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AGENDA AT A GLANCEWednesday, September 2310:00am: First Wave of Pre-RecordedSessions1:00pm: Live Keynote PresentationsThursday, September 2410:00am: Second Wave of PreRecorded SessionsBEST PRACTICES 2020 ONLINE EVENT!The Best Practices 2020 ONLINE EVENT! will take place September 23-24. The eventwill produce LIVE Keynote Presentations and Forums plus hours of pre-recorded sessionsfeaturing leading experts from around the world.FREE for all to register at, this is a great opportunity for maintenanceteams, energy managers, specifying engineers and sales engineers to receive training(and PDH hours)!5 Event TracksTrack 1: Compressed Air Technology Fundamentals & Maintenance1:00pm: Live Keynote PresentationsTrack 2: Compressed Air System Energy Conservation3:00pm: Live Discussion ForumTrack 3: Industrial Blower & Vacuum Fundamentals & System OptimizationNote: All times listed are U.S. ESTTrack 4: Aeration Blower Sizing & SpecificationsTrack 5: Chiller, Cooling Tower and Water Treatment Fundamentals & SpecificationsSAVE THE DATES ON YOUR CALENDAR! Register for FREE at cabpexpo.comTECHNOLOGY/SYSTEM ASSESSMENT SPONSORSDIAMONDPLATINUMGOLDSILVER

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COLUMNS0 8 / 2 0FROM THE EDITORA Midwest-based plastic extruder is growing, thanks to their high-performance polymers. Theirageing 250 ton air-cooled central chiller plant, critical to the quality and reliability of the extrusionlines, struggled to keep up with demand and became maintenance intensive. A new 345 ton aircooled central chiller plant was installed, after an extensive analysis. Our own Mike Grennier hadthe opportunity to interview the team at CASCO USA, who did the system assessment and installation.The extrusion lines are now well-equipped to support more growth!Water Treatment & Cooling System Assessment FeaturesU.S. Flue-Cured Tobacco Growers (USFCTG) operate out of Timberlake, North Carolina wherethey produce as many as eight billion cigarettes per year. Their air washer systems are criticalto tobacco processing and are a significant user of cooling water. The cooling system consists ofthree chillers: a 1,250-ton Trane , a 370-ton McQuay and a 275-ton York chiller and three SPXCooling Technology Marley evaporative cooling towers. Our story is about how USFCTG’s focuson sustainability led them to replace their chemical water treatment program with an innovativeall-natural solution using moss.The proper maintenance of cooling towers is a huge factor for maintaining plant uptime and processquality. Jon Southworth, from Cambridge Water Screen Systems, has sent us an interesting articleabout the benefits, to reliability and uptime, of using traveling (vs. stationary) water screen systems.Best Practices EXPO & Conference AnnouncementsPlease consider reserving portions of September 23-24, 2020 for the Best Practices 2020 ONLINEEVENT! Free for all to register at, this is a great opportunity for maintenanceteams, specifying engineers and sales engineers to receive training (and PDH hours)! We will offerLIVE Online Forums and Keynotes, plus hours of pre-recorded sessions.We have announced the postponement of the Best Practices 2020 Expo & Conference toNovember 2-4, 2021. It will be held at the same venue – the Schaumburg Convention Centerlocated in Chicago’s convenient outskirts near O’Hare International Airport.Thank you for investing your time and efforts intoChiller & Cooling Best Practices.ROD SMITHEditor, tel: 412-980-9901, [email protected] MEDIA PARTNERS4coolingbestpractices.comIndustrial Energy ManagersCooling Tower & Chiller FeaturesWhen do you specify water-cooled vs. air-cooled central plant chillers? In her article, “The Impactof Water Utility Rates on Chiller Selection,” Judith Peters from Daikin Applied Americas, examinestraditional metrics like kW/ton and discusses other metrics used less often – like water treatmentand wastewater costs associated with cooling towers.Cooling System AssessmentsSummer is in full swing and we hope you are finding time to get outdoors. Ourteam here wishes all of our readers safety and sanity during this unique periodin our lives. We are all working from home very productively and hope to lookback upon this as a time when we actually improved some processes.CHILLER & COOLING BEST PRACTICESEDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARDDoug BarndtManager, Demand Side BallEnergy-SustainabilityCorporationBhaskar DusiCorporate EnergyManagerCEMEX USARichard FeustelSenior Energy AdvisorLeidosWilliam JeraldEnergy ManagerCalPortlandKurt e MarshallCorporate EnergyEngineerGeneral MillsBrett Rasmussen Senior Utilities EngineerNissan NorthAmericaBrandon AitkenEngineering ManagerBlackhawkEquipmentHoward KielarManaging DirectorMTA USAE. MichaelOstermeierVice President SalesApexEngineeringProductsLachlanGeneral ManagerRichmond-Smith ControlsMark RoganSr. VP Sales &MarketingSmardt ChillerGroupArctic ChillerGroupRegister at www.cabpexpo.comAGENDA AT A GLANCEWednesday, September 2310:00am: First Wave of Pre-RecordedSessions1:00pm: Live Keynote PresentationsThursday, September 2410:00am: Second Wave of PreRecorded Sessions1:00pm: Live Keynote Presentations3:00pm: Live Discussion ForumNote: All times listed are U.S. EST

COLUMNS0 8 / 2 0 INDUSTRIAL COOLING SYSTEM NEWSBest Practices 2020 EXPO &Conference Postponed Until 2021,ONLINE EVENT! Scheduled forSeptemberThe producer of the Best Practices 2020EXPO & Conference has announced the eventdevoted exclusively to optimizing on-siteutilities powering modern plant automationhas been postponed until November 2-4, 2021.The event will take place at the same venue asthe one planned for 2020 at the RenaissanceSchaumburg Convention Center in Chicago,Illinois. Rod Smith, Producer and Publisherof Best Practices EXPO & Magazines, saidthe Best Practices 2020 EXPO & Conferencewas postponed due to continued uncertaintyassociated with the COVID-19 virus.Smith said enthusiasm remains high citingorganizations like the Compressed Air & GasInstitute (CAGI) and Compressed Air Challenge(CAC) who have confirmed their continuedparticipation in the 2021 event, includingon-site CAGI Compressed Air System Specialistexaminations and CAC Level 1 and Level 2Training Courses.In a related announcement, the Best Practices2020 ONLINE EVENT! will be held September23-24, 2020. The online event will feature livekeynote presentations, a discussion forum andhours of pre-recorded sessions from expertsthroughout the industry.“The decision to postpone the 2020 BestPractices EXPO & Conference is in the bestinterest of all attendees who planned to attendour rapidly growing annual event,” Smith said.“Our discussions with event sponsors havebeen very well received with the overwhelmingmajority signing up for a fantastic event in2021. At the same time, we’re excited to offerthe Best Practices 2020 ONLINE EVENT! Thisis a great opportunity for maintenance teams,energy managers, specifying engineers andsales engineers to receive training (and PDHhours)! Registration is FREE to all!”As with past in-person events, the BestPractices 2020 ONLINE EVENT! will includehighly informative educational tracks dedicatedto specific industry topics, including:pTrack 1: Compressed Air TechnologyFundamentals & MaintenancepTrack 2: Compressed Air System Energy& Cooling Water ConservationpTrack 3: Industrial Blower & VacuumFundamentals & System OptimizationpTrack 4: Aeration Blower Sizing& SpecificationspTrack 5: Chiller, Cooling Towerand Water Treatment Fundamentals& SpecificationsTo learn about the full schedule of plannedactivities and register for the Best Practices2020 ONLINE EVENT! visit /online-event/.About Best Practices EXPO & ConferenceThe Best Practices EXPO & Conference is anevent devoted exclusively to optimizing on-siteutilities powering modern plant automation.The event hosts more than 100 exhibitorsand a multi-track conference programfeaturing industry experts willing to share“Best Practices” in deploying leaders whohave profitably deployed energy and waterconservation measures. For more informationon the Best Practices EXPO & Conference,please visit Best Practices ONLINE EVENT! is scheduledfor September 23-24, 2020.Nidec Global Appliance AcquiresDelta CompressorsNidec Global Appliance, a division of NidecCorporation, acquired the Delta productionline from Secop Austria on June 1, afterobtaining approval from the EuropeanCommission. The transaction, started in2019, includes the operations related tothe development, manufacturing and sales ofDelta compressors, executed in the siteof Fürstenfeld, Austria.“The final approval of the acquisition isan important milestone to strengthen ourcompressors business globally. We are lookingforward to taking the first steps to integrateFürstenfeld into our global footprint,” saidValter Taranzano, CEO of Nidec GlobalAppliance.With headquarters in Italy and Brazil,Nidec Global Appliance combines thesynergies between brands and productsfor the appliances industry worldwide.The incorporation of Delta line enhancesthe existing portfolio of fixed and variablespeed compressors for home appliances.coolingbestpractices.com5

COLUMNS0 8 / 2 0FREE SUBSCRIPTIONINDUSTRIAL COOLING SYSTEM NEWSD I G I TA L E D I T I O N F R E E W O R L D W I D EPRINT EDITION FREE TO U.S. SUBSCRIBERSNidec Global Appliance acquired the Delta compressors manufacturing planton June 1, 2020.In this sense, Nidec Global Appliance aims to foster the synergiesbetween Delta and other Embraco solutions. “It will enable us toevolve our innovation capabilities, which is key to anticipating futuregeneration of products to our customers,” said Taranzano. Through thisagreement, the company will also reinforce its global footprint, whichnow counts on 12 manufacturing plants across 9 countries.EVERY ISSUE CONTAINSBEST PRACTICES FORCooling TowersCentral Plant ChillersCooling System ComponentsSubscribe Now!Subscribe mAbout Nidec Global ApplianceWith over 17,000 employees across 9 countries, Nidec Global Appliancemanufactures and commercializes Embraco and Delta cooling solutionsfor a variety of refrigeration applications, motors for dishwashers,washing machines and dryers, as well as air conditioning components.Its focus is to deliver a comprehensive portfolio capable of meetingcustomer needs through high standards of quality, competitiveness andenergy efficiency. The division is part of Nidec Corporation, a globalleader in motors and components, with headquarters in Japan. For moreinformation, visit ASHRAE Handbook Focuses on Systemsand EquipmentThe newly published 2020 ASHRAE Handbook – HVAC Systems andEquipment includes updated information to help system designersand operators select and use equipment that is the best fit fora particular application or scenario.The 2020 ASHRAE Handbook – HVAC Systems and Equipmentdiscusses various systems and the equipment (components orassemblies) they comprise, and describes features and differences.Subject matter experts on ASHRAE Technical Committees in each

COLUMNS0 8 / 2 0 subject area have reviewed all chapters and revised them as needed forcurrent technology and practice. A new feature of the Handbook is theannotatable PDF download. Users can highlight relevant text and addtheir own notes and comments.The volume contains several new updates. Chapter 51, DedicatedOutdoor Air Systems, is entirely new and presents detailed informationon DOAS. Chapter 9, Applied Heat Pump and Heat Recovery Systems, hasnew content on waste heat recovery, district applications, and industrialprocess heat pumps, while Chapter 24, Desiccant Dehumidificationand Pressure Drying Equipment, has expanded content on applications,air filters, and liquid strainers, plus recommendations from ASHRAEresearch project RP-1339 on rating equipment at altitude.Other updates that likely will impact many users include: Chapter19, Duct Construction, extensive revisions on system leakage and airdispersion systems; Chapter 25, Mechanical Dehumidifiers and RelatedComponents, new content on psychrometrics, outdoor air, controls, andindustrial dehumidifiers; and Chapter 37, Solar Energy Equipment, newdata on worldwide solar technology use, plus an expanded section onphotovoltaic equipment.Other revisions and additions include:pChapter 18, Variable Refrigerant Flow, has new sections onmodeling and system commissioning, and an updated systemdesign example.pChapter 20, Room Air Distribution Equipment, has updatesfor current technology, with new information on specializedcomponents and air curtains.pChapter 26, Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Equipment, has newinformation on heat pipes and desiccant and heat wheel systems.pChapter 28, Unit Ventilators, Unit Heaters, and Makeup