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Water DistributionNozzlesSpiralTarget Crossflow NozzlesnnnnnnSnap-onOrificePatented designThe standard in crossflow nozzledesignAvailable in 3 lengths tofit virtually every structuralconfiguration13 orifice diameters availablefor optimum performanceadjustmentsNo moving partsWide range of adjustments inwater flow rateThe Marley SpiralTarget nozzle is aninjection molded polypropylene unitconsisting of two parts—the main bodywith integral target diffuser and a snapon insert or orifice cap.The orifice cap is available in 13diameters ranging from .362" through1.099". This amount of flexibility allowsfor a wide range of adjustment in waterflow rates and basin water levels.The Spiral Target nozzle is availablein three lengths. The 2.625" nozzle isused on wood, steel, and fiberglasscooling towers where basin supportstructure does not obstruct the releaseof water. The 4.875" nozzle is used onlarger industrial wood and concretecooling towers and on applicationswhere clogging might be a concern.The 6.875" nozzle is used on towerswhere the release of the water hasto clear obstructions within the towerstructure.In every application the target portionof the nozzle should be located at thecorrect distance above the top of thecooling tower fill to obtain maximumwater distribution over the fill area.1 800 462 7539Maintenance Know HowWhen cleaning basinsavoid using a round dowelto clean nozzles. In mostcases the “daisy” at theend of the nozzle will beknocked off which willdestroy the distributionperformance of the nozzle.Best practice is to removethe nozzle for cleaning.5

Water DistributionNozzlesNX Crossflow NozzlennnThe Marley NX nozzle is used onlyon splash-fill crossflow towers whereobjects in the water supply createblockage in smaller nozzles.A truly “clog-resistant” crossflownozzleNozzles are spaced on nominal2'-0" centers1.875" and 2.5" orifice diametersavailableThe NX nozzle is the ideal solutionfor overflowing basin problems due toclogged nozzles in splash-fill, industrialcrossflow cooling towers.NX nozzles are injection-molded,high-impact black polypropylene. Eachnozzle is a single assembly with nomoving parts.Buy Marley Parts.com6

Water DistributionNozzlesNS7 Counterflow NozzlesnnnnAvailable in two sizesEasily removed for cleaningNo moving partsWide range of adjustments inwater flow rateNS7 Nozzle with Turbulator installedThe Marley NS7 counterflow nozzleis an injection molded polypropyleneunit consisting of two parts—the mainassembly with integral turbulatorand an EDPM rubber grommet. NS7nozzles are designed to economicallyprovide desired thermal performanceat low spray heights typical of factoryassembled cooling towersNS7 nozzles are produced in two sizes.The NS7-150 has a nominal insert ODof 11 2" and the NS7-200 has a nominalinsert OD of 2". Recommended sprayheight above the fill is between 7" and15". NS7 grommets are made fromEDPM rubber with a durometer ratingbetween 45 and 50.1 800 462 7539NS7 EDPM Grommet7

Water DistributionNozzlesNS5 and NS6 Counterflow NozzlesnnnnnPatented designEasy to install—no tools requiredto install into adaptor pipesClog resistantNo moving partsSelf drainingMarley NS5A NozzleCooling Tower Know HowQWhy are theretwo styles ofcounterflow NS nozzles?ATypically the NS5is used in mostlocations. The NS6 willhandle higher GPMs andis used in areas whereobstructions limit the useof NS5 nozzles.Marley NS6 NozzleThe orifice sizes (1"-3.5") of MarleyNS nozzles are large enough thatmany competitive nozzles will actuallyfit inside a Marley nozzle. Marleycounterflow nozzles have no internalparts or narrow passageways. Theattached diffusion ring will not retaineven fibrous debris.Buy Marley“Full cone” distribution pattern assuresuniform water distribution for all filmfills. Minimal spray overlap is required,providing uniform water distributioneven near spray boundaries. Marley NScounterflow nozzles develop uniformwater distribution over a wide range ofoperating water pressures.8

Water DistributionNozzlesCounterflow Distribution AssemblynnnnnnSelf DrainingEconomical InstallationEconomical OperationEasy disassembly andReassemblyLarger pipe spacingEasily adapts to a variety ofnozzle spacingsSpray Arm Extender AdapterEPDM GrommetAssembly of the entire systemrequires only a few simple hand tools.All connections are positive—yet thedesign allows repeated disassemblyand reassembly.The nozzle outlet is always the lowestelevation in the distribution system. Thisarrangement is self draining when thesupply water is shut off. There are nospecial valves to open or close.Nozzles are installed in pairs—eachsupply pipe serving multiple pairs ofnozzles. Multiple nozzle pairs per supplypipe mean larger pipe spacing and,therefore, lower installed cost thanmost other systems. The adaptor allowsnozzle spacing on 3'-0" centers.The nozzle assembly is attached tothe header/lateral using a uniquedesign EPDM grommet that is insertedinto the pipe—the entire assembly isattached with stainless steel strapping.1 800 462 75399

Water DistributionLegacy NozzlesLegacy Product NozzlesCooling Tower Know HowIn most cases it makessense to replace olderdesign nozzles withmodern current designs.Buy Marley Parts.com10

Water DistributionValvesHC Crossflow ValvesThe HC Valve has inspired manyimitators—only Marley can offeryou the original:nnnnnnCast iron bodyCast iron operating barCast iron locking barStainless steel stemNeoprene joint gasket and set forfloating valve discEconomical compared to aseparate valve and elbowStandard HC ValveValve Size6" DiameterFlanged HC ValveHC valve body proportions and thearrangement of internal parts providea low discharge velocity and confinesplash, resulting in low pressure drop.Capacity [email protected] 5 [email protected] FPS4258508" Diameter750150010" Diameter1200240012" Diameter1750350014" Diameter2350470016" Diameter3000600018" Diameter4000800020" Diameter500010000The valve closure disc has a machinedlip which closes on a heavy neoprenegasket, avoiding maintenance ofexpensive metal seats. In a shut-offposition, the stem and yoke are externalto the water, eliminating the necessityof valve stem packing.1 800 462 7539The greatly simplified design ensureslong trouble-free operation with nocostly repairs or maintenance.11

Water DistributionValvesWater Make-Up Float ValvesnnnnnnHeavy duty red brass bodyconstructionBuna rubber seal disc assurespositive shut-offFree flow outletFully adjustableAvailable from 3/8" through 2"diametersFloats available in polypropyleneor copperDesigned specifically for cooling towerduty, Marley make-up water float valvesprovide long life with little maintenance.Typically, valves are available incomplete kits which include valve, floatarm and float in kits to fit a specificapplication.When installed some trial and erroradjustment of the float valve may berequired to balance the makeup waterwith tower operation. Ideally, the floatvalve setting will be such that no wateris wasted through the overflow atpump shutdown. However, the waterlevel after pump start-up must bedeep enough to assure positive pumpsuction.Maintenance Know HowMaintain inlet waterpressure at or below 50psig to ensure long valveseal life.Buy Marley Parts.com12

Water DistributionFRP BasinDuraLast FRP Hot Water BasinMarley DuraLast FRP Basins offermany advantages compared towood basins:nnnnnnnnCorrosion resistantExtremely stableFire resistantEasy installation–idealreplacement for wood basinsHigh strengthLight WeightNo preservative treatmentchemicalsFasteners hidden by successiveinterlocking panelsYour hot water basin can be a rugged,light weight basin of Marley DuraLastfiberglass composite material.Pultruded fiberglass composite is anideal material for the wet, corrosivecooling tower environment. It’s strongand lightweight. Yet, it will not corrodefrom chemical exposure or moisture,and it resists deterioration fromsunlight.Our experience with compositesdates back to the early 1950s. Now,the