a structure for your planDay 2:REACHþþ Keep plans up-to-date. Review and update regularly. We recommend 90-dayplanning of key activities and review against analytics dashboards.Knowing where to start is often the hardest thing when writing a digital marketing plan.So once you have a structure / framework to follow in a table of contents, it’s thenalmost a matter of filling in the gaps.Day 3:ACTAt Smart Insights we developed the RACETM planning system to help create actionableplans that improve commercial results using integrated digital communications basedon marketplace insight and analytics. Our inbound marketing infographic recommendsactivities and KPIs to use in the table for each stage of RACE.Day 4:CONVERTDay 5:ENGAGERecommendedResources5Digital marketing planning template Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Limited. Please go to to feedback or access our other guides.!

Use the interactive version of the RACE Planning framework at tonavigate to our advice on our free hub pages for each key digital marketing activity. We havedeveloped hub pages as a ‘one-stop shop’ covering all the key areas of modern marketing.They feature our member advice and the latest guidance and stats from our blog posts tohelp keep you up-to-date and inform your strategy.Creating a brief, focused digital planþþ Opportunity. Quantifiable SMART objectives based on your analytics and marketinsights. State your assumptions and what informs your objectives.Day 1:PLANYour plan will be most effective in showing the actions needed if it’s brief. We recommendusing the single page summary shown on the next page. For each part of RACETM use thistable to summarise the key points of your plan:1IntroductionThis template is structured using RACETM digital marketing planning system, but you will alsofind PR Smith’s SOSTAC planning tool which we cover in the next section useful.þþ Strategy. Where you will focus your resources and investment to hit your targets.þþ Action. Managing tasks to implement your strategies.Actions1. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr2. Reach.3. Act.4. Convert.5. Engage.Day 4:CONVERTStrategiesDay 3:ACTOpportunityDay 2:REACHRACE activityDay 5:ENGAGESee our digital marketing plan examples downloads for examples of how to create yoursummary action plans.6Digital marketing planning template Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Limited. Please go to to feedback or access our other guides.!RecommendedResourcesRecommended resource? Digital marketing strategy toolkit templates for Expert membersDevelop your strategy using our Digital marketing toolkit templates to prepare acustomised plan. Amend the unbranded Word, Excel and Powerpoint templates to create aplan for your business or your clients’ businesses.

ONE. PLANCreate a digital marketing strategyIntroductionOpportunity: Review marketplace and set objectivesThere are 5 key activities to define your digital opportunity through marketplace analysis:rr 1. Set objectives and review performance using summary dashboards and KPIsrr 2. Customer insight summarised in customer personas and customer journey mapsrr 4. Review influencer and intermediaries2Day 1:PLANrr 3. Benchmark competitorsrr 5. Audit brand strength with the marketplaceStrategy: Create digital strategyrr Select target market segments and personas. Define digital targeting approaches.Day 2:REACHReview how your digital proposition and communicate it using digital targeting techniques:rr Define your online value proposition (OVP) including review of business and revenuemodel, brand positioning and integration with traditional channels.Day 3:ACTrr Review marketing mix for options to vary the 4Ps of Product, Price, Promotion and Place.Action: Implement and manage digital marketing communicationsOptimise your digital communications across all key customer touchpoints:rr Act: Using content marketing and persuasion to prompt brand interaction and leads.rr Convert: Use conversion rate optimisation to boost online and offline sales.Day 4:CONVERTrr Reach: Build your audience by integrating paid, owned and earned media.rr Engage: Develop customer loyalty and repeat sales.PR Smith’s SOSTAC Planning System gives a great framework for business or marketingplans since it’s simple and logical, so it’s easy to remember and to explain plans tocolleagues or agencies. We recommend the simplicity of Opportunity Strategy Action.7Digital marketing planning template Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Limited. Please go to to feedback or access our other guides.!RecommendedResourcesWhat is it? SOSTAC SOSTAC is a planning process framework to help structure and manage implementation ofplans. It stands for Situation, Objectives and Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control originallydeveloped by PR Smith for marketing communications planning. In their book EmarketingExcellence Dave Chaffey and Paul Smith have adapted the SOSTAC framework to apply itto digital marketing as shown in the infographic on the next page.Day 5:ENGAGEUsing SOSTAC planning

IntroductionDay 1:PLAN2Day 2:REACHDay 3:ACTDay 4:CONVERTDay 5:ENGAGERecommendedResources8Digital marketing planning template Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Limited. Please go to to feedback or access our other guides.!

TWO. REACHGrow your audience onlineIntroductionOpportunity: Define your online audience potentialSet realistic targets for building traffic, awareness and social media followersrr Define dashboard to review effectiveness of current digital media in analyticsrr Review current use of digital media and opportunities to improveDay 1:PLANrr Set VQVC (volume, quality, value, cost) objectives using conversion budget modelsStrategy: Select the best communications optionsYour online customer acquisition strategy should:rr Define key brand messages to grow audience awareness, familiarity and purchase intentrr Develop content marketing approach3Day 2:REACHrr Select relevant targeting approachesrr Define channel integrationrr Prioritise where you will spend, summarised using a media plan and budgetDay 3:ACTAction: Optimise your digital communicationsWork on optimising the key digital communications for your business:rr Optimise SEOrr Review opportunities from Display AdvertisingDay 4:CONVERTrr Optimise or review relevance of Google AdWords (paid search)rr Review relevance of affiliate and partner marketingrr Social media marketing optimisationþþ Google Adwords Paid Search 7 Steps Guideþþ Social media marketing 7 Steps GuideWe also have in-depth guides on marketing using all the major social networks.9Digital marketing planning template Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Limited. Please go to to feedback or access our other guides.!RecommendedResourcesþþ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 7 Steps GuideDay 5:ENGAGERecommended resource? Search and social media marketing guidesWe believe that search and social media marketing are the most important channels forgrowing your audience cost-effectively. See our detailed 7 Step Guides to these channelsfor a DIY approach to improving their effectiveness or reviewing with your agency/clients:

THREE. ACTEncourage brand interactions and leadsIntroductionOpportunity: Identify best options to increase lead conversionrr Review customer journeys for desktop and mobile sitesrr Review social media and mobile marketing platform engagementrr Define goals and dashbo