2Donna Cunningham’s Books on the Outer PlanetsIf you’re dealing with a stellium that contains one or more outer planets, these ebooks will helpyou understand their role in your chart and explore ways to change difficult patterns theyrepresent. Since The Stellium Handbook can’t cover them in the depth they deserve, you’ll gain agreater perspective through these ebooks that devote entire chapters to the meanings of Uranus,Neptune, or Pluto in a variety of contexts.The Outer Planets and Inner Life volumes are 15 each if purchased separately, or 35 for allthree—a 10 savings. To order, go to and tell them which books you want, Donna’semail address ([email protected]), and the amount. The ebooks arrive on separateemails. If you want them sent to an email address other than the one you used, let her know.The Outer Planets and Inner Life, V.1: The Outer Planets as CareerIndicators. If your stellium has outer planets in the career houses (2nd, 6th, or10th), or if it relates to your chosen career, this book can give you helpful insights.There’s an otherworldly element when the outer planets are career markers, asense of serving a greater purpose in human history.Each chapter of this e-book explores one of these planets indepth. See an excerpt here.The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.2: Outer Planet Aspectsto Venus and Mars. Learn about the love lives of people whohave the outer planets woven in with the primary relationshipplanets, Venus and Mars, or in the relationship houses—the 7th,8th, and 5th. We’ll identify persistent relationship patterns for eachouter planet influence. Explore the ways people with these chart factors try tosatisfy their need for intimacy while still fulfilling an equally strong urge toparticipate in the evolution of our world. See the table of contents here.The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3: Aspects between the Outer PlanetsSome of the most eventful and memorable historical eras happen when two ormore of the outermost planets—Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto—formaspects to one another. We’ll look at distinct 20th Century eras like the 1960s,the astrological patterns of that time, and the life-long impact of thesecombinations on people born with them strongly featured in their charts.The book includes chapters on people born with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction,those with Pluto and Saturn in aspect, those with Uranus and Saturn in aspect,those with Neptune and Saturn in aspect, and those with Uranus and Neptune inaspect. See the table of contents here.For Donna’s book, Healing Pluto Problems, go to Healing Pluto Problems.Published by RedWheel/ Weiser, it’s available in hard copy and Kindle format.

3About the Author: Donna Cunningham is an award-winning astrologer with a Master’s Degreein Social Work, over 40 years experience as a professional astrologer, and a solid background inflower essences and other healing tools. Donna is the internationally-known author of 15 wellreceived astrology books, 20 years of advice columns for Dell Horoscope, and thousands ofastrology articles. Born in 1942, she has over 70 years of hands-on experience in managing herown Gemini stellium. She has written the only known reference works on stelliums—TheStellium Handbook and the no longer available companion workbook, The Stellium Tool Kit.This book is dedicated to my beloved friend, Lynne Herlacher, for understanding andenjoying every part of me and for 20 years of laughter, heart to heart talks, andcompanionship on the spiritual path.Thanks are due to much loved and admired colleagues who have passed on, yet whocontinue to influence my work after all these years: to my astrological hero, Isabel Hickey,to Betty Lundsted, my exceptional editor at RedWheel/Weiser, and to a German astrologerof the 1920s-30s known only as Gretel.Thanks are also due to my magazine editors for years of support and top-notch editing: TemTarrikter and Nan Geary of The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope’s Editors,Ronnie Grishman and Ed Kajkowski.All Rights Reserved. No part of this copyrighted publication may be reproduced, stored in aretrieval system, transmitted, or displayed in any form, electronic, mechanical, recording, orotherwise, without written permission from the author.If you found this on a free ebook site, it was a pirated copy. Those sites have unauthorizedcopies of many astrologers’ works—significant volumes by much-admired teachers and speakerswho labored unselfishly to preserve what they’ve learned so we can all grow.Pirated books have a long-term impact on the development of our field. Putting one’s heartand soul into a book, only to have it stolen, discourages our heroes from writing books to beginwith. Over time, what they know can be lost forever. Read more about this problem here: PiratedAstrology Books and What They Can Cost our Field.Navigation tips that make a PDF file like this ebook easier to read: To go directly to achapter, note the page number on the Table of Contents on the next page. Enter Control G, anda box will come down with room for you to specify the page.To find information on a particular topic, go to the PDF file’s tool bar the top left. Pull downthe “Edit” menu, and click on “Advanced Search.” A box will appear with room for you to enterthe search term. Then a list of clickable links will appear with all the places in the book.

4The Stellium Handbook- a Table of Contents(Part One of Two, in Separate PDF Files)Introduction: A Few Words for the Newcomer to Astrology .Page: 6A Basic Principle: the Stars are not to Blame; the Building Blocks of Astrology; Why Your ChartDiagram Might Change; Learning about your Chart, One Layer at a Time; SampleChart; a Beginner’s Cheat Sheet of Astrological Symbols.Chapter One: Stelliums Are Not for Sissies!.Page: 12Welcome to the World of Stelliums and Triple Conjunctions; What Does a Stellium or TripleConjunction Consist of? What You’ll Learn from this Book; Why this Book is Needed Now;Plusses and Minuses of Having these Features; Factors that Strengthen or Weaken a Stellium orTriple Conjunction; Finding your Mission—A Key to the Stellium’s Meaning; When the Stelliumis a Clue to your Career Potentials; “But I’m not all that Smart!”; What Stelliums Reveal aboutour Major Roles; How the Stellium Lifestyle Affects Relationships; How Understanding yourStellium Can Enrich your Life.Chapter 2: Stellium Signs—Pluses and Minuses of Aries through Virgo .Page: 39Why You May Not Identify Completely with Your Stellium Sign; What the Elements and Modescan add to your Understanding; How the House Position Changes the Picture; How the Planets inthe Combination Alter its Expression; How Well Do You Use your Stellium Sign? Self-Test #1-the Plusses and Minuses of your Stellium Sign; Positive and Negative Qualities of Aries, Taurus,Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, plus Self–Tests for Each; Too Much of a Good Thing?Overdoing your Stellium’s Sign; Summary Table of the Traits of all 12 Signs.Chapter 3: Understanding your Stellium Sign: Libra through Pisces .Page: 43Qualities of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces; Self-Tests for each.Chapter 4: An Introduction to Houses and Stelliums in Houses 1-6 .Page: 50Comparing Sign and House Combinations; Are your Stellium’s Sign and House a Good Match?What to Expect from Stelliums in the 1st through 6th House.Chapter 5: The Meanings of Stelliums in Houses 7-12 .Page: 67What to Expect from Stelliums in the 7th through 6th Houses; House Summary Table.Chapter 6: More Things You can Learn about Yourself through the Houses Page: 85The First Stage in Analyzing your Stellium—Combining Sign and House; Are your Stellium’sSign and House a Good Match? Why House Systems Matter; How to Interpret a House stelliumwith two Different Signs; Understanding Intercepted Signs; “Hey, You Forgot the House Ruler!”;Full and Empty Houses—and Why Stelliums Have more Empty Ones; Are some Houses moreImportant Than Others? Finding Balance—the Role of the House opposite your Stellium; HowHouse Meanings Evolve throughout Life; How Transits Modify Stelliums.Chapter 7: The Inner Planets in a Stellium—The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars,and Jupiter Page: 98What You’ll Learn about the Inner Planets; “Bad guys” and “Good Guys” Among the Planets?Not Hardly! The Next Stage: Analyzing Sign House Inner Planet Combinations; HowComfortable are your Planets in their Signs? How Well Do You Use your Inner Planets—A SelfTest Series; Tune-Ups for Troubled Planets; What the Sun Brings to a Stellium; What the Moon

5Brings to a Stellium; What Mercury Brings to a Stellium; What Venus Brings to a Stellium; WhatMars Brings to a Stellium; What Jupiter Brings to a Stellium.Chapter 8: Understanding the Outermost Planets in Your Stellium—Saturn, Uranus,Neptune, and Pluto Page: 117Why the Slower Moving Planets are Important to Master; Why Saturn is Included in this Chapter;Worldly Matters Connected with the Outermost Planets; The So-Called Impersonal Planets; AreYou an Outer Planet Person? Analyzing the House Outermost Planet Sign Combination;What Saturn Brings to a Stellium; What Uranus Brings to a Stellium; What Neptune Brings to aStellium; What Pluto Brings to a Stellium; Summary Table—Traits and Self-Tests for all thePlanets.Here’s What’s in Part Two—a Separate PDF FileChapter 9: Creating Your Stellium Worksheet and Planetary Strength Scores:The Pieces that Go into a Stellium Worksheet; Sample Worksheet; Tests to Measure eachPlanet’s Relative Strength.Chapter 10: Discovering Your Story Arc and Cast of CharactersThe Alpha Dog Planet in a Stellium; Factors that Determine which Planet is Alpha; ATable for Finding your Alpha; Managing your Alpha; Who Else is in Alphie’s Pack;Understanding the Sequence of Planets in a Stellium—Why the first and last Planets are Crucial;A Typical Story Arc; A Positive Story Arc—Prince William Emerges as a Royal; A Contrast inStory Arcs—Johnny Depp vs. Robert Downey, Jr.; Tracking your own Story Arc; TransitTracking Table for 1990-2020; How Transits Trigger your Story Arc—or Bring about Change.Chapter 11: Conjunctions: The Life Blood of a StelliumConjunctions and Why They’re the Most Potent Aspect; Effects of the Planets’ Mode on aConjunction; Analyzing Conjunctions—Siamese Twins or Hostile Takeover; How the SignAffects Planets in a Conjunction; What the House Adds to the Conjunction; Affinity of thePlanets in the Combination; Out of Sign Conjunctions in a Stellium; Approaching vs. SeparatingConjunctions; Analyzing Inner Planet Pairs; Conjunctions between Inner and Outer Planets.Chapter 12: How 5 Powerful Planetary Pairs from 1960-2000 affect People Born with ThemUnderstanding Conjunctions of Uranus-Pluto; Saturn-Uranus; Saturn-Pluto; Uranus-Neptune; andSaturn-Neptune and how they mix with the inner planets.Chapter 13: An In-depth Portrait of the Capricorn and Aquarius StelliumsThe rare and powerful conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in Capricorn and how itaffects the lives of people born with it. Understanding the Aquarius stelliums that followed it.Chapter 14: Getting the Most from Your Stellium or Triple Conjunction:A Major Stellium Management Tool—Set Achievable Goals; How to Gain from your Losses;Workarounds for less helpful Qualities of the Signs and Planets; Doing a Research Project onyour Stellium; Astrology—a Stellar Stellium Management Tool; Can Relocation Change yourLife; Four Books that will Kick your Manifestation Mojo into Overdrive; The Power of aGratitude List; Thought Forms and How They Create Blocks; EFT—A Self-Help Tool forReleasing Difficult Emotions; Some Last Thoughts on living the stellium lifestyle.

6The Stellium Handbook 2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSWIntro—a few Words for the Newcomer to AstrologyIf you're fairly new to astrology–perhaps just moving beyond your zodiac sign–an introduction tothis book and its point of view is in order. Quite possibly, you picked it up because you were toldyou have a stellium—a combination of several planets in one sign or house of your astrologychart—and you want to understand what that reveals about your life.Here are some common questions readers ask about a stellium in their own charts or a chartthey’re trying to interpret."Does my stellium mean I'll be a star? When will I be discovered?""When will I be able to quit my day job?""I'm 28 and still haven't done anything with the gifts my astrologer told me I had. What'swrong with me?""My grandson has six planets in Capricorn. Is this as rare as it sounds, and what does hisfuture hold?”“It seems like every time I get a transit to my stellium, I'm besieged on all sides at once,like a five car pile up. Will my transits always be this tough?"“I have Pluto, Uranus, and Mars in Virgo, and I just can't ever seem to get along with mybosses. Is there a way to change this?"We’ll be addressing questions like these and many more in this book. You'll find out about theplanets involved, and why you may not have been able to identify with the zodiac sign of thecombination.Astrology is an unparalled tool for self-understanding—an effective Science of Self. Like allspecialties, it has its own language, sometimes referred to as Astrologese. It also has its ownframe of reference and body of knowledge that can seem mysterious to the newcomer. I’mcommitted to making this guidebook accessible to everyone with stelliums, not just students ofastrology. I’ll do my level best to present the information simply and with a minimum of jargon,which I’ll explain in a few words.You may not ever have time to study astrology seriously. If your talents and interests lie in someother field, your focus needs to be on developing that to the fullest. However, if this introductionto astrology proves useful, it would be worthwhile to find a professional astrologer or readastrological authors w